Wednesday, October 7, 2009


When you're not quiet ready yet to get dress and looking to do something around the house? Here comes the answer of your problem. Bath robes are perfect for all in between times. Terry bath robe is a warm bath robe made of 100% cotton, triple sheared, terry cotton velour fabric which is suitable for men and women. It makes you feel warm and comfortable. They are designed with a very thick and warm and a unique style with a featured mid-calf length, 3/4 sleeves, multi-needle stitching, two patch pockets, double belt loops, and a matching belt. They are also made of four different colors to choose from and can be personalize with your choice.

If you also want to get a lighter weight robe cause terry bath robe is little bit heavier, you can try the waffle bath robe. They are lighter in weight than all-cotton terry velour line and pretty much have the same unique style but doesn't have a multi-needle stitching. They are made of 60% cotton/40% polyester woven waffle weave fabric and also suitable for men and women. They are available in four different colors and can be personalize with your choice too.

How about bath towel wraps? Bath towel wraps are so much easier and neat to put on right after you shower. They are softer than terry cloth and won't pull either. They are available in three sizes from kid size to adult size towel wraps and have nine colors to choose from. If you're also thinking of a present for a birthday, graduation, or a bridesmaid towel wraps are a perfect gift with a personalize name or monogram. They are also available in a combine personalize bath towel wrap with a personalized laundry bag or a duffle bag for your teens going to school. How cool is that? It is so much affordable and if you want to personalize to make it more stylish, you will just adds a little bit of its original prize.

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  1. Oh I love these bathrobes Mae especially the pink one. It looks elegant and comfortable.

  2. yes it looks really nice ,i like it too