Monday, April 20, 2009


Yesterday, Shanon the wife of my partner's uncle called us and invited us to come over to their house today cause their daughter is having a birthday party. We leave earlier at the house cause it would take an hour to get there. I thought they have another guest aside from us but we're just the one who they got invited to. It has not much to do or games so the kids go riding their bikes. My husband did too and i was just watching cause i didn't knew how to ride it (tiguwang na lang..pakauwaw lol). He said then to let me practise for me to know cause summer is coming and it's good to have some fun riding a bike. Of course i would like to learn so i did try to do it.

It was my first time to ride a bike since i had try one before so my husband was there and hold me to not fell down. I had try practising a bike riding before when i was in my high school but i stop cause I'm so scared to get crashed and be wounded. But today i really need to practise how to do it cause i wanted to learn in it. It was really fun and it took more than two hours until i knew how to balance but not so quiet yet so i still need to get practise. His uncle gave us the bike that I've been using for me to practise here in our neighborhood. Oh my whole body is so sore specially my butt and i would say this would be worse tomorrow. But i was glad that i did learn how to balance and i could drive now even though I'm not that good yet and i will try my best to practise more cause i wanted to learn.

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