Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best Experience

Each and every one of us had a good and bad experiences and even worst. During our stay in Myrtle Beach, we did explore and experience some new stuff. One of them was the dolphin cruising. Since I watched dolphin only in a TV shows or in some movies, I always wanted to see it in reality someday. And that someday came during our stay in Myrtle Beach. I was so grateful for hubby that he did planned for our little getaway very well. We both had a blast for the dolphin cruise and took some pictures as well. Watching those dolphins jumping over the ocean really makes our day. I called it as one of my best experiences and looking forward to do it again in the future with some of my family.
trying to get a better one but these are the closest one we got

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  1. Wow sa Myrtle Beach day mo nagbakasyon Mae? Cge ko blog about dane (opps nako) ug tungod sali nako google medyo naa pod koy nahibaloan dane nga place. Ebog man pod ko ninyo. Gusto pod ko maka-anha diha galing lang kay medyo layo man...Ingat Mae always and thanks for the visit.