Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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Friday, December 25, 2009


Last night, I was counting down every second in every minute and in every hour thinking of this holiday season to come. What excite me most? Everything and most especially the greeting card from my beloved bana. Don't know why I do love reading it over and over. I feel like I'm still having this infatuation love for him wink... When we woke this early morning, my hubby is excited doing the unwrapping moments for the presents. I didn't blame him cause I do feel the same way too but I told him to not do that until I come downstairs. After I took a shower, I immediately went downstairs cause I know he is there waiting patiently for me. My mom-in law is up already so I thought they're just waiting for me. Then hubby started distributing the presents and we unwrapped each of what we've got.
However, I felt so happy and complete for this holiday season and so glad that my mom-in law is home with us this day. I felt bad for her situation though cause of the fact that she decided to stop going to her medication. She's tired of it and thought that she's ready for whatever situation she may facing then and I kinda understand her. It's just really terrible that she suffer through these pains she is having now. It made me realized to be watchful and have extra care eating whatever foods I may have. We may not know if we're still eating safely but getting to know the stuff we'll eat is better. Well anyhow, I'm just enjoying our Christmas day in our little home with my hubby and my mom-in law. I felt love and complete and most importantly, grateful having such a wonderful, thoughtful and a loving husband, a family who really love and cares for us both, a friends who cares, a good health we have, and the everyday struggle we had and still surviving. Have a Marvelous Christmas and a Prosperous New Year everyone...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm pretty much done with the household chores that I had started this morning. Well anyway, I'm all alone at home today and finish doing laundry and some chores that I needed to be done today. I like being alone at home sometimes cause I can concentrate to finish my work and feel peaceful. It doesn't mean that I don't like being with my mom-in law and my husband at home but I just don't like bothering someone when I'm doing some chores especially when I'm cleaning. Anyway, my mom-in law is in the hospital again cause she was having trouble breathing last Thursday afternoon and we brought her to the nearest hospital. Anyhow, she's been having trouble breathing since she was been released from the hospital the second time she had been hospitalize that's why she decided to buy some oxygen to help her easier to breath. But last Thursday it gets worse so we brought her to the hospital.

Unfortunately, she celebrated her birthday yesterday over there at the hospital and we feel sorry for her because of her situation. We just bought her a little cake and her present over there and celebrated her birthday. It's not what she was hoping for her birthday but sometimes we just can't control the situation. I would say that we always hope for the good things but it will turn out bad sometimes. Life isn't fair and it sucks sometimes. I'm hoping for mom that she will get better soon cause Christmas will be here shortly. She hasn't wrapped her presents for us yet so she needs to be home before then (just kidding). I don't really care for the gifts cause I only care for her health and hope that she will be release from the hospital this week. It won't be complete if she's not around with us on Christmas day. In fact, this would be our first Christmas together in our little home. We invited a couple friends of ours to come over and spend with us on that day but they're not sure if they could make it. Oh well, I hope that our holiday season will be fine and complete then. Have a Merry Christmas everyone and hope you guys will enjoy your holiday seasons with your family.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


What a freezing day we've had today. The snow started last night and 'til now it's still falling. From the weather forecast, the snow will last 'til Tuesday and I couldn't imagine what would it be look like in the outside then. Even if I'm here inside in our little home, I still can feel how freezing it is outside. It is really nasty out there and it would be worse tomorrow if it won't stop snowing. Snow is very dangerous if you are driving especially if you're one of those careless drivers out there.
Anyhow, we supposed to go out today with mom but for some reason she changed her mind. She doesn't like driving while snowing as well. And it won't be easy for her to walk on the snow. I remember when I first got here and seeing the snow for the first time was very pretty. Until now I still like watching the snow falling and from the mountains fall of snow. It's really pretty looking the trees with the snow on it turning into crystal and the snowman also is a pretty cool idea whoever started it and looks pretty. I'm wishing to make a snowman since I got here but 'til now I wasn't able to for some reason. I thought of making one today for a very first time but I don't think I could cause I still have some colds. Maybe one of these days I'll try making one with my hubby cause he know how to make it and I don't. Oh well, stay freezing este stay warm everyone..

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I'm always out of time doing or updating this thingy for now because of so many things that I needed to do first especially during weekends. Today we've had just done some grocery shopping and took mom to great hair clips to get haircut done. I was so tired I didn't know why and thought of taking a nap when we get home but for reason I just didn't. And then I remember that one of my friends is having a birthday party for her son and forgot to call her to let her know that I couldn't make it. But I told her few weeks earlier that I'm not sure if I could attend their party. I wasn't able to reply her cause I just received it through my phone and forgot to response it when I open my yahoo messenger. Oh well, I'll just email her or something.

Anyhow, tomorrow is gonna be freezing again and snowing as well grrrr.... Mom and I are gonna do a little Christmas shopping cause she wants to. I also thought of buying some gifts for our exchange gift for work this coming Wednesday. Actually I have no idea of what to buy yet but I'm pretty sure I could find something nice but affordable that I may like to wrap. My hubby will be going to his game so it's gonna be me and mom bonding.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I thought I would get better today than yesterday cause I've been resting for the whole night and took some medicine for my sinusitis, but apparently not. I woke up feeling better today which to me is a good sign cause tomorrow is a working day again. But when we went outside and do some grocery shopping, I felt worst than yesterday like I could barely breathe cause my nose is all plug up. It was very soar and my headaches started to attacked again. I wasn't able to take my medicine immediately as I wanted to cause we haven't take our meals yet. This is really worst cause winter is around and besides we're in the higher elevation so if I won't get any better, this will drive me crazy. In fact, it wasn't bad at all today cause the sun is up and the temperature is above 40*F outside but I couldn't enjoy the day because of this sinusitis I have been suffering for a couple of days now.

