Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We had just got home from the pool game and i had thought to write on my blog cause what had happen tonight is one of my unforgettable moment. The new season was started last week, i thought this Monday will start and I'm gonna have to play for this season. I really like shooting balls but i still need to learn. I never thought they will let me play for tonight, I'm not comfortable playing still but i would. Oh boy this is it as easy as i thought it would be but i still have a good time playing though. I can't really explain of what i had felt, i feel nervous and my body was shaking but i didn't feel bad cause i still got shoot some balls. Being a first time playing in this game, i thought it went good i mean i won't felt nervous cause it's just a game and fun but it's different. I told them about what i felt and they said that it is normal cause it's my first time and sooner or later i will be fine then. The girl from the other team that I've been playing with wasn't good also but she's been playing three months ago. She told me just come down and have fun cause this is just a game. O h yeah but it won't help my feeling, I'm totally shaking. My team told me that i did good and for me i sucks and i lose the game. Well i just hope for the next time that i would be better but i had some fun though.

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