Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've been waiting a mail from the homeland security with regards of the schedule of my interview since the first day of this month and finally yesterday we received it. My husband was the one who grab the mail cause the mailman showed up at around quarter to five in the afternoon. When he got inside i ask him, "anything good?"and then he replied "well you have a mail from uscis". I then said that it was the schedule of my interview to complete my application of my status. I really can't explain of what i had felt thinking of my coming interview, i kinda doubt it. I feel so nervous even though it would still be on July but i felt this weird feeling now. I kept thinking about our joint accounts, my health insurance, and our wedding pictures cause we don't have it all. We can't process a joint account cause i don't have an SSN and i have proof for that anyhow. We both have no idea before that i could get an SSN using my departure record cause i myself have no idea about this.

I told my husband before that we just try to come by at SSN office and I'll just bring all my documents like my passport but he refused me and told me that he called them asking if i could get one and they replied to him that i can't get one unless i have my green card. So i never beg him cause i know that all he believe was that i could process it when i received my green card. After two months that i arrive here, i met Joyce through friendster and i then ask her about getting an SSN. She told me that i could get an SSN using my marriage license and my departure record including my passport with visa in it. She ask me if when my departure record expire and then she let me read the information on how to get an SSN when your a k1 visa holder. When my husband got home that day, i told him about it and let him read the information that i had read and ask me if when my departure record expires. I told him that 15 days starts tomorrow before it expires cause it was said there that 14 days before expiration was the deadline and after that they can no longer give me an SSN card. So i still have a day left before it would happen and then he decided to visit the SSN office the following day and try to process. I kept praying that night that i could process my SSN card.

When we get there i felt nervous and my mind had a lot of questions like what if they don't let me process my SSN and what should we do then? Finally our number was called and the lady ask us and i told her that i want to get an SSN card. She ask about my passport and my marriage license cause we told her that we're married and i am a k1 visa holder. But when she saw the date of my departure record, she said that it was about to expire and they can't give me one. She told us that by the time my card will be made, my departure record date will expires. She then give us a statement that said about the reasons why they can't give an SSN card for me. I felt really disappointed and wanted to cry cause i don't know what would happen then during my interview. Joyce called me that afternoon and ask about what happen cause i told her that we'll try visit the SSN office. I told her that i was really disappointed cause i can't process an SSN card and she told me that we'll just explain it during interview. Some of my friends also told me that it would be alright, we'll just show them and tell them what we've got but still it didn't help to make me feel better. I still felt this weird feeling even though the interview is still far. I will just pray then and see what happens.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I just wake up and i couldn't even move my body out from the bed cause my whole body is sore but i have to get up. This is what happens when you try to do things of which your body is not get used to move or had an exercise. I've been practising a bike riding yesterday for almost three hours so this is what happen to me now. I feel like I'm an old woman now trying to move the body to do some chores. I don't like to take some pain releivers to get rid of the pain cause i know this will be gone in a few days and i'll just take my patience and wait for that to happen. Oh boy this would be my tough day and i would have to do some chores still. But i kept thinking about tomorrow of which this pain will be gone and i could ride my bike again, oh i'm excited for doing that again cause it's fun for me. Few days to wait and i could have some fun outside in a warm day yeppeeyyy....!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday, Shanon the wife of my partner's uncle called us and invited us to come over to their house today cause their daughter is having a birthday party. We leave earlier at the house cause it would take an hour to get there. I thought they have another guest aside from us but we're just the one who they got invited to. It has not much to do or games so the kids go riding their bikes. My husband did too and i was just watching cause i didn't knew how to ride it (tiguwang na lang..pakauwaw lol). He said then to let me practise for me to know cause summer is coming and it's good to have some fun riding a bike. Of course i would like to learn so i did try to do it.

It was my first time to ride a bike since i had try one before so my husband was there and hold me to not fell down. I had try practising a bike riding before when i was in my high school but i stop cause I'm so scared to get crashed and be wounded. But today i really need to practise how to do it cause i wanted to learn in it. It was really fun and it took more than two hours until i knew how to balance but not so quiet yet so i still need to get practise. His uncle gave us the bike that I've been using for me to practise here in our neighborhood. Oh my whole body is so sore specially my butt and i would say this would be worse tomorrow. But i was glad that i did learn how to balance and i could drive now even though I'm not that good yet and i will try my best to practise more cause i wanted to learn.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Since yesterday afternoon it was raining till night and i was glad that it did cause it's been more than a week since it last rain. It's been warm this week like 83*F or more warm than that and the soil were so dry, the leaves of the trees and the plants looks like their dying and they need some moisture. So when it did rain yesterday i feel glad and happy for the plants and trees cause they can now have some moisture. Until today it still raining and i kinda feel like i was in my homeland cause it rains a lot there.

For me, plants and trees makes the world looks wonderful, green, and alive. Without them, our world will be like a dead place and not good to live with. I love nature, watching those trees, plants, flowers,etc. makes my heart glow and feel wonderful. So when rainy days happen in this dry place, it would be so wonderful to smell the breeze and you can also see that the trees and the flowers were lovely to look at and it looks so green and peaceful.

