Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I May Be Living Alone But I Have My Memories

Thanks to Shelia Risner for the post.

I have been living alone since my husband died a little more than 5 years ago. At first I didn’t think I could do it because we had been married for 23 years and I was just so happy with our life together. I even considered selling the home we had lived in for so many years. I am so glad I didn’t do that and am still living in the home we shared together.

Jim and I had done a few extra things to the house before he died and had made plans to do some more so I decided that I would just follow through on those plans just to honor his memory. One of those things was to remodel the bathroom to make it more accessible to us as we got older. You know what I mean, things like making the shower and tub easier to get into and out of to reduce the risk of falls and things like that.

One of the most important changes that I have made was to install that home security system that we bought together just before he got sick. He was thinking about our safety and security so how could I not go ahead and honor him by having it installed. Thanks Jim, for thinking ahead and thinking clearly. I will always remember and cherish you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Glenwood Adventure

Last Saturday, hubby and me and the two granddaughters of the Meineke went down to Glenwood Springs to experience some adventurous stuff. The main thing my hubby wants us to experience is the alpinecoaster  ride which is the most fun of all the amusement stuff to do but unfortunately it was close for some reason. Don’t know if it’s close for good or just for a while and my hubby was so disappointed for that. However, since we’re there already we still tried doing some stuff like cave tours, which is pretty interesting as well. Actually, it was our second cave tours for hubby and I with my mom-in law a year ago down to Colorado Springs. But anyhow, the tour lasted for like 30minutes or less than that and it was amazing. I took some pictures inside the cave while listening the tour guide about the history of the cave.

When we’re done with the cave tour, hubby thought of riding the canyon giant swing that carries four people but it was closed already. It seems like we don’t have luck for the most exciting stuff ‘cause that huge swing was working before we went to our cave tours. Anyhow, since it wasn’t close to dark yet we decided to go to one of the mall for a little while and then head for dinner. After that we head back home for another three hours drive. It was already dark when we left Glenwood Springs and of course we had a blast. That was one long day and looking forward of going back there probably by the end of summer with the Meineke’s for a river rafting. It’ll be fun and exciting and can’t wait for that.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Best MP3 Player for My Budget

Guest post from Kenzi Devinton

My husband was very specific when he asked for his Father's Day gift this year. He stated that he wanted an MP3 player that was better than the one he had, so he could listen to it at work. He works in surgery as a nurse and plugs his player into speakers while the surgery is taking place. He is unable to touch the player so he needed something easy for others to navigate.

He needed something with a lot of storage as he had thousands of songs on his previous model and wanted to add thousands more. He also needed something that was powerful and wouldn't die in an hour. Including the fact that it had to be easy for others to figure out, I had my work cut out for me.

I used my hughes internet satellite to go to Amazon.com and compare MP3 players. I also checked out ratings, reviews and prices for each player. I ended up finding several that I thought would work, so I made a choice based on ratings and reviews. I got him exactly what he asked for and the player does have a simple on/off switch for his coworkers to be able to find. Listening to music is one of his favorite things to do and I am glad that I was able to find him exactly what he wanted this year.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Most workers favorite day of the week is Friday, why? Because it means that it’s the last day of the week for work and then a day after that is the day where they could spend their quality time for family of course and for their friends. Flies so fast, that’s what they always said. That if you enjoy your job and didn’t notice the time but for those people who felt bored and or hate their job, time is so slow. For me who doesn’t have a job right at the moment, I’m still excited for the weekends because I got to spend my time with hubby doing some stuff we both enjoyed. Staying at home all by yourself doing nothing is such a boring life especially I’m used to have a job ever since I graduated my high school life. I love to work to earn some and help to save some. That’s how I am when I am working, I could save a lot ‘cause I hate to spend my money to some stuff that I don’t really needed. I thought of a lot ahead of time and usually afraid to spend my savings. But of course I treat myself sometimes for a stuff that I enjoyed like going shopping but still I put a limit to what I spent. Well anyhow, I’m trying to get a driver’s license very soon and hopefully I could get one ‘cause it’s not easy to find a job here when you’re not driving. Well, wish me luck friends.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Like most gals, I like fashion and adore it. One of my friends had a coming runaway show this Saturday and I’m going to watch it for sure. I’ve been dreaming to watch this kind of show ‘cause I’m fan of it even though I didn’t become one of them. I haven’t been into this kind of show that’s why I’m so excited to see it and can’t wait for it. It’s going to be a lot of fun for sure. Who wants to come with me?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How Love Begins in You

It is often said
that in order to love another person,
one must first love oneself.

