Friday, May 22, 2009


I am now watching YouTube the singing sensation were Leona Lewis was discovered. I never thought she was discovered in The 2006 XFactor singing contest and she was the winner. She's really amazing i love watching and listening her singing those high note songs of Mariah C., Celine D., and Whitney H. She's really a great performance and i would say she look like a professional singer even in her first appearance of the contest. She really deserves to be the winner of that singing contest she been had and you can really tell the way she handle herself those high notes she sings. Most of the songs that she sing for the contest were all my favorite and she sings it so good and with her confidence she really look amazing. Oh boy how i really wish to be like her hahaha funny.

Like Leona, i really feel inspired of the songs she sings and i like to sing it on the video karaoke just for fun. Unfortunately, i don't have a good voice like her but who cares? i like to sing and i love it. If only i could have that good voice she had, i would really like to join those singing contest but my voice is just for the karaoke and not for the contest hahaha. But anyhow i still enjoy doing it so i like to sing just for having fun and could feel the rhythm of those songs i really like. Even when i was still a kid i used to sing but nobody discovered me lol hahaha just kidding folks. Who knows in the future, i could have a kid to do it for me and would discovered and that would be so wonderful. I just hope for it and wish that it would come true..

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