Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's been a week since I updated this blog of mine. It's because I'm tired thinking of what to write in this thingy and lately I'm also pretty much busy. Anyway, last night we watched the NBA game for Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Twolves. It was my very first time in my history watching NBA game in reality cause I just watched it on TV sometimes. I like basketball so what my husband did last week on our paper anniversary was, he bought us a ticket for NBA game and it surprised me. It's been a while since I had watched one on TV so it doesn't bother me at all if I don't have a chance to watched it personally. I know it's kind of expensive for me cause right now we're trying to save some of our money. We still have some stuff that needs to be taken care of so we're so tight right now.

Well anyway, as the game started the Twolves started to climb while the Nuggets were a little bit behind from them. They have those pretty good players or I should say very awesome guys. I was afraid that the Nuggets will lose their game cause they started playing weak and my night watching that game wouldn't be complete then. But I was so glad cause the Nuggets started to kick off their butt in the middle of their game until the Twolves were so behind from them. I would say that Nuggets were so awesome and impressive than them and makes the people of Denver so proud of them. For me, watching the game of the Nuggets winning was one of my unforgettable moments in the since that my hubby cares of what my likes even though he doesn't really care watching basketball. He wanted to see me happy even the small things he can offer he willingly do it for me. Well so much from that, I just hope that the Nuggets will continue to win in the next games they will play. Good job Nuggets, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The second season of our pool game this year is just started. Last night was our first game of the season instead of second because we didn't get a match last week. As usual when I had my turn for the game, I started having this uneasy feeling that I can't control. Well, they have to match me with this rank 3 because they don't have a new player who's just started. And guess what, she started kicking off my butt oh boy. But I tried my best to get a shot because I would like to win as well even though it is impossible for me to beat her but there's no harm in trying right?

As our game continues, I started feeling fine about myself and plays better compared the first season. It was a very breath taking game to me because we both almost reached to the winning point. I then encouraged myself to concentrate to get the last two shots whenever I could get a chance. Luckily, she scratched it when she made her shot and it would be my chance to make my last two shots this moment. And yes I did it and won my game oh yeah..! Actually I won my three consecutive games recently and it makes me feel better. In fact this is the only game that I really enjoy of. I've had made some friends and I had fun playing this pool game as well.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Nowadays, caregiver/nanny is highly on demand for families who really needs help for caring their loved one especially to the elderly who has disabilities. Tons of people looking for a nanny for their kids to take care for them while they're at work or away for a while. Because of that the increasing numbers of nanny agencies are available. But we want to make sure to hire those people who are honest, dependable, and love to take care for our loved ones. So if you're one of those people who are confused of picking an agency for a nanny, Canadian live-in Caregiver Association can help you. They provide you with questions you should ask the agency and the answers you should be receiving as well.

If you're also looking for a caregiver, Canadian live-in Caregiver Association is the best place to find. They are the place where employers and caregivers register for a Non-for-Profit placement. In this way, employers are able to select caregivers and candidates easier who submit their information for prospective employers to receive. Canadian Caregiver Association is a charity that works to help family caregivers to preserve themselves through education, support and advocacy programs. They are also seeking for an acknowledgement of the severe role of family caregivers by the professional healthcare team members caring for their loved one. They work with other organizations also that provide support for the person with the disease. Their main responsibility is to help the family caregiver all through their journey. The CCA was founded in 2004 and is governed by a Board of Directors; the majority of the staff that works in this company is caregivers. The membership of live-n caregiver in Canada is open to all.

Canadian live-in Caregiver Association has been launched a Project 2009, a special initiative in conjunction with recent clamor over cases of caregiver exploitation in the Greater Toronto Area. For more details for this new project, just visit their blog to read more of the new updates they had made. This blog contains the updates of the Canadian for Caregivers Unite. Their latest new update was made last July 30th of this year, the Petition to the Government of Ontario. This new petition they were getting signed was to help the government of Ontario realize how urgent it is that they help caregivers with all aspects of the live-in caregiver program- not just one or two. Just visit their blog Canadian for Caregivers Unite to read more of this new update. Their main goal is to help protect the rights of all the participants of the LCP(Live-In Caregiver Program) for any high-risk environment. And also providing those programs to ensure that legislation aimed at improving the condition of live-in caregivers in Ontario take into consideration afore mentioned concerns, and that all participants in the labor relationship(employees, employers, and intermediate) be given a proper attention.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today is our first year wedding anniversary. My hubby greeted me last midnight and in this morning when he woke up for work. I know how really important and special this day for us, but for some reason I got screwed giving off my greeting card to him. But I thought of yesterday that I'm gonna give him my card after he get back from work but I just realized that it should be early not late. Oh well, I will just give it to him this afternoon before we go out for dinner.When I woke up today and went downstairs, I saw his greeting card for me with his sweet words as ever. I was touched by the words and felt very special and on the other hand, I kinda feel guilty cause I missed to give him my card before he left to work. Ever since we met, he's so kind and nice to me, a loving and caring husband that I've ever known, understanding and honest to what he feels. It doesn't mean that he is a perfect husband but to me he is a wonderful man. I am so grateful that I've found him and sharing my life with him and having him is very important to me. And I know that he feels the same way as I do.

