Thursday, July 30, 2009


Nowadays, tons of people lost their job because of the economy crisis. I've been almost a year here in the U.S. and I really need to find one to help support my hubby for the growing bills we had and everything we need is getting higher. The other day I was browsing the Internet and found a lots of job hiring but unfortunately they need those of higher education or I should say professionals. There were some that needs lower education but it was kind of far from our home and for now I still couldn't drive. And then I found this USPS hiring and I kind of interested to it so I open it and registered online. They keep sending me some emails about their hiring but getting into it is as hard as I thought it would be.

I bought their book guide on how to prepare for the exam and some other stuff that you need to know. It has almost 200 pages in it and was thick book and made me realize that studying isn't my best thing but what can I do? My hubby ask me if I am really interested with their job and I said that I'm into it but I felt in doubt right now. But in my mind always says I'll try to do it and study the book guide cause no matter what happens, at least I had try it I don't mind. So right at the moment I'm gonna have to start studying and hope for the best. Wish me some luck folks.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterday my husband and I drove to Red Rocks, one of the naturals wonders here in Colorado. It was beautified by means of making those bulidings, concert hall and some other stuff, which adds more beauty to its place. But what makes it more gorgeous to see are those huge natures red rocks of which tourist love to come and see. It's one of the tourist spots here in Colorado and on the other hand, it also became one of the concert places here as what the history was. Bunch of singer and bands were perform their concert there and my hubby had watched one of the band called U2. A week ago, the Journey band perform their concert there and some friends had watched it and said that it was really awesome and made the Pilipino proud because the lead vocal singer is a Pilipino. How i wish i was there watching them but better luck next time.

The other places that we've been through and considered as one of the natural wonders here in Colorado were the Garden of Gods and the Seven Falls. We've had been in Garden of Gods a couple of months ago with my mother in-law. It was really cool watching those huge red rocks of mountains. I can tell why Colorado also known as a Rocky Mountain its because of those huge red rocks and a mountain of rocks. After we visit Garden of Gods, we head to Seven Falls. It was so cool there but there wasn't a whole lot to see, but I do really enjoy it anyhow cause I love watching those falls. We walk into the very high and long stairs which makes my whole body shakes cause i'm afraid of heights, but it was fun indeed. It was nice to try some new things especially when you thought that you couldn't do it; for me it was a challenge.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


If you guys love watching that SCI-FI movie, you better try to watch bicentennial man movie maybe you find it interesting. We've had watched that movie last night and I find it interesting and awesome though it was a sad one but it was a worth to watch for. My hubby doesn't care for it cause like i said it was sad and he said that if we'd watch it before my mother in-law were here, she probably cry the whole show. It's a kind of drama, which i thought it wouldn't be but what makes it interesting was the uniqueness of the star, which is the robot. The robot called the bicentennial man because of his incredible ability that other robot don't have.

His name is Andrew who was purchased and owned by the Martin's family. He perform a menial household tasks and talk like a human and they treat him as one of the member of their family. The youngest daughter of the family were get so close to him and when she grew up she felt in love with him. But she knew that robots don't have a heart so when her boyfriend proposed, she accept it and got married. After 28 years of service in the family, he asks for his freedom so the family was released him and leave. He makes his own house in the nearby cause he wants them to call him in times they need him. But he still feel like somethings missing so he travel to different places to find those robots that was unique like him.

He always wrote to the youngest daughter about his travel, he call her little miss. But he never found one until he reached to his final destination, he found a lady robot that was unique like him. A man who is a scientist owned her and there he met him. The scientist helps him transformed into a human body. When he return home, he didn't knew that little miss was getting older so when he saw her grand daughter he thought that it was her cause they were look alike. When she saw him, she didn't recognized him cause his body was no longer a robot but she still remember his voice. He was attracted to her grand daughter called Portia but she was getting married but she too was attracted to him. She didn't marry her boyfriend instead; she live with him. They didn't get married because of the reason that he's still a robot in the eyes of the people and in their law. But he never give up his right until the second chance was been approved that he considered as human but it was too late. He died waiting for his approval to be a human.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I feel better today when I woke up than yesterday. I've been suffering a stomachache so bad yesterday and I keep going back to the bathroom for like 8th times. Yesterday we were at Debbie's' house to help her out for her furniture to be painted and move some things in her house and place it back to where it was before. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to help them as I wanted to cause I just sit on the couch to get rest myself from the pain i felt from my stomach. Debbie gave me a medicine to help relieve the pain but it doesn't help at all instead, it keeps coming back. I ask my hubby that I wanna go home to lay down cause i felt so sleepy and tired maybe it's because of the pain I had felt. But he still needs to finish what he had started so I just wait and sit there on the couch 'till i fell asleep. I woke up after 30 minutes and they're not done yet so I keep on waiting until my hubby decided not to finish it. Debbie understands cause she see that I'm so sick and needs to get rest and I felt sorry that I wasn't able to help them. It's good that her nephew and nieces were there to help her so we head back home.

