Sunday, August 30, 2009


I love the way you hold me

I felt so protected in any danger

Your touch turns me on

And melts my heart so deeply

Your love and care for me

really inspires me

Sometimes I ask myself

am I just dreaming?

But when I woke up

You are there hugging me

Like no one could steal me away

Everyday you remind me

of how precious your love for me

Dear you are such a man to me

Like I couldn't ask for more cause

I love the way you love me

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We had no plans for our Sunday weekend until we received a call from Uncle Steve. They were heading to the amusement park called Heritage Square. They ask us if we'd like to come with them to the amusement park and have some fun there. I've never been there yet so we decided to come with them. They come by and pick us on their way to save us some gas on our car. They have this pretty good size car so everybody could fit in. We reach there at exactly 12 0'clock in the afternoon and Meagan was hungry so everybody decided to eat the lunch except me. I had just taken my breakfast-lunch when they called us and I don't feel hungry yet so I just eat an ice cream.

After then we went to this long slide from the side of the mountains. I feel like a kind of scared cause it's a long slide and I've never done it since but my husband told me that I would be alright. Oh boy, there comes another challenge for me. So what a heck, I'll do it and enjoy. Besides, it doesn't look so scary unlike the roller coaster but I like it though. I just took on the slow slide for the first timer cause on the other side is so fast. Oh it was really fun and cool; I like to ride it again. But I choose not to cause if I'll do it again, I'm gonna pay for the second time. Shannon and her daughter Meagan ride for another one and we just wait for them. My husband took some pictures for them.

After that we went down to try some other stuff before we leave. My husband seen this portrait studio and thought of trying doing our wedding picture in an old western wedding culture. And I thought it's kinda cool so I'd like to do it also. Besides we don't have any wedding pictures yet cause we just took our wedding in the court. Our plan is to have a second wedding in my homeland with some of his family and my family too. Anyway, it was my husband's fantasy to have our wedding pictures look so old western culture wedding, black and white and most of all our suit is in the early 19th hundred. In fact, it was my first time wearing a wedding dress and i felt happy doing it cause for me, it's one of our memorable days in our life. Even if it was not a real one but still it's worth of a try. We both really like it cause it's cool and gorgeous.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


We've been pretty much busy today looking for an apartment that best suit to our needs. My mother in-law will be staying with us but I don't know for sure if it's forever or just for a while, so we need 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. As we're trying to look for some apartments that were less expensive, I feel kind of frustrated cause we didn't find one. Most of them were only have 1 bathroom and were located on the 2nd-3rd floor and don't have a washer/dryer inside. For me having a washer/dryer inside is the important one cause I don't like to go in the laundry area bringing all of our dirty clothes. It's a lot of work for me and I don't like to do it either. My mother in-law isn't good to take a lot of stairs so ground floor is the best for us. We try to look for like four apartments but unfortunately it's not what we're looking for cause it doesn't fit to what we need.

Luckily, a leasing officer in that last apartment that we went told us that they have a sister apartment that was just nearby. She said that their sister apartment is more spacious and has some available room that fits to what were looking for. She gave us their brochure and we headed there immediately to see if we can get one as soon as possible. We look at their apartment and it's really cool so we decided right away that were gonna apply for a residency there. The price is awesome and we got a discount for look and see; it means that you look and decided that day to apply for a residency in their apartment. I really like their apartment cause they have this awesome views from the mountains. It's on the ground floor so we don't need to worry mom, they have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, they have washer/dryer inside, the kitchen is nice, and it's not that far from the shopping center. Oh I'm so glad we found what we're looking for and hope that they're gonna approve our application for residency soon.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


After we received a phone call from my husband's uncle in Ohio last Sunday afternoon (Aug. 9), we packed some of our clothes and then decided to leave in the morning. The call was about my mother in-law who was admitted in the hospital that same day and was still unconscious. She was found lying on the floor unconscious by her neighbor who is a pastor also in their church. Her pastor wondered if why she didn't show up in the church that morning so he decided to visit her. He just broke the door to get inside cause she didn't answer it and there he found her on the floor unconscious so he immediately brought her to the nearest hospital. It was really a terrible news for us specially to my husband cause he taught that she will pass away that time. And we really couldn't believe it cause when she was staying here with us for a month she was in a good shape.

We just drove there cause my hubby wants me to see some other states that we're gonna have to pass before Ohio. He told me that it's gonna be a long and boring trip but for me it doesn't matter at all cause I love looking into new places. There were four states to pass and 20 hours to drive to reach there. On our way we received a call from my brother in-law saying that mom was finally awake but she got trouble remembering things. We're so glad to hear it and hope that she would have her memory back. However, I was so excited to meet some of his family specially his one and only younger brother cause I haven't meet him yet and excited to see my mom in-law again.

We arrived there the next day in the evening and stayed at his uncle. We visit mom in the hospital before we decided to get some rest cause we're so tired from our trip. The hospital is a 5 0r 6 minutes away to drive from his uncle. When she saw us she has a big smile on her face and then I hug her first before my husband. She said "I knew you would come" and she was so happy to see us and keep telling those words "oh i miss you so much guys". I thought she couldn't remember me cause the last thing i know she got trouble remembering things specially the people around her but I was so glad that she did.

My hubby told me that mom was so happy to see me again and she even didn't let go off my hands from holding it. What a wonderful feeling that she likes me a whole lot and misses me. She really wanted to see my whole family specially my parents so bad. I told her to take a good care of herself and do whatever the doctor says so that she could come with us in going to the Philippines hopefully end of this year. We're so glad that she's getting better now and hope she'll continue doing well in herself. Before we left we visit her in the hospital and she was kinda sad to see us leave. We just spend 2 days and three nights there cause we still need 2 days to drive on going back here. Yesterday we had just got home from our very long and boring trip.

Friday, August 7, 2009


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Sometimes I could feel that life isn't fair, why? Because of the hardship that comes every now and then even if we sacrifice but still it's not enough. We've been struggling since our marriage started and still not over yet and there's another one came. If only I could have a power to make it go away, I did it already but it's just a fantasy. The truth is we have to face it cause no matter what we do and wherever we go, it stays with you and we can't escape it unless you will try to solve it. I admire my hubby I really do, cause he remains calm while facing these things going on in our life. He keep telling me that we would be alright and we'll get through this but in my heart I know how he hurt and suffer inside. There are times that I couldn't help myself of not to cry thinking of it cause I felt like I have nothing to help but just to support dealing these things as much as I could.

I met a lot of sacrifices in life but I felt like I'm not strong yet enough in facing them. They said that be strong facing them but sometimes you feel like you wanna give up but in your mind it doesn't help at all so, still you want to stand up by yourself. And from time to time I learned that life is full of sacrifices and some happiness, which makes it more meaningful. But I just can't understand sometimes why we have more sacrifices than happiness? Life is really not fair sometimes. What makes me help believe to be strong is my faith. And I believe also that the true hero in our life is our self. In fact, I still keep thinking if how hero myself is in this problems we're facing everyday cause I felt that I'm weak still but trying to be strong. And all I could do is to leave my faith to HIM and ask for some strength.