Saturday, July 31, 2010

Purchasing Tickets Just Got Easier No Matter Where You Are

When I got here, hubby was planning on bringing me to watch a hockey game, which is really new to me ‘cause back in my country we don’t have that kind of game. But because of our both hectic schedule, we didn’t get a chance to do it and postponed until the hockey game is finally over for the season. It wasn’t a big deal for me ‘cause I know there are more games to wait until the start of fall. Actually, I’m looking forward to it but I can wait till the next season to start. Gladly, I found this website where I can buy our Pepsi Center ticket online so I won’t bother my hubby asking the same question over and over and gets irritated. And now, I ‘m excited for this hockey game season to start for I found a website where I can easily purchase our ticket.

I also refer this website to my neighbor back in my country who’s now presently resides up in Chicago, IL. She’s a big fan of baseball since she was in her high school days. In fact, she played baseball during her high school days and their team won. Since then she loves baseball and when she got here, she and her hubby watch baseball on their TV pretty much all of their vacant times. And lately, she was talking about going into a live baseball game where she could experience watching it in reality. I suggested her to go to the website of where she can find and compare the best prices of seats in Wrigley Field Stadium. And to some people out there who are also a big fan of baseball, you guys better check this If you’re residing at Minneapolis, MN checks out Target field tickets for the upcoming baseball game for the Minnesota Twins. For people residing from Corona, NY and are ecstatic to watch your very own baseball team New York Mets, you should check Citi Field tickets to get yours before it runs out.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Safety Advice for Leaving Kids Home Alone

Authored by Elbert Gutierrez

One big summer safety tip in regards to kids is to know your kid, know their responsibility level and don't leave a child whose not ready for it home alone. Some states have laws dictating how old a minor has to be to be left home alone, but even if your state doesn't most kids under 12 should have supervision in case something happens while you're out. It can be scary leaving your children home alone, especially since not so long ago they were babies, but remember that while an all home security system can be a great safety tool if your child isn't old enough to understand how to use it it does no good to anyone.

Children who are old enough to be home by themselves should have emergency numbers in an easy to find location, such as on the fridge. They should have clear rules such as when to check in with parents and whether or not they can have friends over. The first few times a parent trusts their child with this responsibility the time spent alone should be brief and parents should be within a few minutes drive back to the house. Only you know what your kid can handle but taking clear precautions will make everyone feel safer.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting Paid to be Online

Since Internet began to introduce to most people, there’s more and more people started to make a business online. From a smaller to a bigger business and most of them were successful. In fact, there’s a lot of stuff that you can do to earn extra money from online. Taking surveys online is one of those stuff and even more like reading emails, trying the name brand products, shopping online and even playing games online could get you paid. I remember one of my friends telling me that she’s doing one of this stuff like the taking surveys online. She told me that it was fun doing it plus she got paid for it. And then another friend do the same and was grateful that she did try because she got paid for doing the stuff she likes doing.

Inbox dollars is a name that has all of this earning money online stuff. Joining them is absolutely free as seen on good morning America TV show. If you’re fan of doing those kinds of stuff, why not try joining the inbox dollars? There’s no harm in trying so why don’t you give it a try? I’m sure you’ll be surprise if you’re getting paid for the stuff you normally do anyways. So if you’re one of those people out there who is a fan doing those stuff that I’ve had mention above, just sign up here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Online Travel Bookings Save Big Bucks

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

Trial and error are sometimes the best learning tools, but my friend told me about the online travel booking companies and how easy they are to use. The big issue for me was ensuring that the connection flights are in order and that the time zone differences have been accounted for when booking the connection flight and hotels. I never looked into this before because my computer choked up from opening so many travel pages. Now that I have a super fast WiMAX TV Bundleto get online, I researched and booked my trip to Munich by myself.

The online way of doing things lets you check out as many hotels as you want and still get a good package price with the airfare. My favorite way to travel overseas is to go through JFK airport in New York. Sure, it's faster going direct to Europe from L.A., but as a smoker, I have to get out of the plane and light up. JFK is the perfect rest stop, as most flights into the UK or continental Europe will take 6 to 7 hours. I can deal with that. The total package cost for the do-it-yourself online booking approach was monumental and I have kissed my travel agent goodbye.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Helping Them Finding Our House a Little Easier

Who amongst you doesn’t like to personalize or improves your little home? Well I guess nobody is but with our hectic schedule could sometimes lead us to stop from doing what we would like to have done at home. Now getting some of these little things out of the way just got a little easier. Hubby and I was planning to buy a house sometime hopefully next year and we both agreed that we will have to put an address plaque for our house to help out our friends, family and to all those people who would like to come by especially the mailman, finding us a little easier. Gladly I found this website and saw a variety of stuff on improving the beauty of our home, address plaques, etc. Actually I love to beautify our house putting some d├ęcor stuff for the inside as well as the outside. Well anyway, they have this different style of address plaques that I can choose from which to me is a good thing because I’m kind of a picky person. I would always look for a best stuff that fits the house especially the color.

