Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday, we had plan to practise a pool game cause i and my hubby needs to.We get up early cause we still need to go some grocery shopping and the SAM'S CLUB store will be close early at 5 o'clock during Sunday. The day was so quiet it seems like people didn't like to go out and it was cloudy and nice not cold nor warm. After we been grocery shopping at Sam's we head back home to place some stuff in the refrigerator and then after that we went to walmart cause we didn't find the stuff i need. When we went back outside, the rain started to pour just a little bit and on our way it stop.

We stop over to DQ and buy some snacks before we head to a bar to practise playing pool. When we were still inside having our snack, it suddenly rain hard and for me i was happy to see it cause i love rain. And then the rain turns to a small pieces of ice and drop all over my husband call it a hail. When i was still in the Philippines, i told him that i saw it on the news that happens in Baguio city but bigger than that. He said that it wouldn't be safe if it gets bigger cause it could damage or could kill lives. I would say yes it could cause it's heavy. I ask him why the rain becomes ice and he said it's because the water vapor in the air was so heavy and then it will go up and freezes that makes so much heavier and then falls as an ice. It lasted for about 5 minutes until it stops and it became to raindrops again.

After then we head to a bar that were not so far from our house and practise playing pool. We played three times and decided to play on the hunting PlayStation cause he likes to shoot some animals. It last for more than 4 minutes and then we left going back home. It was still early to eat for dinner so we decided to marinate some pork ribs and then we watch some movie. We got three movies to watch so we started earlier cause we need to watch the 2 of them. We eat our dinner for around 7 o'clock and then after that we watch another movie the second one. It took and hour and a half and then after that i went upstairs and have my shower done while my hubby still likes to play on his game station. For me, our day was fun and great and i love spending our time together that's why i love weekends cause we both can do things together.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Yesterday I'd stay in front of the computer for about an hour and a half . I supposed to go upstairs and had my shower done but i felt like i wanted to stay longer than that so i decided to open my account on friendster.I had just open again an account there a week ago hoping to have my friends back from Philippines cause some of them can only contact me through it. They never knew that i had cancelled my old account so i try to find them again. As i was on my profile, i was totally shocked that a virus was suddenly appear. I was really nervous reading the words that my computer was being attack by a virus, where the hell is this come from? In fact i even didn't open some advertisement, an email or stuff like that from anyone that i didn't knew of cause I'm aware of getting some virus from it and now it did. I was totally confused of what to do i try everything i could to get rid of it but it didn't work. So i called my husband and told him what had happen to our computer and ask him on how to get rid of it but he too had no idea how. He just then told me that he will look at it and try to get rid of it when he gets home but it would take four hours before it happen so I'm too worry.

When he came home, he look at what virus was it and then he try to remove them but it didn't work still. I told him "why not we buy a Norton Internet security just to be protected and see what it could do?". So he did buy it and it took half an hour to complete it and then he try to used Norton to scan the virus and it was identified as a cookie. He told me that he heard this before and then he try to remove it. Finally, it work and we both we're so glad that it did and i just hope it was totally removed cause i was so worried thinking about it. My whole day yesterday was totally terrible and worried thinking of what would happen to our one and only computer cause we don't have money yet to buy another one. I'm so glad that my hubby did buy this Norton Internet security just to be safe for any viruses from the Internet.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am so glad that i had wake up early today cause i had just clean the house and i still have enough time to watch Tyra show. I like the topic that they talk on her show today, it's about how losing weight can change the dynamic of relationship. The fat woman who lose weight and everything had change since she had done a surgery. She had a best friend that is on her side since she was fat and 'til now after she loses her weight but for some reason she felt like her best friend got jealous and change the way she treat her because she is always got a center of attraction to everybody specially the guys. She said that her best friend is so drama every time they were go outing like in the club but her best friend replied that she's not a drama one. She just don't like her the way she acts (after she loses her weight) because she scream so that every body could hear her and would look at her. Before when she was still fat, they don't go out shopping or go to the club cause she don't like to be embarrass specially her best friend and now after she got her surgery to lose weight, they go out always cause she felt comfortable with herself exposing to everybody with her best friend. Before when she was still fat, she wasn't consider as beautiful but now when she loses her weight she consider herself as beautiful.

