Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday, we had plan to practise a pool game cause i and my hubby needs to.We get up early cause we still need to go some grocery shopping and the SAM'S CLUB store will be close early at 5 o'clock during Sunday. The day was so quiet it seems like people didn't like to go out and it was cloudy and nice not cold nor warm. After we been grocery shopping at Sam's we head back home to place some stuff in the refrigerator and then after that we went to walmart cause we didn't find the stuff i need. When we went back outside, the rain started to pour just a little bit and on our way it stop.

We stop over to DQ and buy some snacks before we head to a bar to practise playing pool. When we were still inside having our snack, it suddenly rain hard and for me i was happy to see it cause i love rain. And then the rain turns to a small pieces of ice and drop all over my husband call it a hail. When i was still in the Philippines, i told him that i saw it on the news that happens in Baguio city but bigger than that. He said that it wouldn't be safe if it gets bigger cause it could damage or could kill lives. I would say yes it could cause it's heavy. I ask him why the rain becomes ice and he said it's because the water vapor in the air was so heavy and then it will go up and freezes that makes so much heavier and then falls as an ice. It lasted for about 5 minutes until it stops and it became to raindrops again.

After then we head to a bar that were not so far from our house and practise playing pool. We played three times and decided to play on the hunting PlayStation cause he likes to shoot some animals. It last for more than 4 minutes and then we left going back home. It was still early to eat for dinner so we decided to marinate some pork ribs and then we watch some movie. We got three movies to watch so we started earlier cause we need to watch the 2 of them. We eat our dinner for around 7 o'clock and then after that we watch another movie the second one. It took and hour and a half and then after that i went upstairs and have my shower done while my hubby still likes to play on his game station. For me, our day was fun and great and i love spending our time together that's why i love weekends cause we both can do things together.

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