Sunday, April 26, 2009


I've been waiting a mail from the homeland security with regards of the schedule of my interview since the first day of this month and finally yesterday we received it. My husband was the one who grab the mail cause the mailman showed up at around quarter to five in the afternoon. When he got inside i ask him, "anything good?"and then he replied "well you have a mail from uscis". I then said that it was the schedule of my interview to complete my application of my status. I really can't explain of what i had felt thinking of my coming interview, i kinda doubt it. I feel so nervous even though it would still be on July but i felt this weird feeling now. I kept thinking about our joint accounts, my health insurance, and our wedding pictures cause we don't have it all. We can't process a joint account cause i don't have an SSN and i have proof for that anyhow. We both have no idea before that i could get an SSN using my departure record cause i myself have no idea about this.

I told my husband before that we just try to come by at SSN office and I'll just bring all my documents like my passport but he refused me and told me that he called them asking if i could get one and they replied to him that i can't get one unless i have my green card. So i never beg him cause i know that all he believe was that i could process it when i received my green card. After two months that i arrive here, i met Joyce through friendster and i then ask her about getting an SSN. She told me that i could get an SSN using my marriage license and my departure record including my passport with visa in it. She ask me if when my departure record expire and then she let me read the information on how to get an SSN when your a k1 visa holder. When my husband got home that day, i told him about it and let him read the information that i had read and ask me if when my departure record expires. I told him that 15 days starts tomorrow before it expires cause it was said there that 14 days before expiration was the deadline and after that they can no longer give me an SSN card. So i still have a day left before it would happen and then he decided to visit the SSN office the following day and try to process. I kept praying that night that i could process my SSN card.

When we get there i felt nervous and my mind had a lot of questions like what if they don't let me process my SSN and what should we do then? Finally our number was called and the lady ask us and i told her that i want to get an SSN card. She ask about my passport and my marriage license cause we told her that we're married and i am a k1 visa holder. But when she saw the date of my departure record, she said that it was about to expire and they can't give me one. She told us that by the time my card will be made, my departure record date will expires. She then give us a statement that said about the reasons why they can't give an SSN card for me. I felt really disappointed and wanted to cry cause i don't know what would happen then during my interview. Joyce called me that afternoon and ask about what happen cause i told her that we'll try visit the SSN office. I told her that i was really disappointed cause i can't process an SSN card and she told me that we'll just explain it during interview. Some of my friends also told me that it would be alright, we'll just show them and tell them what we've got but still it didn't help to make me feel better. I still felt this weird feeling even though the interview is still far. I will just pray then and see what happens.

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