Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Safety Advice for Leaving Kids Home Alone

Authored by Elbert Gutierrez

One big summer safety tip in regards to kids is to know your kid, know their responsibility level and don't leave a child whose not ready for it home alone. Some states have laws dictating how old a minor has to be to be left home alone, but even if your state doesn't most kids under 12 should have supervision in case something happens while you're out. It can be scary leaving your children home alone, especially since not so long ago they were babies, but remember that while an all home security system can be a great safety tool if your child isn't old enough to understand how to use it it does no good to anyone.

Children who are old enough to be home by themselves should have emergency numbers in an easy to find location, such as on the fridge. They should have clear rules such as when to check in with parents and whether or not they can have friends over. The first few times a parent trusts their child with this responsibility the time spent alone should be brief and parents should be within a few minutes drive back to the house. Only you know what your kid can handle but taking clear precautions will make everyone feel safer.

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