When we got home, I immediately changed my clothes and then lay down on our couch cause I don't feel good to move around the house. We watched movie cause my hubby wanted to but after a while I fall asleep again and wasn't able to finish the movie. He then decided to play his game and cook our dinner as well. I would say that he's such a good husband to me cause he cook for me and do things that other husbands didn't do their wives. Oh husband, you're ever dear to me since we met and felt lucky to have you in my life. I couldn't ask for more cause you're so kind to me dear.

Well I woke up before our dinner was ready and then watch again our movie while waiting for our dinner but still my stomach is upset and I don't feel like eating our dinner but I have to. So after our dinner we finish watching the movie and then after I went upstairs to clean myself and get ready to bed, while my hubby stays downstairs and play his game for a while. It took him an hour playing his game so when he went to bed i already fall asleep. He just woke me this morning before he left to work and ask if I feel better but I still feel not good for some reason. I just told him that maybe later when i get up it will go away and he wishes that i would feel better then. I went back to sleep cause I'm still sleepy and when I woke up again, I felt better but still I'm tired. My hubby called me from his work and asks if how I felt, I told him that I feel better but still I'm tired. He replied that it's because i sleep to much last night. I'm so glad the pain was gone and hope it won't come back.

Thursday, July 16, 2009



means that i accept you

for the person that you are,

and that i don't wish to

change you into someone else.


means that I will love you

and stand by you even

through the worst of times.


means that I am

thinking of you,

dreaming of you,

wanting you and needing you


and hoping you feel

the same way for me.


means forever.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's been so hot today, I would like to go swimming by myself but we don't have keys for the swimming pool in our townhouse complex. We should have it but i don't know why my hubby doesn't have a duplicate for the keys. My hands and feet never stops sweating, oh i really hate it. Tomorrow I thought of visiting my friend, which is a pretty good distance from our house. Today is her birthday and i have some present for her but it would be late for me to give the present tomorrow. Anyhow I already greet her this morning and i never told her that i have something for her. It's a surprise for her tomorrow, i hope she like my present. And i told her already that I'm gonna come over to her place one of these days of this week and tomorrow is the good time. Because today she is kind of busy cause her in laws were there and they're gonna leave going back home tomorrow.

Today I received a mail from USCIS stating that my visa was been approved last Monday and told me to obtain temporary evidence of my lawful permanent resident status. It is a stamp that will serve as a temporary evidence of my lawful permanent resident status until I receive my Permanent Resident Card. But i need to use an INFOPASS appointment scheduling system at which will allow me to schedule to meet with an Information Officer. I was so glad that they approved my Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status(Form I-485). When i grab the mail, I felt so nervous and kind of scared cause I thought they need more documents from us but I was glad that they didn't. Thank GOD we're done with this.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Finally I won for the very first time on my pool game history last night yippeey! Actually it was my 5th times playing it and I did really my best to win. My team was happy watching my game and they said that I did really an awesome job, oh yeah! I still feel a little bit nervous and my body shake still, I don't know it does happen to me all the time since I started playing my first pool game. They told me that I'm getting used to it and don't feel nervous or shake but i don't think it's gonna happen to me. Why? Because every time I play I still felt nervous and my body shakes and I hate it. Anyhow I never expected to win my game last night cause for me I'm still not good in that game. Besides the lady that i was been playing with was more well than me cause she's been playing long enough before me. I would say it's my luck that I won my game last night.

My hubby won his game last night too and I'm so proud of him. He's really getting better than before cause he always got beat up. Even though our team didn't win last night, I still feel good cause I had fun playing with and won even if i still have this uneasy feeling. I would say that my hubby and I got luck last night cause we both won our game. Oh i hope I still win the next games I'll play cause I still need 5 more games for this season. I really love this game because it's fun and I met a lot of friends too. Even if I'm not good enough for this game but still they cheer me up and proud of me cause they saw that I'm trying my best to play well. I'm so grateful for our team specially my hubby for registering me in this APA pool league cause now I'm doing well and loving it and glad that I met a lot of friends.