When we got home, I immediately went upstairs to our bed and took a nap hoping that it would help me feeling better. I set my alarm on for taking my medicine but for some reason when I woke up, by my surprise it was passed the alarm time I had set. I'm wondering of why i haven't heard my alarm so when I checked it to see what's wrong with my phone or something, I found out that it's a sign of my aging, I forgot to turn on the snooze (toink).. I got up and went downstairs and took my medicine. I am glad that after minutes that I took it, I started feeling better and hopefully tomorrow I would feel fine at work cause I don't like to skip from it. Oh well, I'll just see what happens and hopes for the best.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's been quiet a while since I updated my blog and I always hope to write some but for some reason my laziness always attacked me. I'm always out of words to write and tired especially now that I am working. Every weekend also we're always busy doing some chores in the house and doing some grocery shopping of which we couldn't do during weekdays cause of work. I am so glad that my hubby is the one who take care of our dinner during our workday's cause I couldn't get a chance doing it and can't think of what to cook and so tired from work. I would just help him in the kitchen cause I know that he too is tired from his work. He knows a lot in cooking than me so I'll just leave it to him and I'll just help.

Anyway, today is my birthday and some friends greeted me, which made my day. We'll just go out for dinner with my hubby and hopefully with my mother in-law but i don't think she could cause till now she hasn't released from the hospital. She is hoping to get out from there today but I don't think if it would happen, probably tomorrow she could i hope. My hubby told me to invite one of my friends for the dinner but they're all busy with their lives so I think we're all alone again. But it doesn't matter to me at all cause I'm used to it anyway. I'm contented with what I have and whom I am with now. My family is more important than anything so I'm happier than before. Anyhow, I'm just grateful to all of my friends who greeted me today and the days before my birthday, I really appreciate it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's been a week since I updated this blog of mine. It's because I'm tired thinking of what to write in this thingy and lately I'm also pretty much busy. Anyway, last night we watched the NBA game for Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Twolves. It was my very first time in my history watching NBA game in reality cause I just watched it on TV sometimes. I like basketball so what my husband did last week on our paper anniversary was, he bought us a ticket for NBA game and it surprised me. It's been a while since I had watched one on TV so it doesn't bother me at all if I don't have a chance to watched it personally. I know it's kind of expensive for me cause right now we're trying to save some of our money. We still have some stuff that needs to be taken care of so we're so tight right now.

Well anyway, as the game started the Twolves started to climb while the Nuggets were a little bit behind from them. They have those pretty good players or I should say very awesome guys. I was afraid that the Nuggets will lose their game cause they started playing weak and my night watching that game wouldn't be complete then. But I was so glad cause the Nuggets started to kick off their butt in the middle of their game until the Twolves were so behind from them. I would say that Nuggets were so awesome and impressive than them and makes the people of Denver so proud of them. For me, watching the game of the Nuggets winning was one of my unforgettable moments in the since that my hubby cares of what my likes even though he doesn't really care watching basketball. He wanted to see me happy even the small things he can offer he willingly do it for me. Well so much from that, I just hope that the Nuggets will continue to win in the next games they will play. Good job Nuggets, keep up the good work.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The second season of our pool game this year is just started. Last night was our first game of the season instead of second because we didn't get a match last week. As usual when I had my turn for the game, I started having this uneasy feeling that I can't control. Well, they have to match me with this rank 3 because they don't have a new player who's just started. And guess what, she started kicking off my butt oh boy. But I tried my best to get a shot because I would like to win as well even though it is impossible for me to beat her but there's no harm in trying right?

As our game continues, I started feeling fine about myself and plays better compared the first season. It was a very breath taking game to me because we both almost reached to the winning point. I then encouraged myself to concentrate to get the last two shots whenever I could get a chance. Luckily, she scratched it when she made her shot and it would be my chance to make my last two shots this moment. And yes I did it and won my game oh yeah..! Actually I won my three consecutive games recently and it makes me feel better. In fact this is the only game that I really enjoy of. I've had made some friends and I had fun playing this pool game as well.

Friday, October 9, 2009


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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today is our first year wedding anniversary. My hubby greeted me last midnight and in this morning when he woke up for work. I know how really important and special this day for us, but for some reason I got screwed giving off my greeting card to him. But I thought of yesterday that I'm gonna give him my card after he get back from work but I just realized that it should be early not late. Oh well, I will just give it to him this afternoon before we go out for dinner.When I woke up today and went downstairs, I saw his greeting card for me with his sweet words as ever. I was touched by the words and felt very special and on the other hand, I kinda feel guilty cause I missed to give him my card before he left to work. Ever since we met, he's so kind and nice to me, a loving and caring husband that I've ever known, understanding and honest to what he feels. It doesn't mean that he is a perfect husband but to me he is a wonderful man. I am so grateful that I've found him and sharing my life with him and having him is very important to me. And I know that he feels the same way as I do.

For a year that had passed now, we had so many ups and downs in life but we still survive because of our pure love to each other. There are moments that we have misunderstanding but still we care to listen to each other. We both hate arguments so whenever we have fight, we don't argue but we don't talk about it until we both feel fine to talk about it and saying apologizes is our first word to say. Our married life isn't perfect either but whenever there's love to each other, we feel perfect and complete. I just wish and hope that our love will continue to grow and cheer until our last breath. I know our struggles in life will continue because that's what life is and I just hope that we'll be strong facing those obstacles in our lives.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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Sunday, October 4, 2009


We spend our time cleaning our old house that we left last week. But first my husband let me drive on our way to our old house because he taught that I need more practice in driving. It was 15-20 minutes away from our new place but I have to drive for me to learn more on driving. We just used my mom in-law's car because it's easier for me to drive hers'. So we leave and I keep reminding myself to be cautious all the time because there are tons of cars around me. However my husband keeps telling me or I should say reminding me every time I forgot something while driving. And it was uncomfortable for me driving and listening to him as well but I know it would help me learning it. And I know also that he's just doing what's good for me.

When we arrived at our old house, we start cleaning and keep ourselves busy cause it's getting late at noon and we still need to go at Sam's club to do some grocery shopping. Luckily, we've had finished cleaning not too long cause it's not that much to clean. So when we're about to leave, I thought my husband will be the one to drive on our way to Sam's club but I was wrong. He told me that I should drive cause soon whether I like it or not I should drive. My mom in-law could not be able to drive soon cause she is a half blind.

