Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some Things Fall Apart

Yesterday while I was on my way to work, a thing happened unexpectedly. My front wheel tire on the right side blows up and it was my first time experiencing that kind of situation. I stopped the car safely because I was on the highway and then called hubby of what had happened. Good thing it falls on one of his days off because if it didn't, I'm gonna be stack on the highway for a while. Anyhow he then told me to call the tow truck service and I did but for some reason the guy that I talked to don't have an idea of what's my location even though I gave him the name of the highway and the city. Hubby was the one who drove it back home because nobody came I felt so bad for him. I used his car going to work  and almost didn't make it on time. What a day we had plus when he got home he found out that our freezer in the garage stop working because the power outlet was broken. He throw all the frozen food inside because he thought that it's been thawed out for a few days so better be safe than getting sick. What a disaster  we had yesterday.

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