For a year that had passed now, we had so many ups and downs in life but we still survive because of our pure love to each other. There are moments that we have misunderstanding but still we care to listen to each other. We both hate arguments so whenever we have fight, we don't argue but we don't talk about it until we both feel fine to talk about it and saying apologizes is our first word to say. Our married life isn't perfect either but whenever there's love to each other, we feel perfect and complete. I just wish and hope that our love will continue to grow and cheer until our last breath. I know our struggles in life will continue because that's what life is and I just hope that we'll be strong facing those obstacles in our lives.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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Sunday, October 4, 2009


We spend our time cleaning our old house that we left last week. But first my husband let me drive on our way to our old house because he taught that I need more practice in driving. It was 15-20 minutes away from our new place but I have to drive for me to learn more on driving. We just used my mom in-law's car because it's easier for me to drive hers'. So we leave and I keep reminding myself to be cautious all the time because there are tons of cars around me. However my husband keeps telling me or I should say reminding me every time I forgot something while driving. And it was uncomfortable for me driving and listening to him as well but I know it would help me learning it. And I know also that he's just doing what's good for me.

When we arrived at our old house, we start cleaning and keep ourselves busy cause it's getting late at noon and we still need to go at Sam's club to do some grocery shopping. Luckily, we've had finished cleaning not too long cause it's not that much to clean. So when we're about to leave, I thought my husband will be the one to drive on our way to Sam's club but I was wrong. He told me that I should drive cause soon whether I like it or not I should drive. My mom in-law could not be able to drive soon cause she is a half blind.

We reached at Sam's club safely, thank GOD. We do some grocery shopping and then headed back home after. I drove all the way with my husband. I started to feel comfortable driving anyway but I still need to learn more doing it. He told me that that driving is fun but you should be cautious in everything around you. But there are some things that I still need to work like parking the car and backing up, making turns and specially changing lanes. My husband told me that I'm doing better driving today unlike the first time he taught me, it really scares him. I am so glad we reached home safely but it was fun though. Got to have to practice driving more on next weekend for me to learn cause pretty soon I'm going to take a driving test.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We've been at the flea market today with Debbie and her parents and niece. We just met them there because we're pretty far from them. We arrived there an hour earlier than them so we just took a walk around the market while waiting for them. We roam around and do some window shopping. It's been nice outside and a kind of cold like 58*F but it supposed to be high on 60*F. It's a little early yet so I thought it's the reason why it's a little bit cold. I didn't bring my jacket because I thought it would get warm when we got there but I was wrong. It's still cold when we're walking around so I decided to buy me a jacket to help me out getting warm myself a little bit. As noon passed, it gets warm but still it's a little bit chilly so I keep my jacket on.

After three hours of walking around, my head starts aching like crazy. I thought it's because of the warm and cold that mixed together. I hate it when I got my headaches, I can't concentrate at all. It seems like everyday my headaches keeps coming back. After a while we decided to go back home cause we both popped out for the long day we had spent walking around the flea market. As soon as we got home I took an aspirin to help my headaches gone. After an hour I felt better from the pain I had felt from my head.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Friends anywhere, everywhere I treasured. Having friends to hang out with especially to share with and to talk with about the problems in life for me could help out the awful feelings that I had felt. Sometimes you really need someone to ask for an advice because you can't handle it all by yourself and to make you feel better. I'm one of those people who really need someone to talk to and sometimes need some advice because I felt like the earth is falling down on me. But I only ask the one whom I could trust to and never turn me down to give some good advice and makes my hopes alive.

I met a friend a year ago back in Cebu and becomes a good friend even though we don't hang out always because we both were a pretty far from each other. We always talk online much more when she got here in US. We pretty much have a lot in common about our struggles in life especially in our younger days that's why we talk a lot about it and never hesitated to share with each other. But what I really admire most of her is that she has very strong faith in herself and I could consider her now as a successful woman. She has more a very hard time back then in her younger days than I was but yet she still achieved her dreams. From my friends' entire life story, hers' is the most wonderful and colorful. You know why? Because she had more sacrifices than anyone else I've had ever heard but still her strong faith in herself is what makes her inspired to be what she is now. She is also a wise woman and uses her brain to make her dreams come true.

In fact, she's really ever a dear friend to me since then. She always makes me inspired from her words like giving a good advice or so. She is so humble and kind to me even if we don't spend some time together cause we're far from each other. When I'm feeling down, she lifts my hopes up and makes it alive. It really does relieves my pain and hopes for the best. I know I have people around that gives me hope but sometimes they make it worse. I'm glad that I had a friend that I could count on. Thanks to you friend for making my hopes alive.