Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Saturday Night

Last night was the Christmas party for hubby’s work and we went there to see his colleagues outside of work and at the same time to have some fun. And we sure had fun indeed! We didn’t stay for very long because hubby is getting tired and so was I. But anyway, I think the food was good and I was stuffed and after the dinner they had a little entertainment called little casino and dancing. I am not a gambler so I don’t know how to play their games but hubby insisted to try playing because it is fun. Besides it wasn’t a real money so it don’t matter if we lose our tokens or not. And so we did try and we ended up hooked up with this game called blackjack. Well I guess it’s just me because it wasn’t that hard to learn the game and then we try a different one and another one. And hubby got stock at this one game I think it’s called rolling the dice. He had fun playing it and won a little bit of tokens. And I on the other hand enjoyed watching the game. I didn’t try playing it and went to sit down for a little bit while hubby is having fun playing. I went back to him and see how he’s playing and he sure had fun. After that, he quit that game and we went back to play blackjack so I can play again. There we played for just 15 minutes maybe and decided to go home because it’s getting late and we both were tired. That’s how our Saturday night was and hope everyone had a good weekend.