Thursday, April 16, 2009


Since yesterday afternoon it was raining till night and i was glad that it did cause it's been more than a week since it last rain. It's been warm this week like 83*F or more warm than that and the soil were so dry, the leaves of the trees and the plants looks like their dying and they need some moisture. So when it did rain yesterday i feel glad and happy for the plants and trees cause they can now have some moisture. Until today it still raining and i kinda feel like i was in my homeland cause it rains a lot there.

For me, plants and trees makes the world looks wonderful, green, and alive. Without them, our world will be like a dead place and not good to live with. I love nature, watching those trees, plants, flowers,etc. makes my heart glow and feel wonderful. So when rainy days happen in this dry place, it would be so wonderful to smell the breeze and you can also see that the trees and the flowers were lovely to look at and it looks so green and peaceful.

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