Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Experience

Each and every one of us had a good and bad experiences and even worst. During our stay in Myrtle Beach, we did explore and experience some new stuff. One of them was the dolphin cruising. Since I watched dolphin only in a TV shows or in some movies, I always wanted to see it in reality someday. And that someday came during our stay in Myrtle Beach. I was so grateful for hubby that he did planned for our little getaway very well. We both had a blast for the dolphin cruise and took some pictures as well. Watching those dolphins jumping over the ocean really makes our day. I called it as one of my best experiences and looking forward to do it again in the future with some of my family.
trying to get a better one but these are the closest one we got

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Out of Town

I’m going to be away from my blog for a little while because we’re going of town for a few days. We’ll be leaving early today to Myrtle Beach and will be returning on Sunday. Right now I’m ecstatic to board on the plane ‘cause I adore flying and seeing those clouds and some landscapes up in the sky is really amazing. Well anyway, I’m not gonna be able to update or response to you guys quickly so I apologize for that. But as soon as we get back home, I’ll try my best to check this thingy and see if what can I do. Oh well, hope you guys enjoyed your day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Exciting days ahead

Well 34 hours from now we’ll be leaving to South Carolina for our six days vacation. We’ve been planning this vacation we had since last Christmas and finally it’s almost here. This was one of hubby’s surprise gifts for me last December and since then I keep looking forward to it. He thought this was an awesome idea to have our week off to Myrtle Beach so when the opportunity came along he grabbed it. I had never been to an ocean since I got here so he believe that going into one of the best places here in the United States like the beaches and stuff would make me happy. And of course I do really like his idea and really appreciate his thoughtfulness to me. How blessed I am to have him in my life even though we’re not blessed through our wealth but we’re blessed through our love to each other that makes me complete and happy. My happiness counts for all the blessings I have and what I don’t have. Well anyways, I’m so ecstatic for the days ahead and can’t wait to see the beauty of the ocean again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The great birthday cake disaster

Guest post written by Pat Harris

My husband was on a business trip on his actual birthday so I planned to make a nice homemade meal of pot roast and a double chocolate cake.

He expected to get into the airport at about 6 that night and get to our house at about 7. So I tried to plan around that time and started making the cake from scratch that afternoon. Everything went well until I actually started baking it. I set the oven timer to beep when it was ready and didn’t even hear it go off. I got caught up in an episode of “Friends” that was on TV and then I started to smell something funny. Then I remembered that the cake was in the oven. I rushed into the kitchen only to find the cake charred and smelly.

However, lucky for me, my husband’s flight got delayed for an hour so I had time to salvage my leftover ingredients and bake a new cake. In that extra time I had before he got home I looked up hearing aid prices because I know that the oven timer was working find and my hearing was the problem.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Felt Bad for Him

Ever since I got here, hubby was having his gout on his foot pretty much once in every month. I asked him one time what’s the cause for it and he said that it’s all the acid from the foods you ate. I told him to eat some fresh vegetables ‘cause he told me that it could help it from coming back or from getting it worse but he won’t. He said that he wasn’t a big vegetable person so instead of having a vegetable every now and then, he would just prefer to eat those fatty foods. I know it’s not very healthy for him but I can do nothing for it’s me who wouldn’t swallow those if I force him eating some vegetables. And today when he came home from work, I saw him walking like a crippled man because his gout came back again. I felt so bad because tomorrow is the start of his one-week vacation where he could’ve enjoys it but I guess not. I just hope it will go away on the next day or tomorrow is better. I don’t like watching him suffering from the pain of his foot. If only I could help him to ease the pain he is feeling now but I couldn’t.