We reached at Sam's club safely, thank GOD. We do some grocery shopping and then headed back home after. I drove all the way with my husband. I started to feel comfortable driving anyway but I still need to learn more doing it. He told me that that driving is fun but you should be cautious in everything around you. But there are some things that I still need to work like parking the car and backing up, making turns and specially changing lanes. My husband told me that I'm doing better driving today unlike the first time he taught me, it really scares him. I am so glad we reached home safely but it was fun though. Got to have to practice driving more on next weekend for me to learn cause pretty soon I'm going to take a driving test.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We've been at the flea market today with Debbie and her parents and niece. We just met them there because we're pretty far from them. We arrived there an hour earlier than them so we just took a walk around the market while waiting for them. We roam around and do some window shopping. It's been nice outside and a kind of cold like 58*F but it supposed to be high on 60*F. It's a little early yet so I thought it's the reason why it's a little bit cold. I didn't bring my jacket because I thought it would get warm when we got there but I was wrong. It's still cold when we're walking around so I decided to buy me a jacket to help me out getting warm myself a little bit. As noon passed, it gets warm but still it's a little bit chilly so I keep my jacket on.

After three hours of walking around, my head starts aching like crazy. I thought it's because of the warm and cold that mixed together. I hate it when I got my headaches, I can't concentrate at all. It seems like everyday my headaches keeps coming back. After a while we decided to go back home cause we both popped out for the long day we had spent walking around the flea market. As soon as we got home I took an aspirin to help my headaches gone. After an hour I felt better from the pain I had felt from my head.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Friends anywhere, everywhere I treasured. Having friends to hang out with especially to share with and to talk with about the problems in life for me could help out the awful feelings that I had felt. Sometimes you really need someone to ask for an advice because you can't handle it all by yourself and to make you feel better. I'm one of those people who really need someone to talk to and sometimes need some advice because I felt like the earth is falling down on me. But I only ask the one whom I could trust to and never turn me down to give some good advice and makes my hopes alive.

I met a friend a year ago back in Cebu and becomes a good friend even though we don't hang out always because we both were a pretty far from each other. We always talk online much more when she got here in US. We pretty much have a lot in common about our struggles in life especially in our younger days that's why we talk a lot about it and never hesitated to share with each other. But what I really admire most of her is that she has very strong faith in herself and I could consider her now as a successful woman. She has more a very hard time back then in her younger days than I was but yet she still achieved her dreams. From my friends' entire life story, hers' is the most wonderful and colorful. You know why? Because she had more sacrifices than anyone else I've had ever heard but still her strong faith in herself is what makes her inspired to be what she is now. She is also a wise woman and uses her brain to make her dreams come true.

In fact, she's really ever a dear friend to me since then. She always makes me inspired from her words like giving a good advice or so. She is so humble and kind to me even if we don't spend some time together cause we're far from each other. When I'm feeling down, she lifts my hopes up and makes it alive. It really does relieves my pain and hopes for the best. I know I have people around that gives me hope but sometimes they make it worse. I'm glad that I had a friend that I could count on. Thanks to you friend for making my hopes alive.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'm so glad we're almost done in arranging our stuff. We've been so busy last weekend in moving our stuff into our new place. We're so grateful for Uncle Steve and his wife Shannon for helping us out especially to our huge stuff. They've got this mini truck that could hold on to our bed and furniture. We're so grateful also to John and Michelle for helping us out for the moving stuff. They're all so nice and kind to us that they spend their time helping us to be able to move pretty easy. How lucky we are having such a kind Uncle and friends whom I could consider a true hearted people. It's really a good feeling knowing that someone really cares specially who is there when you need help.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I woke up today with a very cold morning and i kind of feel like winter is on already. They said that fall is just started today and I just heard from a friend of mine that it is snowing already in their area and it's not that far from here. And i thought it snows here in our area also but when I look outside, rain is sprinkling and not the snow. Oh I love rain but it is cold to go out right now. My mom in-law felt so cold but it's not that bad yet. I'm sure it will get worse on winter and everybody will hate it cause of the snow. It's because it's not safe to drive when snowing cause it's too slippery. Well I think I would like it cause I haven't play or make a snowman yet, toink. But one thing I don't like is that the cold really hurts my face specially my ears. We don't get much snow last year but I don't know for this year if it will be bad.

Oh well, I gotta have to start packing some of our stuff cause we're moving this weekend. I'm sure it's gonna be a long weekend and a lot of work to do. Oh boy, I really hate doing it and we all do but we have to. It's a good thing Uncle Steve and his wife and their 2 daughters will be helping us. We're so grateful for them that they offer their help for us. Anyway, I thought of doing my cross-stitch today cause it's cold and I don't get sweats. Mom and I bought yesterday a same color dress that needs to be done cause you need to make it in your own style. We both like the color so we bought it and I like to make it on my own style. For now, we still have to wait for my mom in- law's sewing machine to come. Her younger brother will be the one to bring it here from Ohio. She has three different kinds of sewing machine from old manual electric sewing machine to electric automatic sewing machine. I like sewing cause I've done it back then when I was on my high school days. I studied it for a year and I made different styles of clothes. For me, doing it is fun and I like it. But unfortunately, I forgot how to do it all cause it's been 8 years since I made it. Anyhow, I would like to start learning it over again and buy some stuff to help me learn how to make it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We've had just got home from Walmart with my mother in-law. She bought some stuff for her blanket she's making. It is a lot of work cause she has to do knitting, cross-stitching, quilting and embroidery in that blanket alone. I am wondering if how long she could make it done cause it's a queen-size blanket. She also taught of me how to cross-stitch and she gave me a baby blanket that needs to be done but, for some reason 'til now I haven't done it yet. My laziness attacks me all the time and besides I hate doing it for now cause my hands keep sweating cause it's so warm. I had already started it and believe it or not, it's been 4 months since I had started it. My hubby keep asking me if how was it and I keep telling him too that I couldn't do it for now cause my hand keeps sweating. I told my mother in-law that probably I could finish it when I get pregnant, lol just kidding. As much as I wanted to finish it but I just hate doing it when my hands are wet. Well, I think I will finish that thing when the weather starts to cool off or when winter is on.

