Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I wake up this morning for almost nine o'clock. I set my alarm as usual but i think i missed it cause i didn't heard it ring i don't know why but i turn it on last night before i go to sleep. I was just surprise when i saw the time that it's almost nine cause i wanted to wake up earlier that's why i turn my alarm on but for some reason i missed it. I kinda wondering why i didn't hear it cause i checked the alarm settings and it's on. Oh boy somethings wrong with this alarm i guess or maybe i turn it off when it rings i don't know cause i really didn't remember if i did.

I then hopped out from the bed at around nine and then went down stairs to prepare my breakfast. I am planning to clean the house today cause it's been a week since i had clean it but i felt lazy for some reason. Maybe tomorrow i will and i really need to. Tonight we're gonna go to my husband's pool game and i think i will practise more. I don't know if they will let me play for tonight but i think it's not time yet cause this season is not over yet. Probably next season i will but i didn't know for sure if I'm comfortable cause I'm worried playing with other team I'm not that good yet.

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