Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Day Off

Glad to have a day off where I can do my stuff like watching my TV shows, doing some home chores and setting pretty. Honestly, I like working some overtime as well but having a day off is so nice too. Sometimes I felt so lazy doing something around the house and all I did was laying down the couch and watching some movies and TV shows that I like a lot but, most of the times I keep myself busy. I don’t like going out especially if my friends are busy or just by myself. I better stay home and do something so I can call it “what a busy day for me”. Actually, I would really love to go out and explore up to the mountains and take some pictures of the wonders of it. That’s what we did before with hubby but unfortunately; we’re not being able to do it now that he’s working over the weekends. Oh well, I’ll just keep myself busy and enjoy my day somehow watching some movies.