Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last night, i thought i couldn't be able to play my pool game but i was wrong. When my husband came home from work, i showed him my fingers (the middle and the ring finger) that i had accidentally cut a few hours ago that day. He said "that's why i don't like for you to ate vegetables cause you always cut yourself, hmmm I'm just kidding" sounds funny. Yeah he's right, every time i cooked vegetables i always had cut my fingers but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. I told him that i don't think i could be able to play pool cause my left hand is kinda soar and i feel uncomfortable with it. But he said " yes you will play cause the team that we're gonna match for tonight has a level 1 player". I'm a level 1 so it's a good match for me but the problem is my fingers still soar.

When we get there, our co-captain showed me the score paper and point me the other's team player. She said that i should play cause i have a match player so i never argued her. I and my hubby get some practise for a little bit and then after that they let me play. Well that time my finger started to feel comfortable and i could now manage playing which i kinda feel terrific. But i still have this uneasy feeling, though I'm not shaking that time unlike the first and the second time playing my game. They said that I'm getting better, i was able to get a bank shot which was awesome cause i didn't expect it. But in the end i lose my game, sad huhuhu. But anyhow, the important was i enjoy my game even though i feel uncomfortable with my left hand but i still manage playing.


I got this award from Analou, a friend of mine whom i discovered just a few days ago. I had already received one but still she wanted to give it to me which make me kinda feel like blessed finding friends here in the blogging world. I would say that I'm grateful for you my dear friend Analou for sharing this award to me and for leaving some comments and messages which i do really appreciated. Keep beeping me and i will do the same.

Monday, June 29, 2009


I was preparing my late breakfast and i thought of cooking my favorite viand which is pinakbit. As i was slicing the squash, i accidentally cut my two fingers. It was deeply cut though it wasn't big enough but plenty of blood came out which make me panic for a little bit. I was so confused on what to do so i run upstairs and grab some cotton balls hoping that it would stop. I hate looking at my cut fingers but i can do nothing but to take care of the continuous dripping blood. I was glad that it stop when i put a cotton ball to it. After then i went back downstairs to continue of what i had just started but now i only can use my right hand specially when washing the vegetables. It's very uncomfortable doing things with my only one hand. After i eat my lunch cause it's already 12 o'clock in the afternoon, i went upstairs and took a shower. And then after, i put some ointment on my wounded fingers and then put some band aid.

I supposed to play my third pool game tonight but i don't think i would be able to cause i can't used my left hand. I thought of not to come with my husband to the game cause i don't feel like going outside. But i don't like to stay alone in our home specially during night. I also like to cheer up with our team specially to my hubby. The last week our team won and my hubby kick ass (char..). It's been a while since he won so now he's trying to play better. But me, i still need to get more practise cause i always get beat up. I know it would take time but I'm sure i will get there. I really hate my day today and i would say it's one of my worst day. Why? Because i don't feel comfortable doing things in the house and i don't think i could be able to play pool tonight.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I really appreciate for my friend Mechelle from the bottom of my heart who give this award for me and grateful that she extend her time sharing this award to me and to all of her friends. This is my first time receiving this thing so i kinda doubt if i deserve it because i felt like my blog isn't awesome like what you had guys. I still need to improve my English skills specially my grammar so as of now I'm still trying to make it better. But so much from that, i do really appreciate for you my dear friend for this award you give to me.


Yesterday we went camping with my husband's co worker his name is David. We were invited to spend the day in a campground site and it was my very first time doing that thing. We did some activities that was a lot of fun like the bumper boats, miniature golf, and a lot of other stuff that we weren't able to do, cause we run out of time. Bumper boats were a lot of fun we played tag on it. I had the fastest boat so it wasn't hard for me to catch people but i wasn't the best stirrer because it was my first time riding that type of boat. The boat has a squirter and it wasn't working at all. I think we all had a lot of fun playing tag with it and David wanted to do it again but the rest of us were tired specially my hands, it was sore controlling the steering wheel.