Monday, July 13, 2009


We've had just been at the USCIS this morning to have my initial interview for my conditional green card. I felt a little bit nervous while waiting for our names to be called and a kind of excited too and wishing that the person who will interview us were nice. We've waited there for like more than a half an hour for our names to be called and i started to feel tired cause i don't get enough sleep last night thinking about it. Well this is what i felt every time I have something to do like interview especially for visa; I can't sleep at night thinking of it over and over again. And my mind never stop wandering around about things happening lately and for the hardship we're facing in our life and also things of what would happen if they will deny my application? I just watched some TV shows to help my mind relax and to passed the time.

Finally the lady called our names and we follow her to her office room and sit there and then she started asking some questions to us. By then I started to feel comfortable and calm cause she was so nice to us. We don't have everything she needed specially a joint accounts from us cause I wasn't able to get an SSN after months that I arrived here. We screwed it up for some reason but she understands it and we just show some other supporting documents which shows my marriage name on it. She made some photocopies of our photos and other documents that she needed specially my passport. Gosh, I forgot to make some photocopies of it and I'm so glad that she didn't asked of why we weren't able to make some. Like I said she was nice and we're lucky that she's the one who interviewed us. After she gathered all the supporting documents she needed, she then told us that they will approve my visa and if they needed any other documents they will mail us. Oh i hope they won't need any other documents from us then and I hope I could get my visa soon i hope. We'll I'm so glad it's done and the next thing I worry is to remove the conditional status of my visa but I would wait for about 1 and a half years to make that happen. Oh thank GOD we're done with this.

Friday, July 10, 2009


It's been so hot this week, and I couldn't even remember if it does rain either. I never been outside much cause the heat of the sun hurts your skin and I kind of feel like i'm in my homeland but only it is humid there and here is dry. The other day my friend with her son and I took a walk over to the gas station which is a pretty good distance from our home to buy a lotto ticket and hoping that our number will win. But we didn't get luck huhuhu; well better luck next time i hope. It was so hot that day, I couldn't even stop sweating and my nose starts to sore and bleed. This is what I feel if it is so hot and if it is so cold, I would then feel my nose sore and then bleed. I know I'm still adjusting the climate here but in my homeland I never experience that my nose will bleed even if it is too hot there. I just feel my nose sore but it didn't bleed.

Well I'm so glad that it is now Friday, my hubby would really like this day cause he can get rest for the weekends from work. When he come home from work later, he will then take his shower and then we will leave to our friends' house and have dinner with them. That's what we do on our Friday, hang with our friends house and have dinner with them and then our husbands' will spend time playing in their favorite game until dawn. My husband would really love to play with our friend in their favorite warcraft game and I support of what makes him happy. Well have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday as I turn on our TV, I never thought the FOX channel would take a full live coverage of the Michael Jackson Memorial that was held in the STAPLES CENTER. I was supposed to watch their daily show but it's not on air so I just watched the live coverage. Thousands of people including his friends and family gathered together and to celebrate his legacy in the music industry. I can feel how sad it was, the first person who was on stage and gave him a song was Mariah C. and a man who sing with her, I forgot his name sorry. Some friends gave some speech that was really memorable and a kind of sad that he's now forever gone. His older brother gave him a song "Smile" and that you can feel how hurt he felt inside. I felt sympathy for the lost of his family; I can feel how hard it is losing someone you love cause I've been that before. And the last one who gave him a loving speech was his 11-yrs. old daughter. I was totally feel pity for her and I got ghost bumps all over and my tears roll down my checks. She cried while speaking those lovely words for her passed father while her uncle's, an aunt, and grand parents surround her. After that his brothers leaves a closing comment to all of the people who come and attend his memorial. And so they took his body to his home "Neverland", I'm not sure if they buried him there but I heard a rumor that they wanted to bury him there.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Since i was a kid, I used to inspire some songs that i heard from the radio. One of them was a song When You Believe sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston from the movie King of Egypt . I was really inspired with that song until now and every time I heard it, I felt love and faith inside me. When i was still in my homeland, I used to imagine my life to be in the future once I heard that song. I know it sounds weird but that's what i had felt. The very first thing and the most important was to find a man in my life that deserves for my love. I've met a bunch of guys whom they find attractive to me and some of them were i felt in love with but there's still this feeling of emptiness inside of me. Once i heard the song When You Believe, I felt missing someone far away from me that i couldn't feel from anyone around me. Its kind of a psychic feeling I should say cause you know what, the guys that I was been in love with wasn't true to me. And i was so grateful that i have this kind of feeling which is rare to anyone.

