Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I woke up today at 7:29 in the morning cause my hubby ask me to watch for our stocks specially the one that was just went up last monday and starts dropping yesterday. We thought that it would go up today but i was disappointed when i saw it, it drops like crazy. The chart shows that it starts to climb so we're just hoping that maybe one of these days of this week it would go up again cause we will sell it. The other week we had sold one stock of which we got a pretty good profit and my hubby we're so happy about it and I'm glad too. Last week we had sold one stock also and we just get a profit of around 200 and it's not bad cause mostly our stocks drops last few months. My hubby was hoping to get more money by end of this year from our stocks and i hope that it will cause we don't like to lose some money for it.

When i got here, he teach me how to watch the stocks and on how to buy and sell for it. At first, i kind of doubt that we could get some money from it cause most of his stocks drops so bad and some were up for just a few cents. And every time he put some money for it, i felt bad cause i don't really believe that our money would go up. I always ask him about before i got here if he withdraw some money from it and he told me that he did cause his stocks were doing pretty good. He wanted for me to watch it cause he don't have always a time to watch it from his work but as time goes by he didn't rely it to me for some reason. It's because i always hopped out from the bed so late in the morning and he thought that i quiet didn't knew how to sell and buy for it but i do. He was hoping so bad that we could get some money from it to help us out from our bills, groceries and stuff like that cause for now we're so behind in everything specially our mortgage payment. We hired a lawyer to help us out refinancing our house so we hopefully wait that our payment would drop as what they told us.

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