The next thing we do was a miniature golf, it's the putting part of golf, except that you putt around obstacles. It was really fun too and guess what, i was able to get two holes in one oh yeah. It was my first time playing that game and i would say i did an awesome job (char..). There were four of us and i tied for third place and the winner was my beloved husband yepeeeeyy..! He only won by two strokes, good for him. I took some picture of us and myself alone. I like the view so i thought to take some pictures from it.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I have no idea if Michael Jackson died yesterday until my husband told me. I was watching the E! news last night and it was all about M. Jackson's life and i didn't knew that he is dead. When my hubby saw it he told me that Michael Jackson was died and the children are now safe. I can't explain what i had felt for him, i felt shocked and sad knowing that he's suddenly died. My hubby didn't like him after he's facing an accusation from a child molestation and as far as i know he paid the victims a million dollar but i do still love his music though until now. His life has been miserable since he had been accused by a child molestation and i felt sorry for him but finally he won in the allegation for him last 2005. I didn't mean that i totally believe him but the allegation for him were coming over and over and i kind of doubt it if they're telling the truth. You know some people would do anything just to make you fell where you've been standing specially when they feel like they're gonna lose.While he was fighting or i should say defending his self in all of the accusation, i never heard some new album from him. And if there was, it ain't got to the top hit cause it was affected by the alleged he had been facing back then.

Michael Jackson died yesterday afternoon in a Los Angeles Hospital. He had been rushed to the hospital in full cardiac arrest after collapsing at his nearby rental home. His death was front page news around the world as like as his greatest hits songs. The world questions as what cause by his shocking death, so the police would like to undergo an autopsy for him. Thousands of fans gathered in front of the UCLA medical hospital where he was confined and died just to show some love and respect and condolences for the passed KING OF POP. Some were interviewed and ask why they gathered there and they answered they just want to give him respect and love cause they're enjoying his songs since then and for them he's the legend of the pop. I was watching some news this morning and this is what i knew and I'd like to share it to you guys. As for the fans that were gathered there, i felt the same way and I'm sad that he was suddenly gone. Even if he's now gone, he remains in our minds and hearts and leaves an indelible imprint on popular music and culture. He's one of the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artists of all-times. REST IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON..

Thursday, June 25, 2009


As you know guys, i really like watching those horror movies specially the haunted shows. We've had watched the uninvited movie last night, I'm the one who pick it as usual. It's story is just like the one that we had watched a couple of months ago but the difference was it was a Korean movie. I just can't remember the title of it but like said it was just the same story as the uninvited movie. It was really scary and again when the scary part is about to appear, i then hide my face from my hands or i would roll over and face to my hubby cause we're lying on our couch (hahaha so funny!). He keep saying "you can't watch the show like that" or 'if you don't like to watch then we can stop it". But i would always reply him that i like to finish it but i just don't like to see the scary part.

Sometimes he asked me if why do i like watching those scary movie and i said that i just like to watch it and for me it's kind of breath taking. I felt excitement watching it but i just can't help hiding myself just to not watch the scary part. I know it sounds funny but i can't help it. So most of the time he used to make some fun on me like we should buy a big house and then i kept saying to him that I'm not gonna stay in his big house. And besides i don't need it cause for me i used to live in a small home and live simply. And sometimes when we're at our friends house, i and Mechelle likes to watch the horror movies and get scared. He then ask "why you guys like watching those horror movies?". We just like watching it and it's kind of breath taking knowing that it would scare us.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's been so nice outside today but i haven't gone going out yet. I had a date with my friends today, we're going to go some shopping. They will come and pick me up later and then hang around the mall. I like to shop but i don't like to spend more money for it cause for now we're still behind from our debts. We didn't go shopping always because i can't drive and my friends were far from our home. During weekends, my hubby and i were always hang with our friends specially with john and his wife cause my hubby likes to play a warcraft with him in their computer. They're kind of addicted to that game, they spend hours and hours of playing. While us (the wives) were play also in the farm town in facebook.