One reason given
is that we could never give
what it is
we do not even have.

The second reason I’ve heard,
and which made much sense to me,
is that the happiness of those we love
depends so much on our own happiness.

If our loved ones see that we are suffering,
that we are not happy,
how can we ever expect them to be happy as well?

The third reason,
I’ve just realized now.
I’ve realized that there can be no ‘beloved’
if there is none who loves that beloved first.

It is ‘you’ who loves,
and if there is no ‘you’
how then can you love
whomsoever you profess you love?

Love begins in you,
it is not so much that you cannot give
what you do not have,
but if there be no giver,
no love could ever be given at all.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Best Online Fathers Day Shopping Sites

Post written by April Duran

Father's Day is coming up soon and it's time to start thinking about what you are going to get dad this year. If you are like me then you no longer have to deal with the hassles of going from store to store looking for the perfect gift. Thanks to the hughes net in Texas with satellite connection, I can shop anytime I want and browse hundreds of stores anytime I want. All I need is my computer and my hughesnetsatellite internet connection.

A good place to start shopping is at Amazon. They sell everything you could ever want. I also like to look at Overstock.com, they don't have as big of a collection of items as Amazon (but then again who does?) but their prices are good and shipping is usually one low flat price.

I'll give my favorite tip when shopping on line. When you find what you want to buy dad for Father's Day go to Fatwallet.com. This website will help you find the lowest price and they will give you cash back at many online stores if you click a link on their website. Yes, Fatwallet does pay, it is not a scam. Over the years I've gotten over three hundred dollars in cash back just for buying something I was already going to buy anyway. They also have a link to a quick list of Father's Day gift ideas.


Since last Saturday and till now, it is still gloomy. The forecast for today is 20% chances of rain and tomorrow and the rest of the week is back to a hot day. But I kind of like this kind of weather, the gloomy one ‘cause it’s neither too hot nor cold. And besides the environment looks humid and green which is pretty. On the other hand, gloomy day is not as pretty as brighter days when the sun comes up. It’s because, the true color of the flowers aren’t as lovely as when the sun is up. And when you’re also stress, gloomy day doesn’t really help you to cheer you up at all. For me, I like to get rest and watch some movie during this day or in short words gloomy day makes me feel lazy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Yesterday, it was hailing and raining and we got a tornado warning in our place. I was alone at home watching a movie via Netflix streaming over our PS3 when suddenly the siren goes off outside. At first I thought it was a siren of a war or something but when I heard of what it was, I was laughing at myself. On the other hand, I was terrified of what to do ‘cause I saw this huge and dark form of clouds not too far from our house. First, I ran up and down the stairs and closed all the windows upstairs then head downstairs and hide myself in a closet. Lots of thoughts had in my mind and then I called my hubby from work and he missed it so I just leave him some message. After a little while he call me back and told me to calm down ‘cause it will be alright ‘cause there’s no bad tornado history in this state since he moved out here. Fortunately, it didn’t hit by our place and was so glad for that. I forgot to take some picture of that thing ‘cause like I said I was terrified. Well anyway, it’s normal for this month that we could get lots of tornado warning but I never heard of a bad tornado here yet so it’s good.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Now that summer is already here, me and hubby and friends had so many thoughts of what fun to do during weekends. Three weeks ago, our friends invited us for a picnic. We were having fun until my hubby got a call from his work. We walk out from the picnic to head home cause he needs to use the computer. While we’re still in the car and he’s on the phone, one of my friends called me over my phone and asked me to come back to them ‘cause we’re going to play volleyball. Gladly we didn’t leave the place yet so I ended up staying with them while my hubby went back home. It’s sad to see him leaving and couldn’t enjoy his day with us. Of course I enjoy that day with my friends of course but on the other hand, all I thought was my hubby. I miss him like he’s on the other side of the world but I didn’t gave him a call until we’re on our way home. It’s because I want to enjoy my day with friends even deep inside I’m missing him so bad.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


As a couple, we love to do things together as part of our leisure. One of them is going fishing to one of the lakes here in Colorado. I love fish and it’s been like decades since I ate the fresh one. Colorado is very far from the ocean so our seafoods here aren’t fresh at all and they’re all frozen. On the other hand, we do have different kinds of fishes here but not from the salted water but from the pure water like lakes and rivers.

This was my first fish and I was so astonished that I caught one.
And this was my hubby’s first fish.

