Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We had no plans for our Sunday weekend until we received a call from Uncle Steve. They were heading to the amusement park called Heritage Square. They ask us if we'd like to come with them to the amusement park and have some fun there. I've never been there yet so we decided to come with them. They come by and pick us on their way to save us some gas on our car. They have this pretty good size car so everybody could fit in. We reach there at exactly 12 0'clock in the afternoon and Meagan was hungry so everybody decided to eat the lunch except me. I had just taken my breakfast-lunch when they called us and I don't feel hungry yet so I just eat an ice cream.

After then we went to this long slide from the side of the mountains. I feel like a kind of scared cause it's a long slide and I've never done it since but my husband told me that I would be alright. Oh boy, there comes another challenge for me. So what a heck, I'll do it and enjoy. Besides, it doesn't look so scary unlike the roller coaster but I like it though. I just took on the slow slide for the first timer cause on the other side is so fast. Oh it was really fun and cool; I like to ride it again. But I choose not to cause if I'll do it again, I'm gonna pay for the second time. Shannon and her daughter Meagan ride for another one and we just wait for them. My husband took some pictures for them.

After that we went down to try some other stuff before we leave. My husband seen this portrait studio and thought of trying doing our wedding picture in an old western wedding culture. And I thought it's kinda cool so I'd like to do it also. Besides we don't have any wedding pictures yet cause we just took our wedding in the court. Our plan is to have a second wedding in my homeland with some of his family and my family too. Anyway, it was my husband's fantasy to have our wedding pictures look so old western culture wedding, black and white and most of all our suit is in the early 19th hundred. In fact, it was my first time wearing a wedding dress and i felt happy doing it cause for me, it's one of our memorable days in our life. Even if it was not a real one but still it's worth of a try. We both really like it cause it's cool and gorgeous.

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