Oh boy it looks like it will rain cause the clouds were getting dark but it still a good day though. It is not that warm nor cold outside and it so nice to go around. I thought of riding my bike again but i guess it's too late for now cause soon my friends will pick me up and we're gonna leave for shopping. Oh well better luck next time, i hope tomorrow will still be a nice day for me to ride my bike again. It's been a while since i did it so i kind of miss doing it. I had just dream last night that I've been riding my bike and I'm good at it hahaha so funny. I didn't knew for sure if I'm good at it for now cause i just practise it once.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm so glad that my hubby won on his game last night. It's been a while since he last win cause he always got beat up and finally he did it. I'm so happy for him and proud that at last he showed to our team that he's improving. Actually as i remember his last win was the last year i think cause every time he play he got beat up. That's why i always told him that we go some practise cause i too need it. Our team kick ass last night and I'm glad for it. I didn't play and Carrie told me that next week they will let me play. Well i really need to get some practise this weekend for me to feel better then.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I just had finish my breakfast and just done cleaning the mess in the kitchen. I plan to clean the house today cause it's been a while since i had clean it. But i thought to stay in front of the computer for a while and check the status of our stocks. I did visit my farm already in facebook and harvest some of my crops there and earn some coins to help me out buying a house cause my hubby always ask me if i did bought already a house. I told him that i can't afford still and i am saving some coins for me to buy one (so funny hahaha). He always told me that he can't live in the farm without a home and i told him to be patient cause soon we can have one. Oh boy I'm addicted to this farm game in facebook cause it's fun. My friend introduce this game to me cause she too and some of our friends were addicted to this game and now I'm one of them. If only we could turn this into a real money, we have now earn a lots of money from it. For now, I'm concentrating planting and harvesting some crops from my farm so that soon i could buy my hubby a wonderful house.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We just got home from the lake park where we had stop for a moment cause i never been there before. I really like water watching its wave and it's beauty makes me reminds of my home where i could really see the bodies of the ocean. I really miss it but we're so far away from the ocean here and what they have here are lakes, rivers and ponds. But anyhow i could still enjoy walking around the lakes so i ask my husband to drive me to one of the lakes in denver. He drove me to this big lake and some people enjoy boating and i saw some jet ski also. When i saw the jet ski, i remember the first time riding that thing and it was really fun and I'd learn to drive it. I really miss it too and i would love to do it here but we don't have it. My hubby had a jet ski before and used to drive in the lake to have some fun but he sold it. He thought that he couldn't do it as much as he wanted to cause he's not at home all the time. He's away from home because of his work.

I took a few pictures of the lake with a bird floating on it. I thought it's kinda cool watching this bird floating and it looks like a dock. My hubby told me that it's the largest bird here and it used to float on the water and grab some fish. After a while we decided to head back home cause it looks like it will rain and was cloudy and windy there and i start to fell a little chilly. I felt so tired too and wanted to get some rest cause i don't get enough sleep last night. We got home from john's house at around 3o'clock in the morning so i thought we fall asleep almost 4 and woke up at 9 o'clock this morning. Oh I'm so tired and i almost can't write my blog.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I've been awake at exactly 9:30 this morning cause i fall asleep last night at around 1 o'clock in the morning. I shouldn't be awake if our neighborhood didn't arrive with his stereo music turn on so loud. I was totally startled from my bed when i suddenly heard his music turn on so loud just like i was in a disco bar. Anyway I'm not upset with that crazy sound he has cause it's about time for me to get up that time so i thought that would be a good alarm for me. Everytime my alarm goes on i turn it off and then went back to sleep. I supposed to practise myself getting up early cause i wanted to start my day earlier and could do a lot of things i wanted to but still for some reason i still get up late. That's why i turn my alarm on for me to wake up on weekdays and on weekends it's off cause i wanted my husband get some more sleep. But you know what, he woke up earlier than me while I'm still in bed snoring (hahaha funny). He then go downstairs and prepare his breakfast and then play on his playstation while waiting for me to wake up but sometimes he'll woke me up when it's getting so late in the morning like 11 o'clock. Why? Because he likes us to spend time together going somewhere were we could think we could enjoy both. And i would like when weekends comes cause we could spend time together again like today it's friday and him and john plans to play again a warcraft in their computer so we're gonna be there after his work. He likes to hang with him and play warcraft and then he always beat up (hahaha funny)..

