Monday, August 2, 2010

Felt Bad for Him

Ever since I got here, hubby was having his gout on his foot pretty much once in every month. I asked him one time what’s the cause for it and he said that it’s all the acid from the foods you ate. I told him to eat some fresh vegetables ‘cause he told me that it could help it from coming back or from getting it worse but he won’t. He said that he wasn’t a big vegetable person so instead of having a vegetable every now and then, he would just prefer to eat those fatty foods. I know it’s not very healthy for him but I can do nothing for it’s me who wouldn’t swallow those if I force him eating some vegetables. And today when he came home from work, I saw him walking like a crippled man because his gout came back again. I felt so bad because tomorrow is the start of his one-week vacation where he could’ve enjoys it but I guess not. I just hope it will go away on the next day or tomorrow is better. I don’t like watching him suffering from the pain of his foot. If only I could help him to ease the pain he is feeling now but I couldn’t.

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