Friday, August 7, 2009


Sometimes I could feel that life isn't fair, why? Because of the hardship that comes every now and then even if we sacrifice but still it's not enough. We've been struggling since our marriage started and still not over yet and there's another one came. If only I could have a power to make it go away, I did it already but it's just a fantasy. The truth is we have to face it cause no matter what we do and wherever we go, it stays with you and we can't escape it unless you will try to solve it. I admire my hubby I really do, cause he remains calm while facing these things going on in our life. He keep telling me that we would be alright and we'll get through this but in my heart I know how he hurt and suffer inside. There are times that I couldn't help myself of not to cry thinking of it cause I felt like I have nothing to help but just to support dealing these things as much as I could.

I met a lot of sacrifices in life but I felt like I'm not strong yet enough in facing them. They said that be strong facing them but sometimes you feel like you wanna give up but in your mind it doesn't help at all so, still you want to stand up by yourself. And from time to time I learned that life is full of sacrifices and some happiness, which makes it more meaningful. But I just can't understand sometimes why we have more sacrifices than happiness? Life is really not fair sometimes. What makes me help believe to be strong is my faith. And I believe also that the true hero in our life is our self. In fact, I still keep thinking if how hero myself is in this problems we're facing everyday cause I felt that I'm weak still but trying to be strong. And all I could do is to leave my faith to HIM and ask for some strength.


  1. hi..mae;) yap perti jud ka 'oh life' but thats life..ahheeh.

    Godbless dear!

  2. I agree mae. life is really unfair. That's good that your hubby is always there to lift your spirit up. My hubby is the same way too. If it's not because of him and my big boy dog, Bones I will immediately fly back to the Philippines. I don't know but I think I don't belong here. I tried to be the nicest person at work but our customer makes me really mad but I always kept inside me. They are so rude...very, very, very rude...

  3. good for you that you kept yourself strong in dealing those kind of people. but you're lucky to have a loving and supportive husband and a nice dog and having a job is good too. i guess you work in a retail store and you can't escape to encounter those kind of people and it's part of your job already. it's one of your life's challenge..