Friday, May 1, 2009


I've been awake since my husband left to work. He always wake me up before he leave to let me know that he's leaving for work and could get his goodbye kiss (char... ana jud na bsta bag o pa kunohay mayta mglungtad). Actually, i had set my alarm to 7:28am for me to get up early everyday so that i could start my day early but for some reason i can't go back to sleep. I kept thinking of today's nice weather cause we're gonna go swimming today with Joyce. She called me yesterday to come over to their house and go swimming today in their apartment's swimming pool cause she told me the last time i was there that we're gonna go swimming sometime soon so i guess today would be a perfect time. I get excited getting ready for today's nice weather because i love swimming. It's been a year already since i had my last swimming so i really miss it much. When i was still in Philippines, i ain't go much swimming even though we're not that far in the ocean cause I'm always busy on my work. And when i got here i really miss so much swimming in the ocean and it's sad cause there is none here but anyhow swimming pool is nice too so I'm sure we're gonna enjoy it today. Oh i can't wait to get there and go swim I'm excited already (funny hahaha).

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