Thursday, July 23, 2009


If you guys love watching that SCI-FI movie, you better try to watch bicentennial man movie maybe you find it interesting. We've had watched that movie last night and I find it interesting and awesome though it was a sad one but it was a worth to watch for. My hubby doesn't care for it cause like i said it was sad and he said that if we'd watch it before my mother in-law were here, she probably cry the whole show. It's a kind of drama, which i thought it wouldn't be but what makes it interesting was the uniqueness of the star, which is the robot. The robot called the bicentennial man because of his incredible ability that other robot don't have.

His name is Andrew who was purchased and owned by the Martin's family. He perform a menial household tasks and talk like a human and they treat him as one of the member of their family. The youngest daughter of the family were get so close to him and when she grew up she felt in love with him. But she knew that robots don't have a heart so when her boyfriend proposed, she accept it and got married. After 28 years of service in the family, he asks for his freedom so the family was released him and leave. He makes his own house in the nearby cause he wants them to call him in times they need him. But he still feel like somethings missing so he travel to different places to find those robots that was unique like him.

He always wrote to the youngest daughter about his travel, he call her little miss. But he never found one until he reached to his final destination, he found a lady robot that was unique like him. A man who is a scientist owned her and there he met him. The scientist helps him transformed into a human body. When he return home, he didn't knew that little miss was getting older so when he saw her grand daughter he thought that it was her cause they were look alike. When she saw him, she didn't recognized him cause his body was no longer a robot but she still remember his voice. He was attracted to her grand daughter called Portia but she was getting married but she too was attracted to him. She didn't marry her boyfriend instead; she live with him. They didn't get married because of the reason that he's still a robot in the eyes of the people and in their law. But he never give up his right until the second chance was been approved that he considered as human but it was too late. He died waiting for his approval to be a human.


  1. Hello Mae. I haven't watched this movie yet. If its emotional, na..I will cry immediately pati pud ako hubby. We were both emotional man gud. How's your day going?

  2. my day was fine except that it was hot and it makes my headaches; other than that i felt ok.
    yeah it was sad and if you guys were emotional i'm sure you'll cry and besides it's a long movie.