Monday, April 13, 2009


It's been already twelve in the afternoon that i get up and i still need to prepare myself for the party. My friend will come and pick me up so soon cause the party will start at two o'clock so we need to be there before two. My head is aching when i woke up i think it's because we go to bed so late last night. We've been at Estes park yesterday with john and Mechelle and just hang around there looking some stuff but not that much to do so we decided to head back home but first we stop over in a bar and play a pool. We had fun there cause other than pool we play also a shuffle board and it's kinda fun and then after that Mechelle likes to play the big game hunter so we did but i don't feel like playing it so i let my husband play mine. They're both good they hunt a bunch of animals so they a got a big score.

After that, we headed to our house but my husband still wants to play a war craft with john in their computer so they just drop us off and then they left. I change my blouse really quick cause i smell bad and then after, we headed to john's house. While our husband's were playing war craft, i and Mechelle had no other idea but to sing in their karaoke just for fun. They order some pizza and hot wings so after a while it arrived and then we eat. When we're done eating, the guys back to their game. I and Mechelle had decided to watch a movie. After we watch a movie, i felt really tired an wanted to go home so i went upstairs where the guys play and tell my partner that we need to get going cause it's getting late. We arrived home for almost three in the morning but we still need to get shower done. I think i fall asleep at around three so when i wake up this morning my head was aching so i told my hubby to stay with me in bed and i still have to go back to sleep hoping that my headaches will gone. So when i woke up again, it's almost twelve in the afternoon but my headache were still there. I couldn't even get up but i have to cause I'm running out time to prepare myself. So i rush getting up and then took a shower cause pretty soon my friend will come and pick me up and head to the party.

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