On the other hand, having an address signs are very much helpful especially if you’re living in an urban areas. With this, getting lost or having a hard time finding your house could be avoided to some people who are new to your place. Each home should have a stuff so called house address plaque because it is our census law to have it. It’s a way to monitor the number of houses in a certain area. Well if we’re on the same page looking forward on beautifying our home and putting some address plaques and signs to our house, you better check this website and see if they got what you looking for.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Sports

Guest posting written by Alec Evans

While Winter Sports bring us the joys of football and hockey, summer is the time of year that you don’t require a full on body suit to participate in. Whether it is swimming, soccer, or basketball, summer is the season of doing and winter is the season of watching.

One of my favorite summer sports to watch is tennis. While you can pretty much catch tennis matches all year long, the bonus of watching it in the summer is watching it on satellite television. With satellite you get more channels, which mean more options. With certain satellite providers you can even watch up to six matches at one time. Just think six different channels to cheer on Roger Federer on.

Another one of my favorite summer sports to watch is basketball. One of my favorite summer pastimes is watch basketball with my sister, who plays basketball on her high school junior varsity team. It’s always fun to go against whichever team she going against, which leads to trash talk and agreements, which we like to call quality time at my house. I just received my new cable packages and I am able to catch all the summer sports I could ever dream of.

Safety First

Being secured in our home is vital to each family to avoid from any intruder who wants to break in. It’s better to be safe nowadays because I’ve heard in the news that there are more and more intruders. Hubby and I installed a home security system less than two years ago and like it. ADT homesecurityteam are awesome and very reliable in monitoring our homes. One time when we were out, we got a phone call from ADT that one of our alarms was triggered. We were so amazed how fast this security team was and heard that the police were already on their way to the house. The police officer thought that there was someone uninvited who broke into our house. When we got back to the house, we talked to the officer. He just laughed knowing that this house didn’t fall victim to another intruder. It was just amazing how the ADT team acts super fast especially for the safety of our home.

A friend of mine who live down in Texas also installed a home security system to protect their home from any harm. Their neighboring city police department, which is the Fort Worth, provides some security tips on how to be safe in your own home. The Fort Worth, PD had launched this safety checklist to assist people to examine the security of their own home from the curb and end with the interior of the home. To ensure that her home is in completely secure, she read the entire security checklist and helps her locate the missing stuff she needed to check. The police security tips are very helpful to some homeowners especially in places where there are high records of burglaries. You too should read these helpful security tips to be safe in your own home and how to be aware of those burglars or intruders around your neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Grandpa Surfs the Net

Guest post by Ella Perry

I have finally got my grandpa started using the internet. He is so funny with it too. He used to be good at technology, but this one throws him for a loop all the time. The other day he was searching for invisible hearing aids. It took him forever to find what the miracle ear reviews he wanted, but he was finally able to do it.

The best part is that we got him set up on facebook. Now I can post pictures of the kids for him to see. The first time he logged in it he was very confused. It took a lot of explaining to get him to figure out how it all works. He is really happy now though knowing that he can see pictures and videos every time that I upload them. I am constantly taking pictures. He only gets to see my daughters once a month normally. This makes my grandpa feel like he is in their life more. It is great!

He called me yesterday wanting help on a dating site. I was shocked that my grandpa was ready to date again, but I say go for it! I hope that he finds his special someone to spend the rest of his life with on there. It will be fun listening to what happens on this one. I can't wait!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Adventure

I was so excited for the last weekend to come knowing that we’re going up to the mountain to do some stuff. I must admit I love adventure and would love doing it over and over. Well anyhow, it was so nice last Saturday and so perfect for doing the stuff that I would like to experience. Doing it was kind of boring but the beauty of nature cheer me up and indeed an awesome adventure. We took some picture of course; adventure isn’t complete without taking some pictures to this awesome scenery right? My friend and I took a lot of picture of everything. Since she has a great camera our pictures came out good. Thanks to her for taking some shots for me.