Wednesday, June 10, 2009


One of the worst problem that i have for myself is my hands and feet perspire so bad. I can't really control my perspiration specially when i started to feel warm. Since i was a kid, i started having this kind of problem and i thought it's just normal for me. Until i met a friend and has the same problem like what i had. He told me that it's really embarrassing to have your hands perspire and you can't concentrate sometimes to your work. He had found a cure for his perspiration problem when he ask some advice from his doctor. He really needs to stop it cause his job needs a dry hands to touch every things that was on his work. He never thought that i have this damn perspiration problem until i told him. He then said to me about how to cure this but it would cost me because i need to buy this machine thing that would cure this kind of problem however it is so effective. He told me to look on it in the internet for me to read some blogs for people who had been cured about this.

I did what he told me and found it and i felt glad that i have now a chance to get rid of this problem. I told my husband about this but he didn't listen to me nor believe what i had said cause he never knew what i had felt once i perspire. He just told me that the reason why i get perspire it's just because i felt warm. I understand him and beside we don't have a budget for it yet cause for now we're still working on my greencard and hopefully i could get one. I was really hoping that someday i could get a job and could buy this machine thing that would cure my perspiration problem cause I'm tired of this. I really hate this kind of problem that i had cause i used to get embarrass with this to my friends and every person that I've had meet. Sometimes i heard some of my friends saying "yucks" once they saw my hands sweats all over or they hold some stuff that I've been holding for a moment and when they grab it, the get scared of the sweats. It's really embarrassing and sometimes it hurts when you heard people saying these kind of words "yucks, eeew, ngeeehh so nasty and disgusting". So someday i will try my very best to buy a cure for this.

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