Thursday, September 3, 2009


This is a movie of which I thought a very different kind of drama life story. We've had just watched this movie yesterday with my mother in-law. We borrowed this from our friend Debbie cause I've had just watched most of our movies already. She loves drama story movie and she got tons of it that's why I thought of borrowing some of it cause I like drama movies too. At first it was kind of confusing cause the character of the movie isn't really acting the show instead, it was just a story of her life back then and never told her daughter.

Daisy an old woman, who is hospitalized due to her illness, has a daughter and never told her about the true story of her life back then. She told her a story about a blind man who was a scientist, married with one son. His son was in service and got killed in the 1st world war. When he knew about his son was killed, he experimented this huge clock but it moved backward instead of forward. The people ask him why his clock moving backward and then he told them about the reason why he did that. He wants to have his son back and then the environment started to change backward. Daisy stop there and then she let her daughter read the book about Benjamin Button.

He was born under unusual circumstances, which means he was born in his eighties and ages backward. His mother died when she give birth to him and his father couldn't accept him cause he was so ugly (old face baby). His father brought him to the senior citizen house and put on the first stair and leave him. He was found by lady name Quennie who is a care taker of the house, and her boyfriend. When Quennie saw his face, she felt pity for him and said 'oh poor ugly baby' and then she held him in her arms. She asks the doctor who visited there to check the babies health cause he was different. The doctor told her that the baby has a short time to survive cause of his old looks. Quennie decided to keep the baby and told everybody in the house that they're gonna have a baby for a while cause she thought that the baby won't live any longer. She named him Benjamin and took a good care of him.

Luckily, Benjamin survived until he grew up but couldn't walk cause he was so old. He acts like a child but his looks were not and the people couldn't believe that his age is so young. He really loves Quennie cause he thought that it was his real mother and she treated him as her own son. He grew and meets a girl named Daisy and got attracted to her. They became friends and play together most of the times. He also meets an old woman who is just moved into their senior citizen house and teaches him how to play piano. As he grew older (his age), his body keep changing into better than worst like he can walk. He leave the house and found a job as a sailor and still him and Daisy were friends and promise her to send some pictures where he had been to. He meets a woman and felt in love with her and had some good moments with her but suddenly she left him. He has no idea that Daisy was in love with him before he left and still thinks of him every now and then.

After several years that he left, he came back to his home and Quennie didn't recognize him cause he looks very different when he left them. When he meet Daisy, she too didn't recognize him cause he looks younger than before. Daisy became a ballet dancer and was so popular and got a boyfriend but didn't love him cause it was him (Benjamin) whom she felt in love with for so many years. She didn't know that he too felt attracted to her the very first time they meet back then but didn't tell her. And now that they meet again, he thought of not to let go off his feelings to her and want her so badly. On the other side, his mother Quennie died after a short while. They decided to live together and she got pregnant with him. He was so worried if their baby will be like him; who was born old and ages backward. After she give birth to their daughter, he was so glad that the baby is normal. But for some reason, he leaves them and goes everywhere and never came back.

Everything happened in his life, he wrote it in his diary book. After so many years that he's gone, he came back to see them and Daisy got married to another man. Their daughter has grown already but has no idea that he was her dad cause Daisy didn't tell her anything about him cause she was so mad of him leaving. Daisy introduce him to her husband and their daughter as a friend. He looks more younger than before like a teenager but still in love with her. After they meet, Daisy didn't hear from him until she received a mail from the people in the senior citizen house where he grew up. The mail was about Benjamin found in an old building by the police and didn't remember who he was so they send him in his home. All they found was his diary book and some of his clothes. After reading the mail, she immediately went to his home and there she saw him playing on the piano but he was so much younger than the last time they meet.

As years goes by, Benjamin gets younger and younger and Daisy took care of him like her own child. Until he changes into a baby and she held him into her arms watching him close his eyes and died. It was very hurtful for her cause she really love him with all her heart and watching him changing everyday and in his death was so painful to her. Her daughter knew that it was her who is their baby and didn't told her anything until she read the story of her father's life. Like I said it was very odd and sad movie and very long.

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