How losing weight can change the relationship and the downside feeling after? One woman loses her weight for about a 150 lbs. and she's really feel that everybody around her didn't like the change she got now. She felt sad because she felt like her family and friends thought that she is too skinny after she loses her weight. The guest adviser told her that she is so amazing that she loses her weight cause it's not easy losing a hundred pounds, it's not magic. She also told her that she don't need to feel sad and encourage her to stay thin and healthy. Well for me i agree cause it's not easy to lose weight specially when you're stay at home wife like me. I had time to exercise but i just felt lazy and i can't help myself to control eating those high calorie foods. I'm getting bigger now and i start to worry cause i don't want to be like those fat women that looks so big and horrible. However , i start controlling myself eating so much and stop snacking at night before going to bed cause i used to do that before.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I am now watching YouTube the singing sensation were Leona Lewis was discovered. I never thought she was discovered in The 2006 XFactor singing contest and she was the winner. She's really amazing i love watching and listening her singing those high note songs of Mariah C., Celine D., and Whitney H. She's really a great performance and i would say she look like a professional singer even in her first appearance of the contest. She really deserves to be the winner of that singing contest she been had and you can really tell the way she handle herself those high notes she sings. Most of the songs that she sing for the contest were all my favorite and she sings it so good and with her confidence she really look amazing. Oh boy how i really wish to be like her hahaha funny.

Like Leona, i really feel inspired of the songs she sings and i like to sing it on the video karaoke just for fun. Unfortunately, i don't have a good voice like her but who cares? i like to sing and i love it. If only i could have that good voice she had, i would really like to join those singing contest but my voice is just for the karaoke and not for the contest hahaha. But anyhow i still enjoy doing it so i like to sing just for having fun and could feel the rhythm of those songs i really like. Even when i was still a kid i used to sing but nobody discovered me lol hahaha just kidding folks. Who knows in the future, i could have a kid to do it for me and would discovered and that would be so wonderful. I just hope for it and wish that it would come true..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


One of the reasons why i wanted to get up early is that i could watch some TV shows i could really enjoy watching like tyra show and a haunting. Everyday morning i really rush myself if wake up like 10 oclock cause i still need to prepare my breakfast and tyra show will start at 11 o'clock in the morning. I really like the show of Tyra cause i learn some things specially the language and she also a model for the young adults. For me she's really a nice and kind person and mostly her topics helps the younger one's and everyone to learn. Even though I'm still learning for my language skills here, her show really helps me to make it better and i was thankful for that.

Another show that i would really like to watch is A HAUNTING. I really like this show even though it scares me but i do enjoy it. When my mother in law were still here having her vacation, i still watch it and she didn't like it. She really hates those scary show and movies and every time i watch it she just do her knitting. She told me then " i know why you don't like to live in a big houses cause mostly the ghosts were there" and i told her " a sort of ". It's one of the reasons why i don't like big houses and besides i don't like to clean specially in big spaces. Oh i gotta go, the tyra show is on..

Friday, May 15, 2009


Since last night it's raining hard and 'til i wake up this morning, it is still raining and i think tomorrow will still be. I had check the weather for this week so it's kinda cooler for today and tomorrow will be a little chilly and on Thursday will be warm again. I really like rain cause it's kinda dry here in Colorado so if it's a warm day, the leaves of the trees and plants looks like they're dying. I love looking outside cause it's wet and people can no longer sprinkle their water for this day. They can help to save the water as what the government wants us to do and also preserved them for the coming summer.

I wake up feeling cold and i don't like getting up so i stayed in bed for almost 30 minutes and then decided to hopped out from the bed to start my day. I supposed to clean the house today but i don't think i could cause i felt lazy again. I don't like cleaning when it's cold cause i don't like wearing those warm clothes i have. I just like to get relax for this rainfall day do my cross stitch, watch some TV shows, play some online games in the computer, cook some dinner and wait for my husband to come home and lastly wait for the day to end. And tomorrow hopefully i could do some cleaning but i don't know yet cause it will be still raining tomorrow but it's not cold just a little chilly though.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I wake up this morning for almost nine o'clock. I set my alarm as usual but i think i missed it cause i didn't heard it ring i don't know why but i turn it on last night before i go to sleep. I was just surprise when i saw the time that it's almost nine cause i wanted to wake up earlier that's why i turn my alarm on but for some reason i missed it. I kinda wondering why i didn't hear it cause i checked the alarm settings and it's on. Oh boy somethings wrong with this alarm i guess or maybe i turn it off when it rings i don't know cause i really didn't remember if i did.

