Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Every time i get up and went down stairs to prepare my breakfast, i first turn on the music and listen some new songs. It makes me feel not lonely specially when i heard the songs i love, it really makes me inspired for the day. Since i was a kid i used to listen songs and then i memorize the lyrics and sing it. Until now i still remember those songs i used to sing when i was a kid like eternal flame, from a distance, if we hold on and some other old songs that i could no longer remember the tittle. The first time i heard those songs back on my kid days was i really felt inspired and then i imagine things like someday my life would be better. It's kinda odd but that's what i had felt every time i heard the songs i love. A lot of songs that i had memorize since then and i just only sing when i had to let the baby sleep like when my neighborhood ask me to babysit to her daughter for a day. I will sing a lot of songs and it makes the baby sleep , that's my secret hahaha so funny but it's true.

Aside from singing, i love also to dance i have a full energy when it comes to dancing (kusog ko mosayaw katong lig on pa ang tuhod dli dali maluya bah funny hahaha..) When i reached to high school, we had a presentation every friday afternoon that would be presented by the students in each section one in every Friday. The goal was to improve or to let the students show their talents that would help us improved and not to be shy in front of the crowd. I would always find a group in our class that would dance cause i love to dance too. They wanted me to sing but i always refused cause i don't want to get embarrass in front of the crowd and i always told them my voice isn't that good like Regine V. (nga pinabawg ang tingog) and besides i have no stuff to use. But when I'm on my third year high school, my teacher was looking for someone that could sing in a contest that would represent on our section. The class were very noisy and most of them shouted our teacher and pointed me and tell her that i had a good voice. I kept myself not to be seen by her and hide at the back of my classmate cause i don't want to participate or sing in a contest. But she called me and ask me to do it and i told her i can't cause I'm not good at it and I'm ashamed in front of the judges and the crowd. But my classmates were very noisy telling her the same thing i mention above and i kept her telling the same thing too. So my teacher didn't want to leave until i said yes cause nobody else she could ask to in the class. I didn't say yes nor no cause i myself was confused but for my teacher what she saw to my face was yes. Oh boy, this is it i will try to do it who cares anyway?(bahala na).

I don't have a tape to used so my teacher provide it for me. I was surprised when she give me the tape it was bisaya folk song, i thought it was English folk song cause she told me that the songs that the contestants has to sing was a folk song. And the worse was i didn't knew the song, i didn't even hear it ever since so i still need to learn it. I don't have a cassette to play it in the house so i just practise at school and i just listen it. My teacher told me to sing too cause how come i would know if i didn't accompany the tune but i did not. She didn't knew that when i reach home, i used to sing it to practise and i just imagine where i have to begin and to end. I memorize the tune so all i need to practise was the lyrics.

The day was come for the singing contest and i was really nervous to stand in front of the judges and in the crowd. When my number was called my body was shaken and i couldn't even stand straight on the stage but when i start singing it was all gone and i would say i felt comfortable then. My classmates clap their hands so loud and shouted "keep it up Mae" but i know I'm not good. My one classmate who was with me and seats on the other edge of the stage shouted me and said "louder your voice Mae"(ky nalubong daw ako tingog sa music). So i did and concentrate my singing cause i didn't want to miss a lyrics. The judges were our principal, our principal 2 and our headmaster English teacher. After that they announced the winner and me i just went to the canteen and don't want to hear it cause i know i didn't won. I would say of all the contestants, I'm just the one who only sang a bisaya song and i should say that I'm the worst of them all. But my teacher congratulate me cause i did it and she told me that she don't care if i didn't won at least she had me to represent our class. And then she said, you're on the second to the last winner which was surprising for me cause i thought I'm the worst of them all. Oh yeah who cares as long as i did try it just to help my teacher that's all I'm after for.

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