Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday July 4th was an Independence Day here in US and we come by at our friends house. They had a little get together with their family, i thought all of John's son will be there but it wasn't. His one son and wife arrived with other three friends of them and the kids. My husband and John bought some stuff for us to use for the night to make a little firework. There's not much to do my friend Michelle cooked some Philippine foods for our dinner and John's son brought some foods for them I guess, cause most of them didn't care for our foods specially my hubby. After a while, they decided to light the fireworks and then we went outside to watch it. We did not know what time the fireworks display from the cities were going to begin. So when we're outside we just then saw that it was started already and gosh it looks so cool even though we're kind of far from it but still it look awesome.

Anyhow it's not my first time watching the fireworks but it wasn't as awesome as what we saw last night. I first saw that thing when i was still in the Philippines and it didn't last longer cause i think they don't have much fireworks to display cause it's kind of expensive to buy. Anyway, i would say that the kids were really amazed by the little fireworks that we had last night specially the last one that my hubby lighted. Well at least they enjoy it for a little bit and so am i. I should have brought my camera so, that I could take some pictures for the little bit of fireworks we had and the fireworks display from the city. Oh well better luck next time, hope we could do it on our own cause I'm longing to.

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  1. hello Mae. That's good that you have a nice 4th of July. You visited your friend's house and have a get together. My 4th of July is not that interesting because we supposed to go to my bro-n-law's house but he postponed it not only he was not feeling well but his fiancee who always help him to prepare foods when he had a get together could not come since her eldest daughter just had a baby. So, me and my hubby decided to have our own barbeque and ate in our backyard. It turn out well and I have a good time because me and my husband love talking to each other even nonsense thing. Well, well, all I can say is, I am happy for you for the outcome of your 4th of July. Take care my friend and God bless you.