My hubby doesn’t like fish but because his wife does love it, he goes with the flow. Pretty much once in every weekend we went into some lakes to go fishing. Our first fishing was up in the lake of George Town. It is very nice up there and pretty much the fish we caught was trout. My hubby caught three of them but we let them go ‘cause he said that they still were small. It was really fun and I caught one of them also but again we let it go ‘cause like I said earlier it was still small. After a little while, my hubby asked one of the people who was fishing about how big are the fishes that we could only take home. He told him that we caught some but we let it go ‘cause we thought it was still a baby. And the man told him that it was pretty much the size of the fish that we could catch but we only could take 4 of them home. So after a while we didn’t caught any so we decided to go home and we ended up nothing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It’s another day of sunshine here in our state. Yesterday was kind of cooler than the last couple of days. Today, I took my first jogging just around our neighborhood for about 15minutes. It was pretty nice outside earlier so I kind of like running around for just a while. My body is still a lil’ bit sore from my work out yesterday but it’s a good sign that it does works for me not that I lose some weight right at the moment but the workout. I hope it will works for me in losing some weight. Oh well, wish me luck friends and hopefully Mr. Lazy won’t attack me for this workout that I’ve had just started.

Monday, June 7, 2010


My Monday starts with a warm and a sunny day. I got up from bed at around 8 o'clock in the morning in my very bright lonely room. Today is my first day of the week where I spend alone in the house. It's kinda lonely and sad 'cause I'm used to have a company in the house before when I wasn't working and now that I am back with staying at home, it feels weird. I love to be in a quiet and peaceful environment but now I feel like I need someone to stay with me all the time. Oh well, I gotta have to think of what fun that I could do here to enjoy my day.

Well anyway, I thought of doing a jogging early in the morning but for some reason I wasn't be able to. I don't like to run outside when the sun is up and so warm. What I just did was I do my 40 set ups today which I do everyday but less than 4o and tried searching some disco music in YouTube over our PS3 to burst out with some sweats in my body. And then after that I ate my breakfast and clean up the mess in the kitchen. I thought of making a phone call to a friend which I haven't heard for a while. I'm hoping she and her husband is doing well.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today was a pretty interesting day for me at work. We took the kids to one of the museum and they had a blast of course. It was my first time going into a field trip with them so I have no clue what to expect or what to imagine when we get there. But I'm pretty sure that it would be fun for the kids and learned some stuff as well. Well I am just glad that I got a chance to be part of their fun even if it's not for the teachers. Few days are left for me at work and I can't wait for the last day. And for that last day, they're having another field trip and I guess I'm coming with them again not sure though but we'll see. The best part of the trip for me is the driving part. We didn't travel that far but for me I kinda relax and enjoy the ride and I like it. I love looking at the cars and the places around. In short I love travelling even if I don't get a chance to do that for some reason but I'm sure one of these days I got to do that with my hubby. Oh well have a goodnight everyone ..^_^

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Going Around in Circles

This post is by Oliver Sykes.

My favorite spring sport to watch on satellite TV has to be NASCAR. If you're a fan of watching fast action with lots of drama, then NASCAR has to be one of the best sports to watch during the spring. I found some good cable tv deals in Buffaloso that I could watch as much NASCAR as possible. As a huge fan of football, both pro and college, trying to find something that fills the gap during the off season can be difficult. Fortunately, auto racingdoes the trick.

I particularly like the super speedways, and the mile and a half tracks. Watching the top racers like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kyle Bush, and Carl Edwards duke it out week after week is great fun to watch, and lots of excitement. Soon the race for the Sprint Cup will be underway, and Jimmy Johnson will once again be trying to fend off the challengers to his title. He has won an unprecedented amount of championships, and probably will go down as one of the greatest stock car racers ever.

Without a doubt my favorite spring sport to watch while waiting for the beginning of another football season to begin, is definitely professional car racing. Places like Daytona, Talladega, and Texas Speedway are great venues to get the juices flowing with the level of competition that those raceways bring out in the drivers.
Watching NASCAR makes for an easier time while waiting for the real sports to begin.


Hello to all of my friends here in blogging world, how ya'll doin'? Anyhow, it's been like decades since i last updated this thingy and now I'm feeling like doing it over again. I'm just being busy and of course lazy this past few decades that's why I haven't touched this and my apology to some of you who've been contacting me through here but I never get a chance to respond them. Well now I'll try my very best to take actions responding to you guys and taking actions updating my blog once a week maybe (just kidding) probably if I got a chance everyday I will. But we'll see if Mr. Lazy doesn't attack me everyday lol.. Well have a goodnight everyone and hope you'll accept my apologies to ya'll..