Thursday, June 18, 2009


We were watching a movie last night which was about these three kids who suffered from the hands of these two bully kids. As i was watching the movie, i remember my high school life where i was been bullied by my classmate. He started to do that to me when we were still in our sixth grade until we graduated in high school. He used to make fun on me, punch me, yell in front of me with his big creepy eyes and most of all he didn't respect me. He even used to embarrass me in front of my classmates and friends but i didn't do anything to stop him cause i don't have a strength to do it. Nobody was there for me to defend and protect me from him cause even my friends will laugh when they saw him while doing some foolishness to me. For me it's not funny cause he hurt me inside and out and i felt like nobody was there for me and care of what i had felt inside. I can't even talk to my parents of what was happening in school to me cause they're not home all the time because they were in the city and all of my siblings were there too so I'm all alone at home. I don't even like to share my problem to my cousins cause I'm ashamed for myself and i don't want to hear from them saying that that I'm a coward.

All of my high school days, i was been suffering from my bully classmate and i kind of wondering why he likes to do that to me. I even didn't do anything harmful to him nor embarrass him in front his friends. I thought he just like to prove to someone that he's brave enough to fight me cause i don't even fight him back. I don't have the courage to make him stop cause in my mind he's just disrespecting my personality and I'm just a poor girl in the class who have no fancy shoes, clothes, and stuff like that and I'm so ugly and nobody would like me and i accept it. However it helps me inside to be patient and understand each person around me and i kinda learn to make myself calm and strong to not be discouraged for my studies. And i know that someday my life would be so different and he could no longer do some foolishness to me and i swear if i would see him again i would tell him that he's so stupid ass hole and dumbest person that I've ever meet in my whole life. It's not revenge but just to let him know that life is not the same and what he did to me was the dumbest thing he have had ever done to his life.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I woke up today at 7:29 in the morning cause my hubby ask me to watch for our stocks specially the one that was just went up last monday and starts dropping yesterday. We thought that it would go up today but i was disappointed when i saw it, it drops like crazy. The chart shows that it starts to climb so we're just hoping that maybe one of these days of this week it would go up again cause we will sell it. The other week we had sold one stock of which we got a pretty good profit and my hubby we're so happy about it and I'm glad too. Last week we had sold one stock also and we just get a profit of around 200 and it's not bad cause mostly our stocks drops last few months. My hubby was hoping to get more money by end of this year from our stocks and i hope that it will cause we don't like to lose some money for it.

When i got here, he teach me how to watch the stocks and on how to buy and sell for it. At first, i kind of doubt that we could get some money from it cause most of his stocks drops so bad and some were up for just a few cents. And every time he put some money for it, i felt bad cause i don't really believe that our money would go up. I always ask him about before i got here if he withdraw some money from it and he told me that he did cause his stocks were doing pretty good. He wanted for me to watch it cause he don't have always a time to watch it from his work but as time goes by he didn't rely it to me for some reason. It's because i always hopped out from the bed so late in the morning and he thought that i quiet didn't knew how to sell and buy for it but i do. He was hoping so bad that we could get some money from it to help us out from our bills, groceries and stuff like that cause for now we're so behind in everything specially our mortgage payment. We hired a lawyer to help us out refinancing our house so we hopefully wait that our payment would drop as what they told us.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last night i played my second time pool game and guess what, i was totally suck the whole game. They match me with this guy who is a rank 4 and i am just a rank 1 and he was totally kicking my ass. I need 14 points to win and he needs 31 points and i only got 3 points that was really embarrassing. But they just told me that I'm fine cause I'm still learning from it. I thought shooting balls were as easy as i thought it would be but when you're actually playing specially with a match of the other team, gosh it wasn't that easy. I still have this uneasy feeling and my body was totally shaking but i still can concentrate my game though. I started to feel comfortable when the game was almost over.

