Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Sports

Guest posting written by Alec Evans

While Winter Sports bring us the joys of football and hockey, summer is the time of year that you don’t require a full on body suit to participate in. Whether it is swimming, soccer, or basketball, summer is the season of doing and winter is the season of watching.

One of my favorite summer sports to watch is tennis. While you can pretty much catch tennis matches all year long, the bonus of watching it in the summer is watching it on satellite television. With satellite you get more channels, which mean more options. With certain satellite providers you can even watch up to six matches at one time. Just think six different channels to cheer on Roger Federer on.

Another one of my favorite summer sports to watch is basketball. One of my favorite summer pastimes is watch basketball with my sister, who plays basketball on her high school junior varsity team. It’s always fun to go against whichever team she going against, which leads to trash talk and agreements, which we like to call quality time at my house. I just received my new cable packages and I am able to catch all the summer sports I could ever dream of.

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