Anyway, I ask my mom in-law if she could accompany me to practice driving and she agreed as long as we reach to Walmart. I told her that we'd go first there before me practicing to drive. So we head to Walmart and bought her stuff. When we're heading to the car, she told me that I'm gonna have to drive on our way back home whether I like it or not cause she was so tired. Oh boy, I still couldn't do it cause I'm not good enough driving on the high way with tons of cars around. I'm not used to it still and I'm not comfortable doing it right at the moment either cause I'm scared if we get screwed with some other cars around. Besides I'm not good enough in parking and backing up the cars specially if there's a lot of cars that was park around. But she told this "how could you learn if you don't do it?" So without any words to hear from her, I did what she wanted to and she then told me what to do. I did a good job backing up the car and then after a short while she felt that I'm not comfortable still much more when the car behind us blow the horn of their car, she then told me to turn around the parking lot. It's a good thing that the other side of the parking lot isn't crowded so I keep turning until she decided to drive back home. She told me that I really need to learn to drive cause of the fact that she can't really do it as much as she wanted to. She gets tired easily even if it's just a few steps she makes. Oh well, I know I gotta have to learn driving so that I could drive her and anywhere I wanted to.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is a movie of which I thought a very different kind of drama life story. We've had just watched this movie yesterday with my mother in-law. We borrowed this from our friend Debbie cause I've had just watched most of our movies already. She loves drama story movie and she got tons of it that's why I thought of borrowing some of it cause I like drama movies too. At first it was kind of confusing cause the character of the movie isn't really acting the show instead, it was just a story of her life back then and never told her daughter.

Daisy an old woman, who is hospitalized due to her illness, has a daughter and never told her about the true story of her life back then. She told her a story about a blind man who was a scientist, married with one son. His son was in service and got killed in the 1st world war. When he knew about his son was killed, he experimented this huge clock but it moved backward instead of forward. The people ask him why his clock moving backward and then he told them about the reason why he did that. He wants to have his son back and then the environment started to change backward. Daisy stop there and then she let her daughter read the book about Benjamin Button.

He was born under unusual circumstances, which means he was born in his eighties and ages backward. His mother died when she give birth to him and his father couldn't accept him cause he was so ugly (old face baby). His father brought him to the senior citizen house and put on the first stair and leave him. He was found by lady name Quennie who is a care taker of the house, and her boyfriend. When Quennie saw his face, she felt pity for him and said 'oh poor ugly baby' and then she held him in her arms. She asks the doctor who visited there to check the babies health cause he was different. The doctor told her that the baby has a short time to survive cause of his old looks. Quennie decided to keep the baby and told everybody in the house that they're gonna have a baby for a while cause she thought that the baby won't live any longer. She named him Benjamin and took a good care of him.

Luckily, Benjamin survived until he grew up but couldn't walk cause he was so old. He acts like a child but his looks were not and the people couldn't believe that his age is so young. He really loves Quennie cause he thought that it was his real mother and she treated him as her own son. He grew and meets a girl named Daisy and got attracted to her. They became friends and play together most of the times. He also meets an old woman who is just moved into their senior citizen house and teaches him how to play piano. As he grew older (his age), his body keep changing into better than worst like he can walk. He leave the house and found a job as a sailor and still him and Daisy were friends and promise her to send some pictures where he had been to. He meets a woman and felt in love with her and had some good moments with her but suddenly she left him. He has no idea that Daisy was in love with him before he left and still thinks of him every now and then.

After several years that he left, he came back to his home and Quennie didn't recognize him cause he looks very different when he left them. When he meet Daisy, she too didn't recognize him cause he looks younger than before. Daisy became a ballet dancer and was so popular and got a boyfriend but didn't love him cause it was him (Benjamin) whom she felt in love with for so many years. She didn't know that he too felt attracted to her the very first time they meet back then but didn't tell her. And now that they meet again, he thought of not to let go off his feelings to her and want her so badly. On the other side, his mother Quennie died after a short while. They decided to live together and she got pregnant with him. He was so worried if their baby will be like him; who was born old and ages backward. After she give birth to their daughter, he was so glad that the baby is normal. But for some reason, he leaves them and goes everywhere and never came back.

Everything happened in his life, he wrote it in his diary book. After so many years that he's gone, he came back to see them and Daisy got married to another man. Their daughter has grown already but has no idea that he was her dad cause Daisy didn't tell her anything about him cause she was so mad of him leaving. Daisy introduce him to her husband and their daughter as a friend. He looks more younger than before like a teenager but still in love with her. After they meet, Daisy didn't hear from him until she received a mail from the people in the senior citizen house where he grew up. The mail was about Benjamin found in an old building by the police and didn't remember who he was so they send him in his home. All they found was his diary book and some of his clothes. After reading the mail, she immediately went to his home and there she saw him playing on the piano but he was so much younger than the last time they meet.

As years goes by, Benjamin gets younger and younger and Daisy took care of him like her own child. Until he changes into a baby and she held him into her arms watching him close his eyes and died. It was very hurtful for her cause she really love him with all her heart and watching him changing everyday and in his death was so painful to her. Her daughter knew that it was her who is their baby and didn't told her anything until she read the story of her father's life. Like I said it was very odd and sad movie and very long.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


I love the way you hold me

I felt so protected in any danger

Your touch turns me on

And melts my heart so deeply

Your love and care for me

really inspires me

Sometimes I ask myself

am I just dreaming?

But when I woke up

You are there hugging me

Like no one could steal me away

Everyday you remind me

of how precious your love for me

Dear you are such a man to me

Like I couldn't ask for more cause

I love the way you love me

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We had no plans for our Sunday weekend until we received a call from Uncle Steve. They were heading to the amusement park called Heritage Square. They ask us if we'd like to come with them to the amusement park and have some fun there. I've never been there yet so we decided to come with them. They come by and pick us on their way to save us some gas on our car. They have this pretty good size car so everybody could fit in. We reach there at exactly 12 0'clock in the afternoon and Meagan was hungry so everybody decided to eat the lunch except me. I had just taken my breakfast-lunch when they called us and I don't feel hungry yet so I just eat an ice cream.