Monday, April 13, 2009


It's been already twelve in the afternoon that i get up and i still need to prepare myself for the party. My friend will come and pick me up so soon cause the party will start at two o'clock so we need to be there before two. My head is aching when i woke up i think it's because we go to bed so late last night. We've been at Estes park yesterday with john and Mechelle and just hang around there looking some stuff but not that much to do so we decided to head back home but first we stop over in a bar and play a pool. We had fun there cause other than pool we play also a shuffle board and it's kinda fun and then after that Mechelle likes to play the big game hunter so we did but i don't feel like playing it so i let my husband play mine. They're both good they hunt a bunch of animals so they a got a big score.

After that, we headed to our house but my husband still wants to play a war craft with john in their computer so they just drop us off and then they left. I change my blouse really quick cause i smell bad and then after, we headed to john's house. While our husband's were playing war craft, i and Mechelle had no other idea but to sing in their karaoke just for fun. They order some pizza and hot wings so after a while it arrived and then we eat. When we're done eating, the guys back to their game. I and Mechelle had decided to watch a movie. After we watch a movie, i felt really tired an wanted to go home so i went upstairs where the guys play and tell my partner that we need to get going cause it's getting late. We arrived home for almost three in the morning but we still need to get shower done. I think i fall asleep at around three so when i wake up this morning my head was aching so i told my hubby to stay with me in bed and i still have to go back to sleep hoping that my headaches will gone. So when i woke up again, it's almost twelve in the afternoon but my headache were still there. I couldn't even get up but i have to cause I'm running out time to prepare myself. So i rush getting up and then took a shower cause pretty soon my friend will come and pick me up and head to the party.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


When my mother in law was still here with us, she likes to play in the computer. Before, i don't have any idea about those online games until she was here with us and watch her playing. She got registered in this pogo games which mostly the games were free and a lots of fun. She usually likes to play those word games like scrabble, word whomp,etc. and i would say she was good in those games. My husband told me before that she usually in her computer playing those online games and stayed late at night. I was kinda wondering how come it would happen cause the screen of the computer isn't good for the eyes especially when you stayed long in front of it? Well i guess i understand now because I'm so addicted with this online games that pogo have. It has a lot of fun and in fact i can't even notice the time i consumed playing those games they have.

Oh my goodness, my days were always busy because i still have this cross stitch that my mother in law left for me and needed so much time to made it done. But i like to play this pogo games so here i am now, can't take off my hands playing. I think my husband felt bored waiting for me to watch a movie, so what he did was he decided to come over John's house to play war craft in their computer. GOSH... He just left me here alone again but it's OK anyway i don't feel good going outside cause i have my period and my stomach is upset. He told me that he needs to enjoy too so he likes playing with John in the computer. He ask me to come with him but i choose to not go cause as what i had said above i don't feel good. I told him not to stay late there cause I'm not going upstairs alone, I'm scared alone here specially at night ( kay talawan lage..) it's better if it's daytime i can handle being alone.Oh well i guess i may have to go now and watch some TV shows and wait for my husband to come home.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Because I'm all alone in the house during weekdays, i always get up late it's because i can't sleep early at night. Today, i got up a little early nine in the morning and prepare my breakfast. For me, it's a little early because i usually get up like ten and sometimes 12 in the afternoon. My husband call me sleepy head and it's sounds funny so i told him to not call me that, he just like to make fun on me. But i practise myself to get up early by making my alarm on because i wanted to do something early so that i could do a lot of things during daytime. At first, it works but later on it didn't work for me because when my alarm ring i turn it off and then back to sleep again. He told me that his mother and i have a lot in common like staying late at night watching some shows and get up so late in the morning. Yeah he's right i and my mother in law were not a big morning person.

When she was here having a vacation for over a month , she really stays late at night than me and watch those shows that she always like to watch. But what i wonder for her was that she always get up earlier than me and i kinda embarrass for that because when i went downstairs she's already seating on the couch watching TV. I supposed to get up early and prepare something for her breakfast but it doesn't really happen until she left for going back home. Oh boy this is always what i wanted to change, getting up early for me to do something more on daytime.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Days were over yet i still felt like i wanted to do something i could really enjoy. Anyhow, I'm new in this blog network so i still feel hard to think some English words to use so i didn't update my blog everyday and besides i felt bored with this. I didn't knew why i felt bored maybe it's because i don't have friends yet and i have no account on other networking site except in but still i only have two friends there so i didn't open it much. I have a friendster account before and i got a lot of friends there but one time I've heard from someone talking about someone else's life so i leave without telling my friends. So now, i only got this and i have no plans yet if i would go back on friendster where bunch of my friends were there.

We've had just finish watching a movie with my husband and it's not late yet so i decided to open this blog and update this because it's been a couple of weeks since i last update. I really felt frustrated with myself of what i had act on this day and last night. My partner felt upset with me and i didn't like watching him like that because it makes me feel hurt and sad. Every time we got on this situation, we were so silent and it seems like there is nobody around because we both didn't like chatting each other. I would say we both have the same way if we got upset or mad, we didn't argue nor talk. I hate argument and he does too so that's it and i know that it will just be gone on the next day. But now, we're both in good mood and he doesn't mad at me anymore and I'm glad. He is watching his favorite show while I'm here in front of the computer thinking of what i had to write. Well i guess i have to go now and take a shower really quick and then go to bed and watch some shows before i felt so sleepy, that's my every night routine lol..