Before the game was started, Pewee (our team captain) teach me how to aim the ball and how to handle myself while shooting the ball. I thought i can't play last night cause the other team don't have a rank 1 player to match me but i was wrong. They said that i need to play for me to get more practise matching the other team's player and besides i still need to play 9 games for this season. My team told me that it would take some times for me to get better playing specially aiming the ball and positioning my hand and body while shooting. Oh boy i hope that i would get better soon cause i don't like to be embarrass with the team.

Monday, June 15, 2009


My hubby come home last night from their tournament at around 1 o'clock in the morning and i felt pity for him cause he looks so tired. His eyes looks like it would give from being awake and i can imagine why. He just got 5 hours of sleep the other night and then went back to their pool tournament for the whole day yesterday until midnight. Once in every game they've played were over he called me and let me know if they win or lose. The first and second game were they won and if they won for the third game they would qualify for VEGAS tournament but for some reason they lose the third game. So the staff for the tournament see that they're just a few points behind, they give them a fourth game as a chance but they still lose it. Their co-captain really upset for their captain cause he lose his game and he really should need to win it and to the rest of the team. I understand for them that they lose it cause they're so tired already playing there for the whole day until midnight.

I really wanted to go to Las Vegas so bad but for now we still have no budget to spend there so I'll just wait maybe sometime soon and if the money looks alright. My hubby likes to drove me there instead of flying cause he wants to show me the beautiful places that we'll pass by and i would like it. I love travelling and see some nice places so i don't care if it took an hours of hours to drive to get there cause for me i love looking the nice view and took some pictures from it. For me it's an adventure even flying is i really like it also except in riding a ship. I'm really scared of it specially when it reached to the deepest part of the ocean i can't help myself thinking about sinking cause i didn't knew how to swim hahaha funny. So i don't really care riding on a ship cause it makes me scared to death.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I supposed to come with my hubby for his continued pool tournament today but i wasn't able to cause i felt tired. I was there with him yesterday cause he wanted to buy me some stuff for the pool game and we got one which is my hand glove. I need it when playing cause my hands used to sweat every time i felt warm. We arrived there at noon but their game will starts at 6 o'clock in the evening. He supposed to get some practise but there's no vacant table cause tons of team player were there for the pool tournament, so we decided to go some shopping in the nearby mall. The whole day, team players with the 8 balls were playing and then in the evening the 9 ball team player played until the whole day of today.

It was so nice watching their game, it's kinda breath taking cause both team tries to win. Even though i didn't play, i felt nervous watching them playing and it was really awesome. The first game, my hubby's team won and in the second game they lost it but they're not away for the score just only a few points. I heard Carrie (my hubby's co- player in the team and their co-captain) that they need to win for today's first game for them to qualify for LAS VEGAS pool tournament where teams of different states will match the game. I was glad to know that they won for today's first game and i didn't know for sure yet if they qualify for VEGAS. When my hubby called me a while ago, i missed it cause i left my phone downstairs while i took shower upstairs. He told me that they won for the first game and hopefully they still win for the next game and he didn't tell me if they qualify for VEGAS. I hope they won for the continued game and hopefully they would qualify for VEGAS cause i badly would like to go there so as my hubby. We can always go to VEGAS but if they would qualify for it, we can save some money cause they're free for the airfare and the hotel. All we need to spend there is for our foods and other than that is nothing to be worry about. Oh GOD i hope they won and qualify for LAS VEGAS pool tournament.

Friday, June 12, 2009


My hubby knew that i really loves the rain so when it rains so hard, he then said " here is your rain" or if we're with our friends "my wife's rain she is happy now" and it sounds funny. When he's at work and will rain, he then called to me and then said " it's your fault why it rains let it stop". And i would replied "it's not my fault and i don't have a power to make it rain so don't blame it to me". He said "you're the reason why it rains cause you love it" and i just laugh about it cause he told me that they didn't get much of rain last year and he hates when it rains. I ask him " what do you prefer, rain or snow?" and then he answered "rain is better than snow". SO i told him "stop complaining for the rains and we need rain here cause it's dry the last winter" but he still continue to blame it for me and i just laugh at him cause i know he's just messing up with me. He likes to tease me cause he wanted to see me laugh but sometimes it doesn't work cause some of it makes me mad or upset.

