Monday, May 25, 2009


Yesterday I'd stay in front of the computer for about an hour and a half . I supposed to go upstairs and had my shower done but i felt like i wanted to stay longer than that so i decided to open my account on friendster.I had just open again an account there a week ago hoping to have my friends back from Philippines cause some of them can only contact me through it. They never knew that i had cancelled my old account so i try to find them again. As i was on my profile, i was totally shocked that a virus was suddenly appear. I was really nervous reading the words that my computer was being attack by a virus, where the hell is this come from? In fact i even didn't open some advertisement, an email or stuff like that from anyone that i didn't knew of cause I'm aware of getting some virus from it and now it did. I was totally confused of what to do i try everything i could to get rid of it but it didn't work. So i called my husband and told him what had happen to our computer and ask him on how to get rid of it but he too had no idea how. He just then told me that he will look at it and try to get rid of it when he gets home but it would take four hours before it happen so I'm too worry.

When he came home, he look at what virus was it and then he try to remove them but it didn't work still. I told him "why not we buy a Norton Internet security just to be protected and see what it could do?". So he did buy it and it took half an hour to complete it and then he try to used Norton to scan the virus and it was identified as a cookie. He told me that he heard this before and then he try to remove it. Finally, it work and we both we're so glad that it did and i just hope it was totally removed cause i was so worried thinking about it. My whole day yesterday was totally terrible and worried thinking of what would happen to our one and only computer cause we don't have money yet to buy another one. I'm so glad that my hubby did buy this Norton Internet security just to be safe for any viruses from the Internet.

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