Friday, May 8, 2009


I hopped out from the bed like 11 o'clock in the morning today cause we went to bed last night so late i think it's around three in the morning. We again hang around with john and Mechelle yesterday cause my hubby likes john to hang with. They like playing a war craft in their computer and i would say they're kind of addicted to it. We look around some stuff in the store and my hubby plans to buy me a Que stick for my pool game but we didn't find one.

Today i and my hubby will play pool with his friends for me to practise more cause probably tomorrow they're gonna let me play for their game. His friends wanted me to put in their game since i got here, they always told me to play in their team. I always told them that i don't really knew how to play it cause i haven't try it before and i even didn't knew how to handle the Que stick. But as time goes by, my husband let me practise to play with it cause sometime soon they're gonna put me in their team and now is the time. The pool season is almost over so the next season I'm going to play cause that's what they always wanted. Anyway, i kinda like to play with it cause for me it's fun but the only problem for me is that my hands use to sweat and i still don't knew how to hit the ball. I still get trouble aiming the ball specially when it's a little far and also when I'm the breaker. Oh boy, i really need to practise more and if they wanted me to play for tomorrow i don't think if i will cause I'm not comfortable still. I know they're going to help me but still I'm the one to play. We'll just see then what happens.

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