Saturday, May 2, 2009


It's been a nice day yesterday, it's not cold and not so warm. I've been at Joyce place and we've been swimming for an hour so i guess that's enough for us. I just took a few pictures of us cause we don't have photographer and Joyce also was busy with hunter. It's not that much to do cause the pool isn't that big so all we did was we just stayed only on the shallow end of the pool. We didn't try to go on the deeper side cause we both scared drowning and besides we weren't that good in swimming. The water was a li'l cold that i almost wouldn't like to stay in there but the longer i was in it i feel comfortable. While Joyce was busy with hunter, i kept myself busy too by swimming back and forth cause it was said that it's an exercise. And then we both decided to try in the hot tub cause she likes to get warm. And then back to the pool where hunter likes to dive and he really enjoy it cause Joyce will catch and then hold him on the water and teach him how to swim. After that, we head back again at the hot tub cause we feel like it's getting a li'l chilly. We stayed there for a while and decided to head back at their apartment. Hunter still wanted to stay in the water but his mom told him to go swimming again tomorrow to make him feel better and would leave.

When we're inside, Hunter told me "you did a good job swimming ate Mae" and i told him you too. He said the same thing to his mom, he's kinda funny. I don't know why he just told us that, even though we didn't do much there swimming i think it's because he really enjoy it. Then i decided to leave cause i just wanted to have a shower here in the house. But i was thinking about walking back home that it would be cold so i just called my husband to come and pick me up when he's on his way home. It would still be an hour so I'd had just waited for him cause the wind is blowing and i thought it was raining but it's not. We had just watch some Filipino shows the "wish ko lang" and the "saksi' cause it's been a while since I've watch news from the Philippines. After a while, my husband arrive and then we head back home. Oh it's really been a nice day for me having fun swimming.

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