When i arrived here, i told him that i wanted to see a snow cause we don't have it in the Philippines and some friends told me that it's pretty. But we didn't get much of snow last winter and he was glad for it cause he hates snow. And when it does, he used to blame it to me cause i like it and i didn't knew that it was not safe for the drivers and it's a mess on the road too. I just like to see it and it's very cold so now i didn't really care for it. For now, summer is coming and i could wear my normal clothes and don't need to be worried for the cold. What i didn't like for it is that i get warm easily and then my hands, under arms, and feet starts to sweat and i really hate it. So i tried to wear those clothes that are sleeveless and makes me comfortable but it doesn't help sometimes cause i still get perspired. Oh boy i really hate it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


One of the worst problem that i have for myself is my hands and feet perspire so bad. I can't really control my perspiration specially when i started to feel warm. Since i was a kid, i started having this kind of problem and i thought it's just normal for me. Until i met a friend and has the same problem like what i had. He told me that it's really embarrassing to have your hands perspire and you can't concentrate sometimes to your work. He had found a cure for his perspiration problem when he ask some advice from his doctor. He really needs to stop it cause his job needs a dry hands to touch every things that was on his work. He never thought that i have this damn perspiration problem until i told him. He then said to me about how to cure this but it would cost me because i need to buy this machine thing that would cure this kind of problem however it is so effective. He told me to look on it in the internet for me to read some blogs for people who had been cured about this.

I did what he told me and found it and i felt glad that i have now a chance to get rid of this problem. I told my husband about this but he didn't listen to me nor believe what i had said cause he never knew what i had felt once i perspire. He just told me that the reason why i get perspire it's just because i felt warm. I understand him and beside we don't have a budget for it yet cause for now we're still working on my greencard and hopefully i could get one. I was really hoping that someday i could get a job and could buy this machine thing that would cure my perspiration problem cause I'm tired of this. I really hate this kind of problem that i had cause i used to get embarrass with this to my friends and every person that I've had meet. Sometimes i heard some of my friends saying "yucks" once they saw my hands sweats all over or they hold some stuff that I've been holding for a moment and when they grab it, the get scared of the sweats. It's really embarrassing and sometimes it hurts when you heard people saying these kind of words "yucks, eeew, ngeeehh so nasty and disgusting". So someday i will try my very best to buy a cure for this.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is a movie that we've had just watch the other night. We rent movies from netflix and we received them on Tuesday's through Saturday's. I would like to share this movie to you guys cause this is about a true lives of a family in the middle east country. It was tittled a children of heaven because this two kids were very kind and respects their parents specially their lives. This movie isn't awesome but i like to watch it cause i can relate it to the families in the Philippines and to my own family. Every time i watch this kind of movie, i felt really bad and pity for those people who were suffered in poverty. I then thought that if only i have a lots of money i would help some of them. Since i was a kid, our lives were very poor and sometimes we just only eat twice a day cause we don't have foods to eat.

In this movie, this two kids (a boy and a girl) and one baby were born in a very poor family. Their father only works in a church to serve some tea for the people and his wage was low and can't support his family. They live in a small apartment and they're delayed for about 6 months in the payment of it so the owner always come by to ask the payment. Their mom can't work still cause she is ill so the two kids were the one who take charges of the chores. One day the boy went to a shoe repair shop to get his sister's shoe repaired cause she don't have any other pair of shoes to wear in school. After that, he buy some bread and then stop over to a market to buy some potatoes for their dinner. He put the bread and the shoes in the corner of the store and grab some potatoes. While he was busy grabbing those potatoes, the garbage collector stop by and ask permission to the owner and then grab the garbage including his sister's shoes. He has no idea that his sisters shoes was stole by the man so when he grab the bread and the shoes, he was totally shocked cause he can't find his sister's shoes. He had no idea where to find it so when he got home, his sister ask him if her shoes got repaired and he said yes but he continued and told her that it was gone. His sister told him that she would tell their dad that he lost her shoes but he stop her and said you can wear my sneakers in school cause his sister's class was in the morning and he was in the afternoon. He also told her that their dad don't have the money to buy her a pair of shoes so what they did were they shared his shoes for school.

