Monday, July 6, 2009


Since i was a kid, I used to inspire some songs that i heard from the radio. One of them was a song When You Believe sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston from the movie King of Egypt . I was really inspired with that song until now and every time I heard it, I felt love and faith inside me. When i was still in my homeland, I used to imagine my life to be in the future once I heard that song. I know it sounds weird but that's what i had felt. The very first thing and the most important was to find a man in my life that deserves for my love. I've met a bunch of guys whom they find attractive to me and some of them were i felt in love with but there's still this feeling of emptiness inside of me. Once i heard the song When You Believe, I felt missing someone far away from me that i couldn't feel from anyone around me. Its kind of a psychic feeling I should say cause you know what, the guys that I was been in love with wasn't true to me. And i was so grateful that i have this kind of feeling which is rare to anyone.

The second thing, which i consider from the inspiration of that song, is my faith. I have faith in finding my true love and I found him. I have so many ups and downs in my life but still my faith is strong that no one could break it. I have faith that someday I would find the man who is deserving for my love and it did happen and I'm so grateful the day we met. The last and the most important thing for my faith is my faith to GOD. I used to be a catholic when I was in my younger days but when I started to work; I joined a religious group whom i should say more closely to GOD. I've been so active in the church for over two years but apparently I stop going to church for some reason. Ever since i joined them, I have this kind of rejection for myself and not deserved from their group. Why? Because I'm not smart enough to understand there teachings and I'm just alone in the family being with that church. My sister used to argue with me about joining it and always say those worst words and blames me for joining it. She just thought that I'm perfect when I join them. However i learn some things from the church and my faith grew more. I never told anyone about it and i just share it to Him through my sincere prayers before i sleep. I can't help myself of not to cry but after I pray and specially when i woke up I felt relief inside me. And even though I'm no longer going to any church for now, I still have my faith to Him and it won't be change until forever. I know I'm not strong in facing problems but my faith is and I'm not afraid to try.

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