Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday as I turn on our TV, I never thought the FOX channel would take a full live coverage of the Michael Jackson Memorial that was held in the STAPLES CENTER. I was supposed to watch their daily show but it's not on air so I just watched the live coverage. Thousands of people including his friends and family gathered together and to celebrate his legacy in the music industry. I can feel how sad it was, the first person who was on stage and gave him a song was Mariah C. and a man who sing with her, I forgot his name sorry. Some friends gave some speech that was really memorable and a kind of sad that he's now forever gone. His older brother gave him a song "Smile" and that you can feel how hurt he felt inside. I felt sympathy for the lost of his family; I can feel how hard it is losing someone you love cause I've been that before. And the last one who gave him a loving speech was his 11-yrs. old daughter. I was totally feel pity for her and I got ghost bumps all over and my tears roll down my checks. She cried while speaking those lovely words for her passed father while her uncle's, an aunt, and grand parents surround her. After that his brothers leaves a closing comment to all of the people who come and attend his memorial. And so they took his body to his home "Neverland", I'm not sure if they buried him there but I heard a rumor that they wanted to bury him there.

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  1. Hello my friend Mae. I haven't seen the live coverage of late Michael's memorial. I am sure he is at peace now. Where he may be he will always be remembered. By the way friend. Do you want to add more traffic to your blog? You can sign up at You can ask help from me if you want. Take care.