Sunday, May 24, 2009


I am so glad that i had wake up early today cause i had just clean the house and i still have enough time to watch Tyra show. I like the topic that they talk on her show today, it's about how losing weight can change the dynamic of relationship. The fat woman who lose weight and everything had change since she had done a surgery. She had a best friend that is on her side since she was fat and 'til now after she loses her weight but for some reason she felt like her best friend got jealous and change the way she treat her because she is always got a center of attraction to everybody specially the guys. She said that her best friend is so drama every time they were go outing like in the club but her best friend replied that she's not a drama one. She just don't like her the way she acts (after she loses her weight) because she scream so that every body could hear her and would look at her. Before when she was still fat, they don't go out shopping or go to the club cause she don't like to be embarrass specially her best friend and now after she got her surgery to lose weight, they go out always cause she felt comfortable with herself exposing to everybody with her best friend. Before when she was still fat, she wasn't consider as beautiful but now when she loses her weight she consider herself as beautiful.

How losing weight can change the relationship and the downside feeling after? One woman loses her weight for about a 150 lbs. and she's really feel that everybody around her didn't like the change she got now. She felt sad because she felt like her family and friends thought that she is too skinny after she loses her weight. The guest adviser told her that she is so amazing that she loses her weight cause it's not easy losing a hundred pounds, it's not magic. She also told her that she don't need to feel sad and encourage her to stay thin and healthy. Well for me i agree cause it's not easy to lose weight specially when you're stay at home wife like me. I had time to exercise but i just felt lazy and i can't help myself to control eating those high calorie foods. I'm getting bigger now and i start to worry cause i don't want to be like those fat women that looks so big and horrible. However , i start controlling myself eating so much and stop snacking at night before going to bed cause i used to do that before.

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