After then we went to this long slide from the side of the mountains. I feel like a kind of scared cause it's a long slide and I've never done it since but my husband told me that I would be alright. Oh boy, there comes another challenge for me. So what a heck, I'll do it and enjoy. Besides, it doesn't look so scary unlike the roller coaster but I like it though. I just took on the slow slide for the first timer cause on the other side is so fast. Oh it was really fun and cool; I like to ride it again. But I choose not to cause if I'll do it again, I'm gonna pay for the second time. Shannon and her daughter Meagan ride for another one and we just wait for them. My husband took some pictures for them.

After that we went down to try some other stuff before we leave. My husband seen this portrait studio and thought of trying doing our wedding picture in an old western wedding culture. And I thought it's kinda cool so I'd like to do it also. Besides we don't have any wedding pictures yet cause we just took our wedding in the court. Our plan is to have a second wedding in my homeland with some of his family and my family too. Anyway, it was my husband's fantasy to have our wedding pictures look so old western culture wedding, black and white and most of all our suit is in the early 19th hundred. In fact, it was my first time wearing a wedding dress and i felt happy doing it cause for me, it's one of our memorable days in our life. Even if it was not a real one but still it's worth of a try. We both really like it cause it's cool and gorgeous.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


We've been pretty much busy today looking for an apartment that best suit to our needs. My mother in-law will be staying with us but I don't know for sure if it's forever or just for a while, so we need 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. As we're trying to look for some apartments that were less expensive, I feel kind of frustrated cause we didn't find one. Most of them were only have 1 bathroom and were located on the 2nd-3rd floor and don't have a washer/dryer inside. For me having a washer/dryer inside is the important one cause I don't like to go in the laundry area bringing all of our dirty clothes. It's a lot of work for me and I don't like to do it either. My mother in-law isn't good to take a lot of stairs so ground floor is the best for us. We try to look for like four apartments but unfortunately it's not what we're looking for cause it doesn't fit to what we need.

Luckily, a leasing officer in that last apartment that we went told us that they have a sister apartment that was just nearby. She said that their sister apartment is more spacious and has some available room that fits to what were looking for. She gave us their brochure and we headed there immediately to see if we can get one as soon as possible. We look at their apartment and it's really cool so we decided right away that were gonna apply for a residency there. The price is awesome and we got a discount for look and see; it means that you look and decided that day to apply for a residency in their apartment. I really like their apartment cause they have this awesome views from the mountains. It's on the ground floor so we don't need to worry mom, they have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, they have washer/dryer inside, the kitchen is nice, and it's not that far from the shopping center. Oh I'm so glad we found what we're looking for and hope that they're gonna approve our application for residency soon.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


After we received a phone call from my husband's uncle in Ohio last Sunday afternoon (Aug. 9), we packed some of our clothes and then decided to leave in the morning. The call was about my mother in-law who was admitted in the hospital that same day and was still unconscious. She was found lying on the floor unconscious by her neighbor who is a pastor also in their church. Her pastor wondered if why she didn't show up in the church that morning so he decided to visit her. He just broke the door to get inside cause she didn't answer it and there he found her on the floor unconscious so he immediately brought her to the nearest hospital. It was really a terrible news for us specially to my husband cause he taught that she will pass away that time. And we really couldn't believe it cause when she was staying here with us for a month she was in a good shape.

We just drove there cause my hubby wants me to see some other states that we're gonna have to pass before Ohio. He told me that it's gonna be a long and boring trip but for me it doesn't matter at all cause I love looking into new places. There were four states to pass and 20 hours to drive to reach there. On our way we received a call from my brother in-law saying that mom was finally awake but she got trouble remembering things. We're so glad to hear it and hope that she would have her memory back. However, I was so excited to meet some of his family specially his one and only younger brother cause I haven't meet him yet and excited to see my mom in-law again.

We arrived there the next day in the evening and stayed at his uncle. We visit mom in the hospital before we decided to get some rest cause we're so tired from our trip. The hospital is a 5 0r 6 minutes away to drive from his uncle. When she saw us she has a big smile on her face and then I hug her first before my husband. She said "I knew you would come" and she was so happy to see us and keep telling those words "oh i miss you so much guys". I thought she couldn't remember me cause the last thing i know she got trouble remembering things specially the people around her but I was so glad that she did.

My hubby told me that mom was so happy to see me again and she even didn't let go off my hands from holding it. What a wonderful feeling that she likes me a whole lot and misses me. She really wanted to see my whole family specially my parents so bad. I told her to take a good care of herself and do whatever the doctor says so that she could come with us in going to the Philippines hopefully end of this year. We're so glad that she's getting better now and hope she'll continue doing well in herself. Before we left we visit her in the hospital and she was kinda sad to see us leave. We just spend 2 days and three nights there cause we still need 2 days to drive on going back here. Yesterday we had just got home from our very long and boring trip.

Friday, August 7, 2009


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Sometimes I could feel that life isn't fair, why? Because of the hardship that comes every now and then even if we sacrifice but still it's not enough. We've been struggling since our marriage started and still not over yet and there's another one came. If only I could have a power to make it go away, I did it already but it's just a fantasy. The truth is we have to face it cause no matter what we do and wherever we go, it stays with you and we can't escape it unless you will try to solve it. I admire my hubby I really do, cause he remains calm while facing these things going on in our life. He keep telling me that we would be alright and we'll get through this but in my heart I know how he hurt and suffer inside. There are times that I couldn't help myself of not to cry thinking of it cause I felt like I have nothing to help but just to support dealing these things as much as I could.

