Thursday, April 9, 2009


When my mother in law was still here with us, she likes to play in the computer. Before, i don't have any idea about those online games until she was here with us and watch her playing. She got registered in this pogo games which mostly the games were free and a lots of fun. She usually likes to play those word games like scrabble, word whomp,etc. and i would say she was good in those games. My husband told me before that she usually in her computer playing those online games and stayed late at night. I was kinda wondering how come it would happen cause the screen of the computer isn't good for the eyes especially when you stayed long in front of it? Well i guess i understand now because I'm so addicted with this online games that pogo have. It has a lot of fun and in fact i can't even notice the time i consumed playing those games they have.

Oh my goodness, my days were always busy because i still have this cross stitch that my mother in law left for me and needed so much time to made it done. But i like to play this pogo games so here i am now, can't take off my hands playing. I think my husband felt bored waiting for me to watch a movie, so what he did was he decided to come over John's house to play war craft in their computer. GOSH... He just left me here alone again but it's OK anyway i don't feel good going outside cause i have my period and my stomach is upset. He told me that he needs to enjoy too so he likes playing with John in the computer. He ask me to come with him but i choose to not go cause as what i had said above i don't feel good. I told him not to stay late there cause I'm not going upstairs alone, I'm scared alone here specially at night ( kay talawan lage..) it's better if it's daytime i can handle being alone.Oh well i guess i may have to go now and watch some TV shows and wait for my husband to come home.

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