I then hopped out from the bed at around nine and then went down stairs to prepare my breakfast. I am planning to clean the house today cause it's been a week since i had clean it but i felt lazy for some reason. Maybe tomorrow i will and i really need to. Tonight we're gonna go to my husband's pool game and i think i will practise more. I don't know if they will let me play for tonight but i think it's not time yet cause this season is not over yet. Probably next season i will but i didn't know for sure if I'm comfortable cause I'm worried playing with other team I'm not that good yet.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I hopped out from the bed like 11 o'clock in the morning today cause we went to bed last night so late i think it's around three in the morning. We again hang around with john and Mechelle yesterday cause my hubby likes john to hang with. They like playing a war craft in their computer and i would say they're kind of addicted to it. We look around some stuff in the store and my hubby plans to buy me a Que stick for my pool game but we didn't find one.

Today i and my hubby will play pool with his friends for me to practise more cause probably tomorrow they're gonna let me play for their game. His friends wanted me to put in their game since i got here, they always told me to play in their team. I always told them that i don't really knew how to play it cause i haven't try it before and i even didn't knew how to handle the Que stick. But as time goes by, my husband let me practise to play with it cause sometime soon they're gonna put me in their team and now is the time. The pool season is almost over so the next season I'm going to play cause that's what they always wanted. Anyway, i kinda like to play with it cause for me it's fun but the only problem for me is that my hands use to sweat and i still don't knew how to hit the ball. I still get trouble aiming the ball specially when it's a little far and also when I'm the breaker. Oh boy, i really need to practise more and if they wanted me to play for tomorrow i don't think if i will cause I'm not comfortable still. I know they're going to help me but still I'm the one to play. We'll just see then what happens.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Every time i get up and went down stairs to prepare my breakfast, i first turn on the music and listen some new songs. It makes me feel not lonely specially when i heard the songs i love, it really makes me inspired for the day. Since i was a kid i used to listen songs and then i memorize the lyrics and sing it. Until now i still remember those songs i used to sing when i was a kid like eternal flame, from a distance, if we hold on and some other old songs that i could no longer remember the tittle. The first time i heard those songs back on my kid days was i really felt inspired and then i imagine things like someday my life would be better. It's kinda odd but that's what i had felt every time i heard the songs i love. A lot of songs that i had memorize since then and i just only sing when i had to let the baby sleep like when my neighborhood ask me to babysit to her daughter for a day. I will sing a lot of songs and it makes the baby sleep , that's my secret hahaha so funny but it's true.

Aside from singing, i love also to dance i have a full energy when it comes to dancing (kusog ko mosayaw katong lig on pa ang tuhod dli dali maluya bah funny hahaha..) When i reached to high school, we had a presentation every friday afternoon that would be presented by the students in each section one in every Friday. The goal was to improve or to let the students show their talents that would help us improved and not to be shy in front of the crowd. I would always find a group in our class that would dance cause i love to dance too. They wanted me to sing but i always refused cause i don't want to get embarrass in front of the crowd and i always told them my voice isn't that good like Regine V. (nga pinabawg ang tingog) and besides i have no stuff to use. But when I'm on my third year high school, my teacher was looking for someone that could sing in a contest that would represent on our section. The class were very noisy and most of them shouted our teacher and pointed me and tell her that i had a good voice. I kept myself not to be seen by her and hide at the back of my classmate cause i don't want to participate or sing in a contest. But she called me and ask me to do it and i told her i can't cause I'm not good at it and I'm ashamed in front of the judges and the crowd. But my classmates were very noisy telling her the same thing i mention above and i kept her telling the same thing too. So my teacher didn't want to leave until i said yes cause nobody else she could ask to in the class. I didn't say yes nor no cause i myself was confused but for my teacher what she saw to my face was yes. Oh boy, this is it i will try to do it who cares anyway?(bahala na).