I met a lot of sacrifices in life but I felt like I'm not strong yet enough in facing them. They said that be strong facing them but sometimes you feel like you wanna give up but in your mind it doesn't help at all so, still you want to stand up by yourself. And from time to time I learned that life is full of sacrifices and some happiness, which makes it more meaningful. But I just can't understand sometimes why we have more sacrifices than happiness? Life is really not fair sometimes. What makes me help believe to be strong is my faith. And I believe also that the true hero in our life is our self. In fact, I still keep thinking if how hero myself is in this problems we're facing everyday cause I felt that I'm weak still but trying to be strong. And all I could do is to leave my faith to HIM and ask for some strength.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Nowadays, tons of people lost their job because of the economy crisis. I've been almost a year here in the U.S. and I really need to find one to help support my hubby for the growing bills we had and everything we need is getting higher. The other day I was browsing the Internet and found a lots of job hiring but unfortunately they need those of higher education or I should say professionals. There were some that needs lower education but it was kind of far from our home and for now I still couldn't drive. And then I found this USPS hiring and I kind of interested to it so I open it and registered online. They keep sending me some emails about their hiring but getting into it is as hard as I thought it would be.

I bought their book guide on how to prepare for the exam and some other stuff that you need to know. It has almost 200 pages in it and was thick book and made me realize that studying isn't my best thing but what can I do? My hubby ask me if I am really interested with their job and I said that I'm into it but I felt in doubt right now. But in my mind always says I'll try to do it and study the book guide cause no matter what happens, at least I had try it I don't mind. So right at the moment I'm gonna have to start studying and hope for the best. Wish me some luck folks.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterday my husband and I drove to Red Rocks, one of the naturals wonders here in Colorado. It was beautified by means of making those bulidings, concert hall and some other stuff, which adds more beauty to its place. But what makes it more gorgeous to see are those huge natures red rocks of which tourist love to come and see. It's one of the tourist spots here in Colorado and on the other hand, it also became one of the concert places here as what the history was. Bunch of singer and bands were perform their concert there and my hubby had watched one of the band called U2. A week ago, the Journey band perform their concert there and some friends had watched it and said that it was really awesome and made the Pilipino proud because the lead vocal singer is a Pilipino. How i wish i was there watching them but better luck next time.

The other places that we've been through and considered as one of the natural wonders here in Colorado were the Garden of Gods and the Seven Falls. We've had been in Garden of Gods a couple of months ago with my mother in-law. It was really cool watching those huge red rocks of mountains. I can tell why Colorado also known as a Rocky Mountain its because of those huge red rocks and a mountain of rocks. After we visit Garden of Gods, we head to Seven Falls. It was so cool there but there wasn't a whole lot to see, but I do really enjoy it anyhow cause I love watching those falls. We walk into the very high and long stairs which makes my whole body shakes cause i'm afraid of heights, but it was fun indeed. It was nice to try some new things especially when you thought that you couldn't do it; for me it was a challenge.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


If you guys love watching that SCI-FI movie, you better try to watch bicentennial man movie maybe you find it interesting. We've had watched that movie last night and I find it interesting and awesome though it was a sad one but it was a worth to watch for. My hubby doesn't care for it cause like i said it was sad and he said that if we'd watch it before my mother in-law were here, she probably cry the whole show. It's a kind of drama, which i thought it wouldn't be but what makes it interesting was the uniqueness of the star, which is the robot. The robot called the bicentennial man because of his incredible ability that other robot don't have.

His name is Andrew who was purchased and owned by the Martin's family. He perform a menial household tasks and talk like a human and they treat him as one of the member of their family. The youngest daughter of the family were get so close to him and when she grew up she felt in love with him. But she knew that robots don't have a heart so when her boyfriend proposed, she accept it and got married. After 28 years of service in the family, he asks for his freedom so the family was released him and leave. He makes his own house in the nearby cause he wants them to call him in times they need him. But he still feel like somethings missing so he travel to different places to find those robots that was unique like him.

He always wrote to the youngest daughter about his travel, he call her little miss. But he never found one until he reached to his final destination, he found a lady robot that was unique like him. A man who is a scientist owned her and there he met him. The scientist helps him transformed into a human body. When he return home, he didn't knew that little miss was getting older so when he saw her grand daughter he thought that it was her cause they were look alike. When she saw him, she didn't recognized him cause his body was no longer a robot but she still remember his voice. He was attracted to her grand daughter called Portia but she was getting married but she too was attracted to him. She didn't marry her boyfriend instead; she live with him. They didn't get married because of the reason that he's still a robot in the eyes of the people and in their law. But he never give up his right until the second chance was been approved that he considered as human but it was too late. He died waiting for his approval to be a human.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I feel better today when I woke up than yesterday. I've been suffering a stomachache so bad yesterday and I keep going back to the bathroom for like 8th times. Yesterday we were at Debbie's' house to help her out for her furniture to be painted and move some things in her house and place it back to where it was before. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to help them as I wanted to cause I just sit on the couch to get rest myself from the pain i felt from my stomach. Debbie gave me a medicine to help relieve the pain but it doesn't help at all instead, it keeps coming back. I ask my hubby that I wanna go home to lay down cause i felt so sleepy and tired maybe it's because of the pain I had felt. But he still needs to finish what he had started so I just wait and sit there on the couch 'till i fell asleep. I woke up after 30 minutes and they're not done yet so I keep on waiting until my hubby decided not to finish it. Debbie understands cause she see that I'm so sick and needs to get rest and I felt sorry that I wasn't able to help them. It's good that her nephew and nieces were there to help her so we head back home.

When we got home, I immediately changed my clothes and then lay down on our couch cause I don't feel good to move around the house. We watched movie cause my hubby wanted to but after a while I fall asleep again and wasn't able to finish the movie. He then decided to play his game and cook our dinner as well. I would say that he's such a good husband to me cause he cook for me and do things that other husbands didn't do their wives. Oh husband, you're ever dear to me since we met and felt lucky to have you in my life. I couldn't ask for more cause you're so kind to me dear.

Well I woke up before our dinner was ready and then watch again our movie while waiting for our dinner but still my stomach is upset and I don't feel like eating our dinner but I have to. So after our dinner we finish watching the movie and then after I went upstairs to clean myself and get ready to bed, while my hubby stays downstairs and play his game for a while. It took him an hour playing his game so when he went to bed i already fall asleep. He just woke me this morning before he left to work and ask if I feel better but I still feel not good for some reason. I just told him that maybe later when i get up it will go away and he wishes that i would feel better then. I went back to sleep cause I'm still sleepy and when I woke up again, I felt better but still I'm tired. My hubby called me from his work and asks if how I felt, I told him that I feel better but still I'm tired. He replied that it's because i sleep to much last night. I'm so glad the pain was gone and hope it won't come back.

