Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Safety First

Being secured in our home is vital to each family to avoid from any intruder who wants to break in. It’s better to be safe nowadays because I’ve heard in the news that there are more and more intruders. Hubby and I installed a home security system less than two years ago and like it. ADT homesecurityteam are awesome and very reliable in monitoring our homes. One time when we were out, we got a phone call from ADT that one of our alarms was triggered. We were so amazed how fast this security team was and heard that the police were already on their way to the house. The police officer thought that there was someone uninvited who broke into our house. When we got back to the house, we talked to the officer. He just laughed knowing that this house didn’t fall victim to another intruder. It was just amazing how the ADT team acts super fast especially for the safety of our home.

A friend of mine who live down in Texas also installed a home security system to protect their home from any harm. Their neighboring city police department, which is the Fort Worth, provides some security tips on how to be safe in your own home. The Fort Worth, PD had launched this safety checklist to assist people to examine the security of their own home from the curb and end with the interior of the home. To ensure that her home is in completely secure, she read the entire security checklist and helps her locate the missing stuff she needed to check. The police security tips are very helpful to some homeowners especially in places where there are high records of burglaries. You too should read these helpful security tips to be safe in your own home and how to be aware of those burglars or intruders around your neighborhood.


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