The second thing, which i consider from the inspiration of that song, is my faith. I have faith in finding my true love and I found him. I have so many ups and downs in my life but still my faith is strong that no one could break it. I have faith that someday I would find the man who is deserving for my love and it did happen and I'm so grateful the day we met. The last and the most important thing for my faith is my faith to GOD. I used to be a catholic when I was in my younger days but when I started to work; I joined a religious group whom i should say more closely to GOD. I've been so active in the church for over two years but apparently I stop going to church for some reason. Ever since i joined them, I have this kind of rejection for myself and not deserved from their group. Why? Because I'm not smart enough to understand there teachings and I'm just alone in the family being with that church. My sister used to argue with me about joining it and always say those worst words and blames me for joining it. She just thought that I'm perfect when I join them. However i learn some things from the church and my faith grew more. I never told anyone about it and i just share it to Him through my sincere prayers before i sleep. I can't help myself of not to cry but after I pray and specially when i woke up I felt relief inside me. And even though I'm no longer going to any church for now, I still have my faith to Him and it won't be change until forever. I know I'm not strong in facing problems but my faith is and I'm not afraid to try.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday July 4th was an Independence Day here in US and we come by at our friends house. They had a little get together with their family, i thought all of John's son will be there but it wasn't. His one son and wife arrived with other three friends of them and the kids. My husband and John bought some stuff for us to use for the night to make a little firework. There's not much to do my friend Michelle cooked some Philippine foods for our dinner and John's son brought some foods for them I guess, cause most of them didn't care for our foods specially my hubby. After a while, they decided to light the fireworks and then we went outside to watch it. We did not know what time the fireworks display from the cities were going to begin. So when we're outside we just then saw that it was started already and gosh it looks so cool even though we're kind of far from it but still it look awesome.

Anyhow it's not my first time watching the fireworks but it wasn't as awesome as what we saw last night. I first saw that thing when i was still in the Philippines and it didn't last longer cause i think they don't have much fireworks to display cause it's kind of expensive to buy. Anyway, i would say that the kids were really amazed by the little fireworks that we had last night specially the last one that my hubby lighted. Well at least they enjoy it for a little bit and so am i. I should have brought my camera so, that I could take some pictures for the little bit of fireworks we had and the fireworks display from the city. Oh well better luck next time, hope we could do it on our own cause I'm longing to.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


When I fell in love with you,

I didn't stop to think it over

or decide if I was

thinking clearly,

because my heart had

taken over so completely.

All I knew was

how I felt inside -

so warm and dizzy

with emotion,

so immersed in brand-new feelings.

When you took

my hand in yours

and spoke those perfect words


my heart just melted instantly.

I found my happiness

the day we met,

and grateful for

that perfect moment when I

fell in love with you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was totally shocked when i saw the time of my cellphone, it's already 11:34am and I'm still in bed just woke up. I'm awake earlier than that like 8:25am but i choose to stay for a while in bed and let my mind wander around and think about the hardship that we're facing now. I didn't knew that i fall asleep again and start dreaming things like i come home to my family in the Philippines alone. I feel like it was true and not just a dream. I was longing to see my friends in high school and it did happen. I saw my two friends who were both my neighbor; we didn't see each other for over two years now cause they're both married and live far away home. When i see them i hugged them so tight and felt like they're changing i mean it's weird. The other one didn't stay nor talk to me cause she was in a hurry to leave so i just talk to my one friend who was left. I asked her if where's her baby cause i know she was pregnant when i left and fly here. She told me that she didn't knew and she seems like she's having an amnesia cause every question i ask, she didn't knew.

I felt not right so i went home to my parents and they asked me if where's my husband. I told them that he didn't come with me cause he needs to work. But i felt lonely that he's not with me and misses him much cause he's far from me. I then started to feel worried that he's far from me and realized that i shouldn't leave him alone in the house. I then thought of flying back home immediately to him but i realized that i don't have the money and don't have travel documents. I felt so worried knowing that i couldn't see him again and started to cry. But i suddenly woke up and realized that it was just a dream. I'm so glad knowing that it's just a dream and happy that it's not true. I don't know i always have this kind of dreams. I know it's not true but sometimes it can be twisted. I hope it won't be happen whether him nor me to surrender on our love cause i don't want to start all over again finding my true love. I know he don't want it to happen too but I'm just afraid for everything. But as long as i live i would cherish him no matter what. That's what our promises and hope that it won't change as time goes by.