Monday, June 29, 2009


I was preparing my late breakfast and i thought of cooking my favorite viand which is pinakbit. As i was slicing the squash, i accidentally cut my two fingers. It was deeply cut though it wasn't big enough but plenty of blood came out which make me panic for a little bit. I was so confused on what to do so i run upstairs and grab some cotton balls hoping that it would stop. I hate looking at my cut fingers but i can do nothing but to take care of the continuous dripping blood. I was glad that it stop when i put a cotton ball to it. After then i went back downstairs to continue of what i had just started but now i only can use my right hand specially when washing the vegetables. It's very uncomfortable doing things with my only one hand. After i eat my lunch cause it's already 12 o'clock in the afternoon, i went upstairs and took a shower. And then after, i put some ointment on my wounded fingers and then put some band aid.

I supposed to play my third pool game tonight but i don't think i would be able to cause i can't used my left hand. I thought of not to come with my husband to the game cause i don't feel like going outside. But i don't like to stay alone in our home specially during night. I also like to cheer up with our team specially to my hubby. The last week our team won and my hubby kick ass (char..). It's been a while since he won so now he's trying to play better. But me, i still need to get more practise cause i always get beat up. I know it would take time but I'm sure i will get there. I really hate my day today and i would say it's one of my worst day. Why? Because i don't feel comfortable doing things in the house and i don't think i could be able to play pool tonight.

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  1. Hello Mae. Sometimes things happened when we did not expect it. I often cut myself specially at work because I always rush and rush to finish what I want to finish that day. My husband called me "clumsy" because I always hurt myself. Me too, I am not good in shooting pool either. We have a pool table with it's accessories but it's rare when I played it. I bet your husband won the game. Anyway, take care yourself and enjoy your day, ok?