Thursday, July 16, 2009



means that i accept you

for the person that you are,

and that i don't wish to

change you into someone else.


means that I will love you

and stand by you even

through the worst of times.


means that I am

thinking of you,

dreaming of you,

wanting you and needing you


and hoping you feel

the same way for me.


means forever.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's been so hot today, I would like to go swimming by myself but we don't have keys for the swimming pool in our townhouse complex. We should have it but i don't know why my hubby doesn't have a duplicate for the keys. My hands and feet never stops sweating, oh i really hate it. Tomorrow I thought of visiting my friend, which is a pretty good distance from our house. Today is her birthday and i have some present for her but it would be late for me to give the present tomorrow. Anyhow I already greet her this morning and i never told her that i have something for her. It's a surprise for her tomorrow, i hope she like my present. And i told her already that I'm gonna come over to her place one of these days of this week and tomorrow is the good time. Because today she is kind of busy cause her in laws were there and they're gonna leave going back home tomorrow.

Today I received a mail from USCIS stating that my visa was been approved last Monday and told me to obtain temporary evidence of my lawful permanent resident status. It is a stamp that will serve as a temporary evidence of my lawful permanent resident status until I receive my Permanent Resident Card. But i need to use an INFOPASS appointment scheduling system at http://www.uscis.gov/. which will allow me to schedule to meet with an Information Officer. I was so glad that they approved my Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status(Form I-485). When i grab the mail, I felt so nervous and kind of scared cause I thought they need more documents from us but I was glad that they didn't. Thank GOD we're done with this.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Finally I won for the very first time on my pool game history last night yippeey! Actually it was my 5th times playing it and I did really my best to win. My team was happy watching my game and they said that I did really an awesome job, oh yeah! I still feel a little bit nervous and my body shake still, I don't know it does happen to me all the time since I started playing my first pool game. They told me that I'm getting used to it and don't feel nervous or shake but i don't think it's gonna happen to me. Why? Because every time I play I still felt nervous and my body shakes and I hate it. Anyhow I never expected to win my game last night cause for me I'm still not good in that game. Besides the lady that i was been playing with was more well than me cause she's been playing long enough before me. I would say it's my luck that I won my game last night.

My hubby won his game last night too and I'm so proud of him. He's really getting better than before cause he always got beat up. Even though our team didn't win last night, I still feel good cause I had fun playing with and won even if i still have this uneasy feeling. I would say that my hubby and I got luck last night cause we both won our game. Oh i hope I still win the next games I'll play cause I still need 5 more games for this season. I really love this game because it's fun and I met a lot of friends too. Even if I'm not good enough for this game but still they cheer me up and proud of me cause they saw that I'm trying my best to play well. I'm so grateful for our team specially my hubby for registering me in this APA pool league cause now I'm doing well and loving it and glad that I met a lot of friends.

Monday, July 13, 2009


We've had just been at the USCIS this morning to have my initial interview for my conditional green card. I felt a little bit nervous while waiting for our names to be called and a kind of excited too and wishing that the person who will interview us were nice. We've waited there for like more than a half an hour for our names to be called and i started to feel tired cause i don't get enough sleep last night thinking about it. Well this is what i felt every time I have something to do like interview especially for visa; I can't sleep at night thinking of it over and over again. And my mind never stop wandering around about things happening lately and for the hardship we're facing in our life and also things of what would happen if they will deny my application? I just watched some TV shows to help my mind relax and to passed the time.

Finally the lady called our names and we follow her to her office room and sit there and then she started asking some questions to us. By then I started to feel comfortable and calm cause she was so nice to us. We don't have everything she needed specially a joint accounts from us cause I wasn't able to get an SSN after months that I arrived here. We screwed it up for some reason but she understands it and we just show some other supporting documents which shows my marriage name on it. She made some photocopies of our photos and other documents that she needed specially my passport. Gosh, I forgot to make some photocopies of it and I'm so glad that she didn't asked of why we weren't able to make some. Like I said she was nice and we're lucky that she's the one who interviewed us. After she gathered all the supporting documents she needed, she then told us that they will approve my visa and if they needed any other documents they will mail us. Oh i hope they won't need any other documents from us then and I hope I could get my visa soon i hope. We'll I'm so glad it's done and the next thing I worry is to remove the conditional status of my visa but I would wait for about 1 and a half years to make that happen. Oh thank GOD we're done with this.

Friday, July 10, 2009


It's been so hot this week, and I couldn't even remember if it does rain either. I never been outside much cause the heat of the sun hurts your skin and I kind of feel like i'm in my homeland but only it is humid there and here is dry. The other day my friend with her son and I took a walk over to the gas station which is a pretty good distance from our home to buy a lotto ticket and hoping that our number will win. But we didn't get luck huhuhu; well better luck next time i hope. It was so hot that day, I couldn't even stop sweating and my nose starts to sore and bleed. This is what I feel if it is so hot and if it is so cold, I would then feel my nose sore and then bleed. I know I'm still adjusting the climate here but in my homeland I never experience that my nose will bleed even if it is too hot there. I just feel my nose sore but it didn't bleed.

