Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We've had just got home from Walmart with my mother in-law. She bought some stuff for her blanket she's making. It is a lot of work cause she has to do knitting, cross-stitching, quilting and embroidery in that blanket alone. I am wondering if how long she could make it done cause it's a queen-size blanket. She also taught of me how to cross-stitch and she gave me a baby blanket that needs to be done but, for some reason 'til now I haven't done it yet. My laziness attacks me all the time and besides I hate doing it for now cause my hands keep sweating cause it's so warm. I had already started it and believe it or not, it's been 4 months since I had started it. My hubby keep asking me if how was it and I keep telling him too that I couldn't do it for now cause my hand keeps sweating. I told my mother in-law that probably I could finish it when I get pregnant, lol just kidding. As much as I wanted to finish it but I just hate doing it when my hands are wet. Well, I think I will finish that thing when the weather starts to cool off or when winter is on.

Anyway, I ask my mom in-law if she could accompany me to practice driving and she agreed as long as we reach to Walmart. I told her that we'd go first there before me practicing to drive. So we head to Walmart and bought her stuff. When we're heading to the car, she told me that I'm gonna have to drive on our way back home whether I like it or not cause she was so tired. Oh boy, I still couldn't do it cause I'm not good enough driving on the high way with tons of cars around. I'm not used to it still and I'm not comfortable doing it right at the moment either cause I'm scared if we get screwed with some other cars around. Besides I'm not good enough in parking and backing up the cars specially if there's a lot of cars that was park around. But she told this "how could you learn if you don't do it?" So without any words to hear from her, I did what she wanted to and she then told me what to do. I did a good job backing up the car and then after a short while she felt that I'm not comfortable still much more when the car behind us blow the horn of their car, she then told me to turn around the parking lot. It's a good thing that the other side of the parking lot isn't crowded so I keep turning until she decided to drive back home. She told me that I really need to learn to drive cause of the fact that she can't really do it as much as she wanted to. She gets tired easily even if it's just a few steps she makes. Oh well, I know I gotta have to learn driving so that I could drive her and anywhere I wanted to.

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