Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How Love Begins in You

It is often said
that in order to love another person,
one must first love oneself.

One reason given
is that we could never give
what it is
we do not even have.

The second reason I’ve heard,
and which made much sense to me,
is that the happiness of those we love
depends so much on our own happiness.

If our loved ones see that we are suffering,
that we are not happy,
how can we ever expect them to be happy as well?

The third reason,
I’ve just realized now.
I’ve realized that there can be no ‘beloved’
if there is none who loves that beloved first.

It is ‘you’ who loves,
and if there is no ‘you’
how then can you love
whomsoever you profess you love?

Love begins in you,
it is not so much that you cannot give
what you do not have,
but if there be no giver,
no love could ever be given at all.


  1. I can sense and feel me nga you are in love. It indeed true that you have to love yourself first so that you know how to love others. If you're happy the people around you will be happy too.

    Very nice post Mae.

  2. I am in love to this guy whom i'm so lucky we both found each other. I difinitely agree with you, happiness when people around you makes you feel happy and be loved.