Well I'm so glad that it is now Friday, my hubby would really like this day cause he can get rest for the weekends from work. When he come home from work later, he will then take his shower and then we will leave to our friends' house and have dinner with them. That's what we do on our Friday, hang with our friends house and have dinner with them and then our husbands' will spend time playing in their favorite game until dawn. My husband would really love to play with our friend in their favorite warcraft game and I support of what makes him happy. Well have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yesterday as I turn on our TV, I never thought the FOX channel would take a full live coverage of the Michael Jackson Memorial that was held in the STAPLES CENTER. I was supposed to watch their daily show but it's not on air so I just watched the live coverage. Thousands of people including his friends and family gathered together and to celebrate his legacy in the music industry. I can feel how sad it was, the first person who was on stage and gave him a song was Mariah C. and a man who sing with her, I forgot his name sorry. Some friends gave some speech that was really memorable and a kind of sad that he's now forever gone. His older brother gave him a song "Smile" and that you can feel how hurt he felt inside. I felt sympathy for the lost of his family; I can feel how hard it is losing someone you love cause I've been that before. And the last one who gave him a loving speech was his 11-yrs. old daughter. I was totally feel pity for her and I got ghost bumps all over and my tears roll down my checks. She cried while speaking those lovely words for her passed father while her uncle's, an aunt, and grand parents surround her. After that his brothers leaves a closing comment to all of the people who come and attend his memorial. And so they took his body to his home "Neverland", I'm not sure if they buried him there but I heard a rumor that they wanted to bury him there.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Since i was a kid, I used to inspire some songs that i heard from the radio. One of them was a song When You Believe sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston from the movie King of Egypt . I was really inspired with that song until now and every time I heard it, I felt love and faith inside me. When i was still in my homeland, I used to imagine my life to be in the future once I heard that song. I know it sounds weird but that's what i had felt. The very first thing and the most important was to find a man in my life that deserves for my love. I've met a bunch of guys whom they find attractive to me and some of them were i felt in love with but there's still this feeling of emptiness inside of me. Once i heard the song When You Believe, I felt missing someone far away from me that i couldn't feel from anyone around me. Its kind of a psychic feeling I should say cause you know what, the guys that I was been in love with wasn't true to me. And i was so grateful that i have this kind of feeling which is rare to anyone.

The second thing, which i consider from the inspiration of that song, is my faith. I have faith in finding my true love and I found him. I have so many ups and downs in my life but still my faith is strong that no one could break it. I have faith that someday I would find the man who is deserving for my love and it did happen and I'm so grateful the day we met. The last and the most important thing for my faith is my faith to GOD. I used to be a catholic when I was in my younger days but when I started to work; I joined a religious group whom i should say more closely to GOD. I've been so active in the church for over two years but apparently I stop going to church for some reason. Ever since i joined them, I have this kind of rejection for myself and not deserved from their group. Why? Because I'm not smart enough to understand there teachings and I'm just alone in the family being with that church. My sister used to argue with me about joining it and always say those worst words and blames me for joining it. She just thought that I'm perfect when I join them. However i learn some things from the church and my faith grew more. I never told anyone about it and i just share it to Him through my sincere prayers before i sleep. I can't help myself of not to cry but after I pray and specially when i woke up I felt relief inside me. And even though I'm no longer going to any church for now, I still have my faith to Him and it won't be change until forever. I know I'm not strong in facing problems but my faith is and I'm not afraid to try.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Yesterday July 4th was an Independence Day here in US and we come by at our friends house. They had a little get together with their family, i thought all of John's son will be there but it wasn't. His one son and wife arrived with other three friends of them and the kids. My husband and John bought some stuff for us to use for the night to make a little firework. There's not much to do my friend Michelle cooked some Philippine foods for our dinner and John's son brought some foods for them I guess, cause most of them didn't care for our foods specially my hubby. After a while, they decided to light the fireworks and then we went outside to watch it. We did not know what time the fireworks display from the cities were going to begin. So when we're outside we just then saw that it was started already and gosh it looks so cool even though we're kind of far from it but still it look awesome.

Anyhow it's not my first time watching the fireworks but it wasn't as awesome as what we saw last night. I first saw that thing when i was still in the Philippines and it didn't last longer cause i think they don't have much fireworks to display cause it's kind of expensive to buy. Anyway, i would say that the kids were really amazed by the little fireworks that we had last night specially the last one that my hubby lighted. Well at least they enjoy it for a little bit and so am i. I should have brought my camera so, that I could take some pictures for the little bit of fireworks we had and the fireworks display from the city. Oh well better luck next time, hope we could do it on our own cause I'm longing to.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


When I fell in love with you,

I didn't stop to think it over

or decide if I was

thinking clearly,

because my heart had

taken over so completely.

All I knew was

how I felt inside -

so warm and dizzy

with emotion,

so immersed in brand-new feelings.

When you took

my hand in yours

and spoke those perfect words


my heart just melted instantly.

I found my happiness

the day we met,

and grateful for

that perfect moment when I

fell in love with you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I was totally shocked when i saw the time of my cellphone, it's already 11:34am and I'm still in bed just woke up. I'm awake earlier than that like 8:25am but i choose to stay for a while in bed and let my mind wander around and think about the hardship that we're facing now. I didn't knew that i fall asleep again and start dreaming things like i come home to my family in the Philippines alone. I feel like it was true and not just a dream. I was longing to see my friends in high school and it did happen. I saw my two friends who were both my neighbor; we didn't see each other for over two years now cause they're both married and live far away home. When i see them i hugged them so tight and felt like they're changing i mean it's weird. The other one didn't stay nor talk to me cause she was in a hurry to leave so i just talk to my one friend who was left. I asked her if where's her baby cause i know she was pregnant when i left and fly here. She told me that she didn't knew and she seems like she's having an amnesia cause every question i ask, she didn't knew.

I felt not right so i went home to my parents and they asked me if where's my husband. I told them that he didn't come with me cause he needs to work. But i felt lonely that he's not with me and misses him much cause he's far from me. I then started to feel worried that he's far from me and realized that i shouldn't leave him alone in the house. I then thought of flying back home immediately to him but i realized that i don't have the money and don't have travel documents. I felt so worried knowing that i couldn't see him again and started to cry. But i suddenly woke up and realized that it was just a dream. I'm so glad knowing that it's just a dream and happy that it's not true. I don't know i always have this kind of dreams. I know it's not true but sometimes it can be twisted. I hope it won't be happen whether him nor me to surrender on our love cause i don't want to start all over again finding my true love. I know he don't want it to happen too but I'm just afraid for everything. But as long as i live i would cherish him no matter what. That's what our promises and hope that it won't change as time goes by.