Thursday, April 2, 2009


Days were over yet i still felt like i wanted to do something i could really enjoy. Anyhow, I'm new in this blog network so i still feel hard to think some English words to use so i didn't update my blog everyday and besides i felt bored with this. I didn't knew why i felt bored maybe it's because i don't have friends yet and i have no account on other networking site except in but still i only have two friends there so i didn't open it much. I have a friendster account before and i got a lot of friends there but one time I've heard from someone talking about someone else's life so i leave without telling my friends. So now, i only got this and i have no plans yet if i would go back on friendster where bunch of my friends were there.

We've had just finish watching a movie with my husband and it's not late yet so i decided to open this blog and update this because it's been a couple of weeks since i last update. I really felt frustrated with myself of what i had act on this day and last night. My partner felt upset with me and i didn't like watching him like that because it makes me feel hurt and sad. Every time we got on this situation, we were so silent and it seems like there is nobody around because we both didn't like chatting each other. I would say we both have the same way if we got upset or mad, we didn't argue nor talk. I hate argument and he does too so that's it and i know that it will just be gone on the next day. But now, we're both in good mood and he doesn't mad at me anymore and I'm glad. He is watching his favorite show while I'm here in front of the computer thinking of what i had to write. Well i guess i have to go now and take a shower really quick and then go to bed and watch some shows before i felt so sleepy, that's my every night routine lol..

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