Sunday, April 5, 2009


Because I'm all alone in the house during weekdays, i always get up late it's because i can't sleep early at night. Today, i got up a little early nine in the morning and prepare my breakfast. For me, it's a little early because i usually get up like ten and sometimes 12 in the afternoon. My husband call me sleepy head and it's sounds funny so i told him to not call me that, he just like to make fun on me. But i practise myself to get up early by making my alarm on because i wanted to do something early so that i could do a lot of things during daytime. At first, it works but later on it didn't work for me because when my alarm ring i turn it off and then back to sleep again. He told me that his mother and i have a lot in common like staying late at night watching some shows and get up so late in the morning. Yeah he's right i and my mother in law were not a big morning person.

When she was here having a vacation for over a month , she really stays late at night than me and watch those shows that she always like to watch. But what i wonder for her was that she always get up earlier than me and i kinda embarrass for that because when i went downstairs she's already seating on the couch watching TV. I supposed to get up early and prepare something for her breakfast but it doesn't really happen until she left for going back home. Oh boy this is always what i wanted to change, getting up early for me to do something more on daytime.

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