Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our Saturday Night

Last night was the Christmas party for hubby’s work and we went there to see his colleagues outside of work and at the same time to have some fun. And we sure had fun indeed! We didn’t stay for very long because hubby is getting tired and so was I. But anyway, I think the food was good and I was stuffed and after the dinner they had a little entertainment called little casino and dancing. I am not a gambler so I don’t know how to play their games but hubby insisted to try playing because it is fun. Besides it wasn’t a real money so it don’t matter if we lose our tokens or not. And so we did try and we ended up hooked up with this game called blackjack. Well I guess it’s just me because it wasn’t that hard to learn the game and then we try a different one and another one. And hubby got stock at this one game I think it’s called rolling the dice. He had fun playing it and won a little bit of tokens. And I on the other hand enjoyed watching the game. I didn’t try playing it and went to sit down for a little bit while hubby is having fun playing. I went back to him and see how he’s playing and he sure had fun. After that, he quit that game and we went back to play blackjack so I can play again. There we played for just 15 minutes maybe and decided to go home because it’s getting late and we both were tired. That’s how our Saturday night was and hope everyone had a good weekend.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Christmas Gift

Guest post of the week by Val Flores

Last year for Christmas my parents got me so many gifts that I didn’t particularly have much use for. My dad told me that I needed to get some more professional clothes to wear to work but I try to explain to him that the required dress for my job is business casual not super formal like he’s use to wearing for his job. Dad also purchased some power tools hoping that I would actually find the time to use them around my apartment. I felt like laughing because we have a maintenance man who is employed by the apartment complex and they actually frown upon renter’s trying to repair things on their own. The gifts from my mom weren’t much better, she managed to get a list of ten books that I have never mentioned wanting before in my life along with some toys for a dog that she thought I had. The one bright spot from the entire Christmas season came when my friend told me about Cable TV packages Artesia and it was without a doubt the best gift I had received.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Hoping Torchwood will last for more than this season

Guest post written by Jenna Miller

I was so excited when I heard that they were bringing back Torchwood! I was really sad that they took the show off the air a few years ago, but I soothed myself by thinking that maybe this was one of those cases where it's best to end it while it's still good. So many American shows just don't know when to do that! But the British have it down.

Now that they've given Torchwood back to me, I'm just hoping that they won't take it away after this season! But I have the feeling that might be the case. While I was online looking for hints about if there would be another season after the current one, I ran across the site I looked through it some and after that I decided to change over my home internet to it.
I guess that they're still waiting to see how the reception is for this season of Torchwood before they make a decision, but I could always go for a little bit more of Captain Jack Harkness.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some Things Fall Apart

Yesterday while I was on my way to work, a thing happened unexpectedly. My front wheel tire on the right side blows up and it was my first time experiencing that kind of situation. I stopped the car safely because I was on the highway and then called hubby of what had happened. Good thing it falls on one of his days off because if it didn't, I'm gonna be stack on the highway for a while. Anyhow he then told me to call the tow truck service and I did but for some reason the guy that I talked to don't have an idea of what's my location even though I gave him the name of the highway and the city. Hubby was the one who drove it back home because nobody came I felt so bad for him. I used his car going to work  and almost didn't make it on time. What a day we had plus when he got home he found out that our freezer in the garage stop working because the power outlet was broken. He throw all the frozen food inside because he thought that it's been thawed out for a few days so better be safe than getting sick. What a disaster  we had yesterday.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Day Off

Glad to have a day off where I can do my stuff like watching my TV shows, doing some home chores and setting pretty. Honestly, I like working some overtime as well but having a day off is so nice too. Sometimes I felt so lazy doing something around the house and all I did was laying down the couch and watching some movies and TV shows that I like a lot but, most of the times I keep myself busy. I don’t like going out especially if my friends are busy or just by myself. I better stay home and do something so I can call it “what a busy day for me”. Actually, I would really love to go out and explore up to the mountains and take some pictures of the wonders of it. That’s what we did before with hubby but unfortunately; we’re not being able to do it now that he’s working over the weekends. Oh well, I’ll just keep myself busy and enjoy my day somehow watching some movies.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Music that I love

Don't know why this song makes my heart glow but it sure sounds really great. I'm not really sure what the missing or whom it was for if it's a GOD or a person you love the most who passed away. Because i've had read some comments about this as a religion song so i don't know. But for me, it's about missing someone who just passed away and i'm pretty sure this song will lift you up.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Becoming a sustainable company

Guest post written by Kylie Rogers

Just because we're a smaller company doesn't mean that we shouldn't worry about the impact that we're making on the environment. There's just no use in being really wasteful in our business practices if we can make a few more adjustments to prevent that. So we're on our way to becoming a more green and hopefully, eventually a sustainable company. I'm a big part of this plan, so I'm taking on some extra really work to get these adjustments up off the ground and running.

I was online earlier this week doing some research in regards to that and when I was online I came across some I was really glad that I did too because something like that really helped me. I looked through it a little bit and after that I sent along the link to the powers that be, so we're going to sign up for one of those energy plans, which will fit into our whole green aesthetic for the company.

It really does take a lot to have a sustainable company. I knew that it would be a little bit of work, but I honestly wasn't expecting all of this. But we're making strides in the right direction.