Friday, May 15, 2009


Since last night it's raining hard and 'til i wake up this morning, it is still raining and i think tomorrow will still be. I had check the weather for this week so it's kinda cooler for today and tomorrow will be a little chilly and on Thursday will be warm again. I really like rain cause it's kinda dry here in Colorado so if it's a warm day, the leaves of the trees and plants looks like they're dying. I love looking outside cause it's wet and people can no longer sprinkle their water for this day. They can help to save the water as what the government wants us to do and also preserved them for the coming summer.

I wake up feeling cold and i don't like getting up so i stayed in bed for almost 30 minutes and then decided to hopped out from the bed to start my day. I supposed to clean the house today but i don't think i could cause i felt lazy again. I don't like cleaning when it's cold cause i don't like wearing those warm clothes i have. I just like to get relax for this rainfall day do my cross stitch, watch some TV shows, play some online games in the computer, cook some dinner and wait for my husband to come home and lastly wait for the day to end. And tomorrow hopefully i could do some cleaning but i don't know yet cause it will be still raining tomorrow but it's not cold just a little chilly though.

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