His father's friend from the church give him some stuff to use in gardening and told him that he can go around in the village where rich people live and ask if they want a gardener. So when weekend comes, him and his dad go around in the village to look for a family who wants a gardener but they didn't find one. When they're about to decide to go back home, they stop for a while and he went in a faucet to drink and suddenly a kid inside the gate ask him if he was there cause the kid heard them. The kid ask him if he wants to go inside and play with him but he replied, tell your dad if he wants a gardener but the kid said that he don't have a dad nor his mom but what he had was a grandfather. The kid ask him if whats his name and he told him his name and he's with his dad. He told him to ask his grandfather if he wants a gardener but the kid said he's sleeping so without any words he left and then went back to his dad and leave. The kid beg him not to leave but he didn't listen so when they're getting away, the kid and his grandfather went outside and shouted them to come back so they did. And that's their lucky day cause his father got a work as a gardener and he and the kid had played all day and his dad got paid that was more than enough for their food and could buy them a pair of shoes. His dad was so grateful for the old man who was so kind to them. He too in school beg a teacher who was a coach for a 4km. run to register him in a contest cause he wanted to win in the third prize cause the prize were a new pair of sneaker. He told his sister about it and he wanted to win in the 3rd place to get her a new pair of sneakers. The day has come but for some reason he won in the first prize so he was disappointed cause he thought that he was in the 3rd place. But not to worry cause their father bought them a new pair of shoes and their foods. And that's the end of it and like i said it's not that awesome movie but i just like it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Many people say that good friends are hard to find but for me i don't think so. For me, friendship is about sharing each others thought, respecting each others lives, understands both sides, forgive and forget every wrong both did and most of all love each other. But sometimes when trials comes our way, our pride comes after all and never forget. They say that best friend will become your best enemy and i would say it's true. When i was on my high school, i have one close friend and when things go wrong, she hated me so much but she forgive me but she's no longer my close friend. I would say it's not my fault that she get mad at me, it's just because i told the truth to her grandmother and i didn't knew she would upset with what i did. I don't like to lie specially to those older ones and what she ask me i answered it true but i have no idea what her grandmother told her cause the next day she no longer talk to me. After then, she found a new close friends and me too found a new friends.

I met a bunch of people and i would say that some of them were good and some were i can tell in my first impression as a snobbish. I'm a kind of person who doesn't mind if people don't like to know my personality even if we're setting aside with each other. I don't even care if they don't smile me back cause in my heart and mind, they just don't like the whole me. I'm kinda picky in finding friends that i could talk to cause i felt discourage before having a close friends but in the end they just left and told me that they don't like me. It really hurts but i accept it and move on cause that's what they find me. However, i learn from it and grateful that they told me what they had felt for me cause i have now an idea of what to do or change some of the weaknesses i had. And now, I'm trying to watch out of what i had to say and do but sometimes it doesn't work. I don't like to hurt someones feeling but i always received bad words from anyone i could call friends and would hurt me but i don't like to do it to them. I just always remember to be true to myself and respect to anyone around me. You can really tell if what you did or say to someone is hurting and i can felt that sometime to myself too and feel guilty inside. Sometimes i ask an apologize if it's not too late yet cause that makes your friendship more better.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


We had just got home from the baby shower party, i felt tired cause I've been up early this morning for around 7 o'clock. I fall asleep last night for around 12 o'clock cause i can't get to sleep earlier cause i used to sleep so late than that. My friends asks me to help them preparing the foods for the party so i need to be there earlier. I didn't know much in cooking so what i did was just helping them preparing for the foods to cook. I like to cook but i don't know much of it and I'm still learning some of it.