I don't have a tape to used so my teacher provide it for me. I was surprised when she give me the tape it was bisaya folk song, i thought it was English folk song cause she told me that the songs that the contestants has to sing was a folk song. And the worse was i didn't knew the song, i didn't even hear it ever since so i still need to learn it. I don't have a cassette to play it in the house so i just practise at school and i just listen it. My teacher told me to sing too cause how come i would know if i didn't accompany the tune but i did not. She didn't knew that when i reach home, i used to sing it to practise and i just imagine where i have to begin and to end. I memorize the tune so all i need to practise was the lyrics.

The day was come for the singing contest and i was really nervous to stand in front of the judges and in the crowd. When my number was called my body was shaken and i couldn't even stand straight on the stage but when i start singing it was all gone and i would say i felt comfortable then. My classmates clap their hands so loud and shouted "keep it up Mae" but i know I'm not good. My one classmate who was with me and seats on the other edge of the stage shouted me and said "louder your voice Mae"(ky nalubong daw ako tingog sa music). So i did and concentrate my singing cause i didn't want to miss a lyrics. The judges were our principal, our principal 2 and our headmaster English teacher. After that they announced the winner and me i just went to the canteen and don't want to hear it cause i know i didn't won. I would say of all the contestants, I'm just the one who only sang a bisaya song and i should say that I'm the worst of them all. But my teacher congratulate me cause i did it and she told me that she don't care if i didn't won at least she had me to represent our class. And then she said, you're on the second to the last winner which was surprising for me cause i thought I'm the worst of them all. Oh yeah who cares as long as i did try it just to help my teacher that's all I'm after for.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


It's been a nice day yesterday, it's not cold and not so warm. I've been at Joyce place and we've been swimming for an hour so i guess that's enough for us. I just took a few pictures of us cause we don't have photographer and Joyce also was busy with hunter. It's not that much to do cause the pool isn't that big so all we did was we just stayed only on the shallow end of the pool. We didn't try to go on the deeper side cause we both scared drowning and besides we weren't that good in swimming. The water was a li'l cold that i almost wouldn't like to stay in there but the longer i was in it i feel comfortable. While Joyce was busy with hunter, i kept myself busy too by swimming back and forth cause it was said that it's an exercise. And then we both decided to try in the hot tub cause she likes to get warm. And then back to the pool where hunter likes to dive and he really enjoy it cause Joyce will catch and then hold him on the water and teach him how to swim. After that, we head back again at the hot tub cause we feel like it's getting a li'l chilly. We stayed there for a while and decided to head back at their apartment. Hunter still wanted to stay in the water but his mom told him to go swimming again tomorrow to make him feel better and would leave.

When we're inside, Hunter told me "you did a good job swimming ate Mae" and i told him you too. He said the same thing to his mom, he's kinda funny. I don't know why he just told us that, even though we didn't do much there swimming i think it's because he really enjoy it. Then i decided to leave cause i just wanted to have a shower here in the house. But i was thinking about walking back home that it would be cold so i just called my husband to come and pick me up when he's on his way home. It would still be an hour so I'd had just waited for him cause the wind is blowing and i thought it was raining but it's not. We had just watch some Filipino shows the "wish ko lang" and the "saksi' cause it's been a while since I've watch news from the Philippines. After a while, my husband arrive and then we head back home. Oh it's really been a nice day for me having fun swimming.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I've been awake since my husband left to work. He always wake me up before he leave to let me know that he's leaving for work and could get his goodbye kiss (char... ana jud na bsta bag o pa kunohay mayta mglungtad). Actually, i had set my alarm to 7:28am for me to get up early everyday so that i could start my day early but for some reason i can't go back to sleep. I kept thinking of today's nice weather cause we're gonna go swimming today with Joyce. She called me yesterday to come over to their house and go swimming today in their apartment's swimming pool cause she told me the last time i was there that we're gonna go swimming sometime soon so i guess today would be a perfect time. I get excited getting ready for today's nice weather because i love swimming. It's been a year already since i had my last swimming so i really miss it much. When i was still in Philippines, i ain't go much swimming even though we're not that far in the ocean cause I'm always busy on my work. And when i got here i really miss so much swimming in the ocean and it's sad cause there is none here but anyhow swimming pool is nice too so I'm sure we're gonna enjoy it today. Oh i can't wait to get there and go swim I'm excited already (funny hahaha).