It's good to see my girl friends again but some didn't come for some reason but we still had fun though. I would say the pinay girls would really like taking pictures with each other and that's what our fun when we get together. We just only played two games and i try to join and hoping to win but i don't have a luck for that and it's OK it's just for fun. I took some pictures for the celebrant while opening her gifts. After the gift opening, the girls went outside for the photo shoots again and me, i just stay inside and sing alone. Sometimes i don't like taking so much pictures and i already had pictures of us all so it's enough for me. Oh well i had a good time at the party and i don't know when can we see each other again. Well i guess i have to go now and get some rest.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I woke up this morning at about 9:31, i supposed to get up 7 o'clock but when my alarm goes on i turn it off and went back to sleep. I felt so sleepy that i couldn't open my eyes and my body still don't like to be move. I had thought that I've been fall asleep at almost 12 o'clock midnight. Every time i got to sleep i started dreaming things and mostly the dreams i had were I'm with my family and friends in the Philippines. But last night i dream about my family here (my hubby and my mom in law). We were on our way back home when we got almost hit by a speedy car and on the edge of the road were there was this two lady who put some posting about their garage sale and it was hit by our car and damage. We stop and heard the lady screaming us and my hubby called 911 to report the speedy car's plate number and this lady. After he called them, the husband of the one lady approach us and start arguing with us and my husband step out from the car and face him. However, my mom in law and i were so scared by this man cause he looks so upset and my husband starts debating him. We were surprised when he grab his gun from his back and pointed it to us inside the car. He didn't pointed it to my husband but to us and finally he pull the gun and my mom in law got hit and my legs too. I was scared to death and cried cause it hurts so bad and worried for my mom in law. I was wondering too cause the cops were still not there and my mom were bleeding to death. I then awake cause my husband roll over and put his arms on my tummy and i was so happy cause it's just a dream. I get up and went to the bathroom and then back to sleep. It was about time of my hubby to wake up but he change the alarm and went back to sleep. I just remember him kissing me then and said that he was leaving to work and i couldn't open my eyes while saying be safe and i love you cause I'm too sleepy still.

I didn't knew what was going on with my unfinished dreams cause when i got to sleep again i dream about my family back home. It was weird, i was in my aunt for a while cause my parents and my sister were not at home. I also see my cousin with her husband but they're gone suddenly. As i was on my aunt, i don't like their grandson cause he was very annoying and i just go and stay away from him. I didn't even help the chores in their house cause i don't want to stay there. When my parents and my sister were home, they get mad at me because of the fact that I'm not helping the chores in my aunts home. They didn't listen to me but still I'm trying to explain why it happen. And then i ended up crying cause i felt like I'm not that important to them.I felt pity for myself because of the fact that nobody cares of what i had felt. And when my tears starts running down my checks, i then awake and i still felt this hurt and sadness. I don't know but i always have this kind of dreams and ended up crying. I would say back on my days were i was on high school and even i had my job, i always cry before i fall asleep cause i easily get hurt and my sister used to embarrass me in front of her friends. She didn't care my feelings and me as her sister. I like to cry in bed cause i don't like them knowing that I'm crying and would see me because i don't want them thinking that I'm coward to them. And now when i watch those sad movies, i can't help myself not to cry cause i can remember what i had been before. It really hurts but i still love my sister, i can't make things that would hurt her cause i care for her and i know also that it's not easy when you get hurt.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We had just got home from the pool game and i had thought to write on my blog cause what had happen tonight is one of my unforgettable moment. The new season was started last week, i thought this Monday will start and I'm gonna have to play for this season. I really like shooting balls but i still need to learn. I never thought they will let me play for tonight, I'm not comfortable playing still but i would. Oh boy this is it as easy as i thought it would be but i still have a good time playing though. I can't really explain of what i had felt, i feel nervous and my body was shaking but i didn't feel bad cause i still got shoot some balls. Being a first time playing in this game, i thought it went good i mean i won't felt nervous cause it's just a game and fun but it's different. I told them about what i felt and they said that it is normal cause it's my first time and sooner or later i will be fine then. The girl from the other team that I've been playing with wasn't good also but she's been playing three months ago. She told me just come down and have fun cause this is just a game. O h yeah but it won't help my feeling, I'm totally shaking. My team told me that i did good and for me i sucks and i lose the game. Well i just hope for the next time that i would be better but i had some fun though.